106-Year-Old Woman Hits $1k Jackpot on Her Birthday- Then Casino Decides to Double It as Gift

September 1st, 2023: A $1k slots jackpot for some casino players is a great payout, but it doesn’t necessarily call for a massive celebration. But for one of our recent winners in the United States, the $1k jackpot on a popular slot machine becomes sweet and memorable!

According to multiple reports, a 106-year-old woman who marks her birthday yearly in a Milwaukee casino hit the $1k jackpot. Serafina Papia Peterson visited the Potawatomi Casino Hotel as part of her annual getaway and celebration, and by the stroke of luck, hit over $1,000 in payout! But this was not the only win the celebrant earned during her visit. As a gift and a way to thank one of their loyal customers, the casino doubled Ms. Peterson’s payout!

A bigger gift fit for Ms. Paterson

Ms. Peterson has lived in the Milwaukee area and is a casino regular. For her birthday this year, she decided to spend it again in the casino and play her favorite casino games. “All of a sudden, we see ‘jackpot,’ and we looked down, and she had pressed 400 by accident instead of the 50, and the jackpot was over $1,000”, shared Marge Larson, her niece.

Her family aren’t the only ones surprised and thrilled with the win.

Upon hearing about the jackpot, the casino’s CEO doubled the amount! “We were all elated when we heard about her big win and wanted to make her 106th birthday even more special,” shared CEO Dominic Ortiz in an interview with a local TV station. The casino‘s representative shared that they only want to make Ms. Peterson’s celebration this year more special.

The happiest person, of course, is Peterson. In an interview, she shared that she doesn’t have a specific plan but aims to make a good choice. She also added that she sensed that she would win but never imagined that the casino would double her payout.

A week of celebrations

Last week, Peterson also enjoyed a party where she donned a colorful sash and talked about her life, family, and dog named ‘Happy.’ “I want to live for my dog; he’s not a dog, he’s a person,” Ms. Peterson told the TV station. She also thanked the caregivers and her family for the love that she received.