Bored In Lockdown? Here’s Our List of 3 Fun Things To Do!

Bored in lockdown? Dreading a return to the weekly quizzes? Yeah, it wasn’t fun to discover that you’re the family/friend token idiot, just there to look pretty/handsome. Plenty of trends swept through Lockdown 1.0, clapping with pots and pans, rainbows on pavements and in windows, baking, Joe Wicks…even the birds sang differently.

But that was then. We’re different people now. We crave something new for Lockdown 2.

If you’re stuck for ideas, then read on, because, here, I’m going to help you make the next month more fun.

Have kids? How about a game of hide and don’t seek?

OK, I’m sure you already play hide and seek with your kids, but this is a fun twist on the usual version, and it’s one you can play with teenagers and even adult children. The rules are easy: they hide and you seek. That’s it. Now you’re free to sit on the sofa, lounge in bed, get 5-minutes of peace in the toilet, etc, whilst they’re busy hiding.

To keep them hiding longer, you can always throw in a bribe e.g., offer £1 for every 10-minutes you can’t find them.

If you have more than one child, use it to your advantage by pitting them against each other in a competition to establish the best hider. Set the background by regaling them with stories of hero hiders, like Hiroo Onoda who hid for 30 years during WWII (that’s how long the war lasted for him). The sibling rivalry should keep them hidden for at least an hour.

Tip: record yourself saying things like, “Oooo, I wonder where they are?”, “Is that a pair of feet I can see!”, pop in some earbuds and programme Alexa to do the rest – get her to play the audio every few minutes to keep the hiders on their toes.

Zoom with a twist

In lockdown 1, the quizzes were a great way to make sure everyone on the conference call had a turn in talking and interacting. But, as I said in the introduction, we’re bored of zoom quizzes now. Fortunately, quizzes aren’t the only type of game that works well on these platforms.

To make it fun, you should split games up into rounds. Here are some fun rounds:

Round 1: charades

This works perfectly on the screen, and it’s fun too. You can tailor it to the audience: it’s great for drunk people, sober people, families, friends. Everyone picks their own thing to act out. If your imagination isn’t great, you have the internet right at your fingertips. Just Google, “Charade ideas” and you’ll find something.

It’s like Christmas dinner, but in November – who’d have thought it?

Round 2: identify the object

This one might sound a bit boring, but we played it a few weeks ago and it’s funny when you use your imagination. You just look for something that you can hold up to the camera. The aim of the game is for other people to guess what you’re holding up.

You can make things look rude or funny. It might sound a bit lame, but it’s fun.

Round 3: mouth topics

With this game, you give a topic and one person from each household has to give an associated word within 5 seconds. For example, you might choose the topic, “Things you don’t want to see in the toilet bowl” and then people might say, “Spiders”, “Sweetcorn”, etc. The game ends when someone can’t think of what to say next…

…make it harder by pulling different faces:

The creature comforts tortoise:

A picture of me pulling my mouth out to look like a tortoise

The wide mouth frog:

Me pulling my lips out so theyre thin and wide

The gummy granny:

A picture of me tucking my lips over my teeth to look like I have no teeth

And here’s how they each sound when I said the word sweetcorn:

Phonecall roulette…

I think I need a disclaimer on this one (see bottom of page) – because some people are grumpy and you could get done for harassment. But, if you’re bored of talking to the usual suspects in your house, or maybe you live alone, you could always start a new trend that I’m calling “phonecall roulette”. Here, you dial a random phone number and see if the person that answers is up for a chat.

You need to follow a few rules:

  1. Apologise for calling the wrong number if the person’s young or sounds worried.
  2. Only make calls between 11 am and 4 pm.
  3. Don’t swear or be rude.

You might end up having an incredible conversation with someone.

If everyone takes it in good spirit, I could see this being a fun lockdown thing…unfortunately, we’re a world of idiots, so it will probably end up being a complete disaster.

Yeah, maybe this isn’t such a great idea.

Summing it up

You’re going to have a lot of time on your hands in Lockdown 2.0. We’re right at the start now and my list might not seem like the most exciting thing in the world, but give it two weeks and I bet you’ll start using some of these ideas. And, I bet you’ll have fun too. You have to try them to find out what they’re like in real life – reading things on the internet isn’t enough. You have to put what you learn into practice!

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