Two Trends That Will Take Your Player Experience to the Next Level

Why do you gamble? Most of us do it for that electric rush as the adrenaline hits.

Is there a better feeling than watching those winning lines light up the screen?

Or that moment you know those chips are coming home, as the dealer reveals your opponents’ cards.

Gambling is fun. It’s dramatic.

Sitting in a real-world casino, the pin-drop silence has weight. The people are tense as the dealer turns the cards. You feel the anticipation in your bones.

It’s thrilling, but online gambling can feel a bit flat…

…or at least it used to. Three big trends are about to take online gambling to the next level.

Player XP is undergoing a revolution in the world of online gambling.

Trend 1: The Thrill of Live Table Gaming

If you’ve ever played table games at a real-world casino, you know the magic it creates. The atmosphere seems to energise your bones.

The people, the noise, the excitement. There’s nothing quite like it.

Online gambling is fun. The thrill of anticipation and the rush you feel when the cards are on your side is incredible. It’s great.

But if we connect the atmosphere of the real-world casinos with the online gambling XP, it will be better. Bringing more drama to the online experience will captivate your inner adrenaline junkie.

Enter live table games.

Using the latest technology, online casinos have united online and offline gambling. By using cameras and microphones (VoIP), online gamblers can play alongside real-world gamblers in real time.

It offers all the thrill of the fair without ever leaving home.

And all the big players are getting involved: NetEnt, Playtech, and Evolution Gaming. The live table portfolios are growing. You can choose between roulette, blackjack, poker, and even baccarat.

And to be clear, these games don’t simply make you feel as if you’re in the casino. These games actually (well, virtually) plant you in the real world casinos. Straight from the casino floor, not a studio.

Whilst the UK casinos are slow on the uptake, it’s starting to take the US by storm. As the example set by US online casinos, such as The Golden Nugget, takes off, expect the UK casinos to follow suit.

Trend 2: Virtual Reality Gambling

Though many of us seek the thrill of the real world casinos, some want excitement without the people.

Fair enough. We all need alone time, but why should that mean missing out?

Thanks to the rise in virtual reality (VR) gambling, we don’t have to miss out when we’re not in the mood to socialise.

VR gambling enhances user experience in a different way to live tables. And in the future, it’s no beyond the realms of possibility that VR and live gaming merge too.

For now, VR technology isn’t crossing the online/offline barrier. You can play with other online players, but for now, a merge between online and real-world casinos is for the future.

The aim of VR is to offer gamblers a more immersive experience. To bring the dynamism of real world slots and table games closer.

It’s still in its infancy, but with VR giants, Oculus Rift, involved, you can expect big things to happen soon.


All in all, the online gambling industry is undergoing changes. Much like the rest of the world, you can expect greater connectivity and technology to play a huge role as the software evolves.

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