Neosurf is a prepaid card that can be used to send money online anywhere where it is accepted, at Neosurf casino sites included. In the UK it is part of the Payzone network that links it to thousands and thousands of convenience stores, post offices, petrol stations and more.

Neosurf can be used at some online casino sites and in this Neosurf casino guide, we’ll look at how this system works, how you use it to deposit in your online casino account, whether you can use it to receive money from an online casino account and the advantages of using Neosurf at your online casino site.

There are a lot of payment providers out there, and the number grows all the time, so let’s have a look at this one.

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What is Neosurf?

Neosurf is an online voucher. It’s a way of transferring cash from the “real world” (we think the internet is pretty real, but you know what we mean) to the web without any intervening bank account or electronic payment processor getting in the way.

How to Use Neosurf

This is how you use Neosurf.

Firstly you need to find a store that will sell you a Neosurf pin code. You can do this via the company’s website at, where there’s a list of all Neosurf resellers.

Currently, there are 135,000 Neosurf retailers in the world.

You can find the nearest seller to you with an address finder.

Then you need to get yourself down to the Neosurf shop and ask for a voucher in a value that suits you. You can pay how you like, with a card or cash, though many people use Neosurf as a way to pay when they don’t have a bank account or bank card.

Neosurf recommend that you keep the receipt for your payment as well as the voucher.

Each voucher has a 10-character code on it. This is your passport to online spending, and your Neosurf voucher is now as good as a bank debit card at any online casino site.

To spend your Neosurf money you just need to go to the site where you want to spend your cash. As you’re asked to pay, select Neosurf as your option and you’ll be asked to input your 10-character code. Type your code into the box and your account will be credited with the correct amount.

You do not have to use the whole of your balance in one go, and if you are asked to select an amount lower than your Neosurf voucher’s total you can do that, your balance can be transferred to another Neosurf voucher for use at another time.

Using Neosurf: An Example

We tested out Neosurf for the UK market for you, to make it really simple.

First of all, navigate to, and you should automatically be directed to the UK English-language version of the site (unless you’re on holiday, lucky you, in which case you may also be able to use Neosurf as it is popular in parts of Europe, and especially in Australia).

At Neosurf scroll down the front page until you find:

“Where to Fine Neosurf?”

Then use the drop-down menu to select the United Kingdom (or appropriate alternative).

It should auto-complete for you.

Then you will be asked to click a link to go to a Payzone site where you’ll find your nearest Payzone store listed.

For some reason, the site opened on Northwich near Manchester for us, but we decided to pretend we lived in Buckingham Palace, in case the Queen ever gets in touch with us and asks us where she can get some quick cash to play slots with.

SW1A 1AA is the postcode for Buckingham Palace, so in it goes:

That immediately gave us a list of three stores within less than a mile: the Costcutter in Strutton Ground, Westminster, the Westminster Grocery in Vincent Street, and SK Sweets in Lupus Street.

The site also told us the closing time of these shops and directions on a map from Buckingham Palace. How convenient!

If none of those suited – perhaps her majesty is banned from sweet shops around Buckingham Palace, and self-excluding from off licences, you can simply click to see more and the list keeps going: there well over 10 within 2 miles of our base.

So, now we’re going to imagine that we’ve got to the store, found some cash, and we’ve got a voucher.

The smallest Neosurf vouchers are £10, and you can buy them in amounts up to £200.

Using Neosurf at an Online Casino

Once you’ve got your voucher you’re ready to go online.

You can actually use Neosurf to cash up an online casino account in a number of ways.

Firstly you can simply go straight to a site and put in the number to increase the balance by your chosen amount.

But you can also put another degree of separation into the equation by using a payment service as a middleman. This is a way to get the money that you only have has cash into an online wallet.

Many payment processors accept Neosurf, so if you find an e-wallet that your favourite online casino site accepts then you can sign up there and then use Neosurf as a mechanism to transfer cash from your pocket into online gambling funds.

E-wallets that accept Neosurf include, a couple of the company’s own brands, Neoreload, and MyNeossurf, which allow you to manage your accounts online. You can also cash up Neteller, which is a real favourite at online casino sites.

You can also use Neosurf as a way to put cash onto a prepaid card.

These cards are essentially the same service as Neosurf itself. They carry value online by allowing you to transfer money to them, they then give you the same service as a bank-issued debit or credit card online.

Examples include Neoreload from Neosurf themselves. Ecocard, Veritas, and PosteCash are all examples of prepaid cards that can be used at online casino sites.

How to find an Online Casino that Accepts Neosurf

Not all sites accept Neosurf.

The company itself lists a small selection of sites that select their product.

These include:

Everest Poker, Netbet, Turbopoker, and PMU.

While that covers a great deal of betting options, it’s far from comprehensive. Because of its nature, Neosurf is likely to appeal to players who need to use it because they don’t have other payment methods, so it’s more likely than with payment methods like PayPal that users will want to find a site that has their preferred payment method.

Most good online casino sites put the payment methods they accept very prominently on their front page because they know what an important part of the service they offer it is.

So, to use a good example, we took a look at: Videoslots, a site we know offers Neosurf.

Like all Neosurf casino sites, Videoslots puts its games first. Because it’s a real slots specialist they also show you which providers make their games.

But also on the front page, right up there with the licensing is a great list of payment processors.

Videoslots is a great example of the options you might have so we’ll run through them all, they are:

Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, CastoCode, Instant Payments by Citadel, eco, Euteller, Flexepin, Giropay, INSTADEBIT, Interac e-transfer, Interac Online, JCB, Kwick Go, MuchBetter, Neosurf, NETELLER, Paysafecard, RAPID TRANSFER, SIRU MOBILE, Skrill Moneybookers, SMS Voucher, Trustly, Vous Point, Zimpler MOBILE.

