A Casino Visitor Steals £9,000 Chip Tray

The old saying about the perpetrators always returning to the crime scene has come true once again, when a player has sneaked out from Rainbow Casino in Aberdeen, carrying a tray full of chips with him. The entire affair might have ended then and there, had it not been for the brazen thief’s attempt to cash in the chips – in the very same casino…

Chips Found in a Public Bin Thanks to the Swift Police Action

The only thing that may have surprised the casino staff more than the disappearance of £9,000 chips from the Blackjack tray was probably the moment they realized that the man had had the audacity to come back and cash in a £700 chip as if nothing had happened. By that time, the jig was up, and the missing tray had already been reported to the police.

Before smuggling the box of chips, safely tucked in inside his jacket, Mahmudul Hasan (47) had spent some time at the casino premises, playing Blackjack. Both the cheeky player and the missing tray were found hours later – Hasan was located in the nearby casino, whereas the tray was discovered in a public trash bin, carefully positioned and concealed. Hasan also mentioned that he was not acting alone and that an “African man” had assisted him in taking the tray out of the casino.

Hasan Claims Gambling Addiction Problem

According to the defence attorney, the crime was triggered by Hasan’s gambling addiction problem, which casts a dark shadow on the entire affair. Due to the potential severity of Hasan’s condition, he was released on bail and the case will be resumed in May this year.

Sheriff Wallace stated: “My concern is that this is a gambling problem and it is necessary that this is dealt with before a sentence is imposed.”



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