South Dakota

History Of Gambling in South Dakota Gambling in South Dakota dates back to the days of the gold-rush, principally from the town of Deadwood. The last century has seen gambling outlawed in South Dakota until the 1980’s, when a large fire broke out in the town of Deadwood, decimating many local businesses and historical buildings. … Read more

South Carolina

South Carolina Casino Regulations South Carolina is one of the most regulated states in the US when it comes to gambling. There are only two legal casinos in the state for gamblers to enjoy, as well as a mere 600 gambling machines and 30 tables to choose from. This is quite unlike other states where … Read more


  Gambling in Pennsylvania Pennsylvania is one of several US states that has legalized gambling. Although the Pennsylvania lottery was started in 1971, casino gambling was not legalized until 2004. Initially, only horse racing, electronic table games, and slot machines were allowed. More recent laws have been enacted to allow for table games, but sports … Read more


    Gambling is one of the many forms of entertainment that you will find in the great state of Oregon. Oregon has several forms of legalized gambling including a state lottery, horse racing or pari-mutuel, casino gambling, charitable gaming, and social gaming. Legalized gambling has brightened the outlook of Oregon’s economy considerably, and there … Read more


Ohio Gambling History Ohio’s gaming and gambling history dates back to the early 1970’s when state senator Ron Mottl led a campaign to bring a lottery to the Buckeye State. In 1973, voters approved an amendment to the Ohio Constitution that would create a lottery commission. In May of that year, the state created The … Read more


In Oklahoma, gambling laws traditionally were an issue of Indian tribal laws and gaming, which makes up about 90 percent of the state’s gaming and gambling. However, tribes faced continued restrictions as to the type of games they could conduct. Oklahoma Tribal Gaming Gaming and gambling on Oklahoma tribal lands dates back to the 1970’s. … Read more

North Carolina

Like many conservative states in the south east U.S., North Carolina has been slow to warm up to the idea of gambling. Even today, North Carolina has no horse racing or greyhound tracks.  It wasn’t until March 30, 2006 that the Tar Heel State sold it’s first lottery ticket — decades behind other states with … Read more

New York

Legal New York Gambling Coming Soon Recently, there have been many changes to the gambling laws in New York. Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed legislation that makes casino gambling outside of Indian reservations legal. New York could open its first Las Vegas style casino as early as next year. However, as the first stop for … Read more

New Mexico

Gambling and Casinos in New Mexico Gambling is in general highly regulated in the state of New Mexico with casino style gaming strictly forbidden except under the Tribal Gaming Accord.  Two non-casino forms of gambling, bingo and horse betting, have been legal for many years under certain circumstances.  In the case of bingo, this is … Read more


Nevada Online Casinos and Online Gambling in Nevada Nevada is one of the few states to have specific laws against online casinos, however it is also at the forefront of establishing regulations for online gambling and with all the major strip casinos mobilising themselves in preparation for legalisation it is only a matter of time … Read more