That’s a great selection, and it takes in a lot of international options that may not be available to UK players.

The site links directly from the front page to a short informative article about each payment method, and from there it links to the site of the payment provider – it really is a model site in this respect.

But not all Neosurf casinos are so good. You may need to use listing sites that list sites specifically by payment method. We have tried this and not all of them are 100% accurate as such articles are sometimes used simply as a way of marketing a site, which can pay to be included in a list that they may not really qualify to be on.

Using Neosurf at an Online Casino Site

To use Neosurf you will need an account.

Do that by signing up and filling in a form or series of forms that will ask you for your name, address, date of birth, and also ask you to tick boxes confirming that you understand the rules of the site and that you are entitled to play there.

You can then proceed to the cashier and make a deposit with your Neosurf card as we have described here.

There is a slight issue with using Neosurf at an online casino site. And it is also one of its advantages.

One of the rules at online casino sites that are really well-enforced is the No Under-18s rule. One of the ways of checking age is via bank accounts, but Neosurf is very popular partly because it allows users to be very anonymous and not to hand over any information to Neosurf or even to have an account with that company.

That means that you will always have to verify your age with legal documents, such as birth certificates or passports, when you use Neosurf to open an account.

You should also check that you will be eligible for welcome bonuses or other bonuses if you use Neosurf to make any first deposits at a site. You may not be, and if that’s a big deal then you will need to open your account with a bank account or PayPal or similar and then use Neosurf to do your topping up.

The Advantages of Using Neosurf at an Online Casino Site

Neosurf is extremely convenient. There are not many ways that you can get cash online and do it with a payment network that is within a few minutes’ walk of most people who live in the UK’s major cities and towns.

Neosurf is anonymous. You don’t need an account, you don’t need to hand over a payment card, you don’t need to tell anyone anything about yourself to use Neosurf. This also means Neosurf can work as a buffer.

Neosurf is low-tech. You don’t need a bank, bank account of a card to use Neosurf. All of those things are quite a time and tech-heavy and best operated via a desktop. If you only have a mobile Neosurf is great for you.

Neosurf works with other systems. If you’re playing online away from home and you run out of cash, but you don’t have your bank details with you you can always pop into a shop, pick up a quick £20 voucher, use it to top up your Neteller account and then use that to top up your casino! It’s great. You can also gift Neosurf cards as a way of gifting casino credit to friends or family.

Disadvantages of Using Neosurf at Online Casino Sites

Nothing is perfect, and there are some downsides to using Neosurf online. This is mainly down to its functionality and there is nothing unsafe or dangerous about using this payment method.

You can’t withdraw to Neosurf. This means you are likely to have to use a bank account in the end, as most Nesurf casino sites ask you to withdraw either to the method you used to pay into your account or to withdraw by bank transfer. These rules are supposed to keep us safe from money laundering (while our country operates a huge network of offshore tax havens where the mega-rich avoid tax to their heart’s content. Funny old world, hey.)

Shopping. It’s a weird coincidence that we are writing this at a time when the world has been shut down by a pandemic. Of course, shops are usually open with no queues and restrictions and we hope they will be soon, but if you use voucher systems you do have to go out and buy them, and it might mean a long trip or your usual store might be closed.

Anonymity. We have listed anonymity as an advantage of Neosurf casinos and it is, in an age when everyone is rightly concerned about keeping their information safe online. If hackers get inside an online casino account that you’ve only used Neosurf on then good luck to them, they won’t find anything out. In some circumstances, though, anonymity is concerning and if you’re using payment methods like Neosurf to avoid someone else knowing about your gambling then that might be an issue.

Neosurf Accounts

We’ve said that you don’t need accounts to use Neosurf and that’s true. However, you can use their online services to manage your vouchers and carry cash in other ways. This means that Neosurf will have some of your personal details.

Is it free to Use Neosurf at an Online Casino Site?

It should be free to use Neosurf at an online casino site. Any fees are absorbed by the company, though you should always check fees at any site you are using just to be sure.

If you have a balance on any Neosurf card that is not used for 12 months then you will be charged a fee of £2 and there is a 6% service fee on withdrawing your balance at this point.

Using Neosurf Safely

Neosurf is a safe payment method as long as you keep yourself safe and as long as you use only safe, licensed and legal Neosurf casino sites.

Unlike most online casino payment methods, it is one of the few payment methods you can actually lose to a pickpocket, because if you lose your voucher you’ve lost your cash, so make sure you get your money home safely.

You should also make sure that you do due diligence on any site you’re using.

This means you need to check its licensing. You should never play at a site without a UK Gambling Commission licence.

You should only play at Neosurf casino sites you trust. It is not a good idea to play at sites that do not offer a good selection of the most mainstream payment methods, including bank cards. Bitcoin is a good payment option and it is being used more and more at online casino sites, but if you see a site offering, for example, only bitcoin and prepaid cards like Neosurf then it may be worth doing further checks.

You also need to make sure that your device is secure. While you have no account with Neosurf you always need to make sure that you have good quality antivirus software installed and enabled, that you are browsing in a secure browser to sites with encryption, and that you have updated your software to the latest version so it has all the latest security updates.

Neosurf for online casinos?

Neosurf is a great option for online casino users. It is fast, convenient, secure and discrete. You can use it just as you would any other payment method or you can even buy a card and stick it in your wallet to use as an emergency source of online cash when you’re away from home or your bank site goes down.

Harvey Dickenson

Safe Gambling Specialist

Harvey Dickenson is our safe gambling specialist. Harvey is a recreational poker player and an expert in online casino safety, cons, and scams.