Alabama Man Tries to Steal £150,000 from the Casino He Worked in

November 25th, 2019 1.00pm

A former employee of Wind Creek Montgomery Casino in Alabama has recently made the headlines after he was found guilty of trying to steal around $200,000 from his employer.

The attempt was organized and took place in 2018, while the casino’s former employee is at this moment waiting for his sentence. He can look forward to spending some time in a federal penitentiary, where there is no parole. The casino robbery and the subsequent investigation revealed Dumas had committed a similar crime a year before but was only fired and no legal actions were taken against him.

This time, he won’t get away that easily.

A Former Colleague and 2 Relatives Joined the Gang

The 28-year-old Jory D’Michael Trayvunn Dumas from Montgomery, Alabama could end up spending up 20 years in jail. And while we’re awaiting the sentencing, it’s quite interesting to remind us of his plan to rob this Alabama casino.

According to a statement made by the Middle District of Alabama U.S. Attorney Louis V. Franklin Sr, the jury reached a decision that Dumas was guilty of conspiracy to steal the money from the casino.

After his first attempt in 2017 failed miserably, Dumas decided to go back and finish the job. This time he didn’t act alone and was aided by another casino employee, Deandra Stanton, and 2 of his own family members.

It still remains unclear what drove Deandra Stanton to help Dumas in his robbery, but nevertheless, on August 10, 2019, she left the keys to 2 cash kiosks for Dumas. According to available information, she did have a grudge with her employers, and the robbery represented her (and Dumas’) revenge. Using the keys, Dumas planed to gain access to the cash kiosks and steal a little over £150,000 from the casino.

Keys were picked up by Dumas’ relative Timothy Dean Pettiway, who then used them to unlock each of the cash kiosks. After doing this, he took the cartridges containing the cash for the kiosks. At the same time, Dumas was hiding away in a restroom and was soon given the cash cartridges by Pettiway. He then hid the cash underneath his clothes and casually left the property as nothing had happened.

In the meantime, Temeka Thomas, yet another Dumas’ relative involved in the heist, was carefully observing the whole situation, keeping Dumas informed on Pettiway’s progress using SMS.

All of them Were Quickly Arrested

The casino soon discovered it was missing a substantial amount of cash, and informed the authorities of the robbery. After reviewing the surveillance security camera footage, the FBI agents identified the man shown near a kiosk, holding two cash cartridges. The entire investigation lasted a total of four days, while both Dumas and Pettiway were then taken into custody.

Stanton did give her best to cover up her own involvement in the robbery, and even reported the keys were missing but was arrested a couple of days later. The surveillance footage clearly showed she had purposely left the keys of the said cash kiosks. Another piece of evidence that incriminated her was the fact that cameras caught her chatting with her former colleague during the evening.

As for Pattiway, he was found guilty and will have to spend 33 months in federal prison. Both Stanton Thomas pleaded guilty, and are at this moment awaiting their respective sentences.

According to the Montgomery authorities, the money stolen from the casino is yet to be recovered.

Crime definitely doesn’t pay, and Dumas and his accomplices have learned that the hard way.


Dumas could end up spending up 20 years in jail.