Betfred Fails to Pay Overtime to Its Employees

September 20th, 2019 2.00pm

A scandal of massive proportions has recently been uncovered by an internal whistle-blower, who revealed disturbing information about Betfred’s business ethics. According to the anonymous source, the company owned by Fred and Peter Done, whose net worth is estimated at around 1 billion, has failed to pay overtime and holiday wages to its employees, even after acknowledging the debt.

A Wave of Protests

The thin façade of fair working conditions seems to be crumbling to pieces all over the world as 400 Georgia branch Evolution Gaming employees joined forces and went on strike requesting higher wages and better treatment. It remains to be seen if Betfred workers will seek justice in the same way but judging by the information provided by the disgruntled whistle-blower, a walkout is not out of the question.

Betfred, which currently employs around 7,000 people, has been accused of deliberately withholding information about back payments to an already underpaid staff. The company has confirmed that there was a system glitch, which ultimately resulted in calculation error. Those affected by the incident have been asked to make contact with Leigh Day law firm and find out if there is a basis for a legal claim against Betfred.

The correspondence between Peter Dowd MP and Betfred is putting the company in a rather unfavourable light, as it proves beyond any reasonable doubt that the glitch was detected. However, when asked whether or not the staff was informed about the back payments, Betfred representatives failed to provide a direct answer.

Anonymous informant who reported the problem to the media claims that the employees have not been notified about the issue. Instead, the company decided to wait for them to make a formal claim, although many are not even aware that they are entitled to monetary compensation for extra hours.

It Wasn’t Us…

The total number of those afflicted is still unknown, but the informant stated that, to their knowledge, all Betfred employees are punching in extra hours due to the staff shortage.

In the company’s public statement about this unfortunate episode, Betfred spokesman pointed the finger at the payroll system provided by external organizations. Apparently, Bright HR (also owned by the Done brothers) had nothing to do with handling the payrolls in this case, and all responsibility lies outside the company.

The spokesman also added that the upcoming law changes were making it difficult for the employers to set up automated payments through existing payroll systems.

“We are looking for our external payroll providers to provide us with the tool to enable us to make automated payments by April 2020, and in the meantime we continue to deal with all claims made to us on a case-by-case basis, authorising payments to be made when it is appropriate to do so”.

The Done brothers, who received a large portion of the £20M dividends paid in the past couple of years, are no strangers to public scandals, some of which include sacking employees around Christmas time and loaning money to minimum wage staff members at a disgraceful 40% interest rate.

Until the matter is resolved, Betfred workers (who earn around 10-20p above the legal minimum) are looking at more extra hours to make up for the lost wages.

About Betfred

Apart from operating over 1,600 bet shops, Betfred also manages online casino and sportsbook, regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and the Government of Gibraltar. At the moment, the company is in the midst of a lawsuit, filed by a player who won £1.72M jackpot in 2018. Instead of releasing the full amount, Betfred offered £60,000 as a part of the non-disclosure agreement, stating that there was a system error which voided the jackpot.



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