Canadian Sues Casino, Claims He Was Served Beer with Broken Glass

December 12th, 2019 3.00pm

It’s quite a normal habit for casino players to take a break from their gambling by visiting bars located on the venue’s premises. However, one man will definitely remember his decision to have a beer. The entire incident is almost unbelievable, but it’s terrible when you imagine something like this can happen to anyone.

A Canadian casino has recently made the headlines after one of its patrons filed a lawsuit for injuries he sustained on during his visit to the venue.

A Drink He Will Never Forget

According to Gurcharan Singh Grewal, he was served a chipped bottle of beer at the bar located next to Grand Villa Casino in Burnaby, British Columbia. Eventually, the poor man swallowed a piece of glass from the bottle’s rim.

The incident occurred at the Personas Bar, in December 2017. Grewal decided to press charges against the owner of the gambling venue, as Surrey resident claims this accident caused serious injuries.

What Happened at the Bar?

The event that would change Grewal’s life took place two years ago when he visited the Personas Bar, situated within the facility owned by Gateway Casinos & Entertainment. After ordering a bottle of beer, the bartender brought his drink and opened it using a bottle opener. According to the lawsuit, it was during the opening that the rim of the bottle somehow got chipped.

But things were about to take a turn for the worse, as Grewal felt uncomfortable as soon as he had taken a first sip of the bottle.

He swallowed the piece of glass chipped from the bottle, which quickly ended up in his oesophagus, causing severe injuries to tissue along the way. Grewal claims the whole experience not only extremely painful, but it also left him with serious injuries throughout his mouth, throat and down to his oesophagus. The fact the chip was swallowed with a cold alcoholic drink only made things worse.

The Incident Completely Changed His Life

In his lawsuit, the man for Surrey claims the way the bartender opened the bottle, which subsequently led to him swallowing a sharp piece of glass and injuring himself. In addition to the Personas Bar, the lawsuit also lists Grand Villa Casino Burnaby and the Canadian gaming giant Gateway Casinos & Entertainment as defendants.

Grewal claims the injuries he sustained that faithful night in December 2017 have left him permanently physically and emotionally scarred. His lawsuit says he requires regular medical care. The entire experience was not only painful and discomforting but has also left a permanent impact on his everyday life.

Grewal says his current condition doesn’t allow him to find a full-time job, therefore rendering him incapable of providing for his family, and being a “reliable part of his local community”. Grewal is also seeking damages for all of this.

The Court Will Have the Last Word

According to an official statement issued by the court, Grewal’s case will soon review his lawsuit and make the necessary steps. In the meantime, we’re still waiting for a response from Grand Villa Casino Burnaby and Gateway Casinos & Entertainment.

Grand Villa Casino Burnaby had a difficult year, marked by the reduction of the casino site, with around 100 employees losing their jobs. But that’s not all, as a bin full of unpunched, used casino cards was discovered in bins in a parking lot. The provincial gambling regulator conducted a thorough investigation, while the casino giant quickly responded by saying “they had taken swift and appropriate action to ensure this didn’t happen again”.

We’re sure we’ll hear more of this case in the future.



The man claims he was served a chipped bottle of beer.