Poker Strategy

Best poker strategy guides for winning at online poker such as tips for new and expert players, poker psychology, common poker errors and how to spot bluffs.

  • Six Common Poker Errors

    Six Common Poker Errors or ‘Leaks’     Put aside bad calls and bad bluffs, a large percentage of a persons ability to win, or their ‘winrate’, actually rests on aspects of the game that are a lot harder to perceive. Comparing the hands you play against regular poker players with those you play against […]

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  • Profit From Multi-Tabling in Poker

    How To Profit From Multi-Tabling in Poker     Multi-tabling in poker is the only way for sub-elite players to make a reasonable profit playing poker online. Some of you will already be playing multi-table poker. But for those of you who have yet to try this latest form of online poker, or who are […]

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  • Read Opponents in Online Poker

    Reading Your Opponents in Online Poker     It is easy to work out what type of poker player your opponent is when you are playing in a face to face situation, this is because you can read their body language, or “tells”. You can look at their eye contact, listen to their tone of […]

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  • Winning Sit ‘n Go Tournaments

    Winning Sit ‘N Go Tournaments     Introducing Sit ‘N Go Tournaments Poker tournaments are one of the most popular online formats for poker players worldwide, not only are they exceptionally exciting, but players have the potential to win seriously big bucks! Connoisseurs of online poker will often prefer to play in tournaments than in […]

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  • How To Spot A Bluffer in Poker

    How To Spot A Bluffer in Poker     The Embarrassment of Losing to a Bluffer Nothing can make you feel quite as manipulated as when you discover in poker that someone has been bluffing, and that you have fallen for it hook, line and sinker. When you lose to a bluffer, you do not […]

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  • Types of Poker Player: The Fish

    Types of Poker Player: The Fish     So you think you’re a fish? As a beginner, you are known as a fish. If you are more interested in playing than winning, you are definitely a fish. If you do not do the research and try to master your game by learning the odds of […]

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  • New Poker Player Tips

    Guide for New Online Poker Players     1. Start by playing limit games instead of no limit games. While the largest poker tournaments today are Texas Hold’em No Limit matches, a novice player should place limit games. Because of the betting limit, you’ll be playing stakes where losing a hand will be much less […]

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  • Poker Psychology and Behaviour

    Poker Psychology and Behaviour     Humility and Objectivity:  In poker it is very important to be self-critical and to acknowledge when you have made mistakes. When asked about losses, the majority of players will tell you it was due to bad luck, those “bad beats” that befall you when you otherwise would have won. […]

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  • Video Poker a Beginners Guide

    Video Poker: Beginners Guide – With a Little for the Initiated   Almost all online casinos offer the possibility of playing Video Poker. However, it is not always easy to find the casino site that will suit you best. That is why we have written this guide especially for video poker beginners. It will help […]

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  • Dynamic Hand Value in Poker

    Dynamic Hand Value in Poker     Advanced Poker Play Most advanced players know that the standard Sklansky hand rankings, by author and poker expert David Sklansky, are not strict rules to play by and that there can be exceptions. They are more like general guidelines used for hand ranking and in actuality their value […]

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