Casino Dealer Caught Trying to Steal $5,000 Worth Chip

When you enter a casino, you are usually mentally prepared for two possible outcomes – you will either win and become a hero of the day or you will get caught in the losing streak and spend most of your time implementing a damage control strategy. What you’re most certainly not prepared for is witnessing an arrest of the dealer who decided to slip a $5,000 chip into his sock, hoping no one will notice…

The “Art” of Deception

The latest occurrence in Star Casino (Sydney, Australia) has proven that the surveillance system within the casino premises is clearly not there only to keep the players in check. The security cameras inside this venue have recorded a rather strange incident, capturing the very moment when the croupier took a $5,000 chip from the tray and slipped it into his sock…

After the brazen attempt to swindle the house, the dealer even turned towards the cameras and opened his palms to prove that there was nothing fishy going on… The gesture alone has earned him the nickname “Mr Bean of Dealers”, casting a comic light on the entire affair. The crime, in his case, did not pay – the dealer was arrested, charged for offence, and sacked from his job…
The Moral of the Story is – Always Tip a Dealer!

Another Dealer Arrest – This Time in Cyprus

A somewhat different drama has taken place in Melco Resorts, in Cyprus, where a dodgy dealer teamed up with a player, helping him win more than 18 times. The jig was up after the security team noticed that the player was acting in a peculiar manner around the cameras, drawing unwanted attention.

The casino officials are yet to release details about the scheme. For the time being, it remains unknown how the dealer and the player managed to get away with it for as long as they did.



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