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Guaranteed Best Odds on Championship Fixtures

As any true fan will tell you the Championship is just as exciting on its day as any top-flight Premier League clash, and there’s also some real bargains to be had in terms of looking for the best odds.

Traditionally, Championship games are not as well researched by bookies as Premier League games where everyone and his dog has the latest stats to hand. This makes Championship fixtures a real gold mine when it comes to odds comparison, especially for those who know their onions.

Clever gamblers are making a steady profit on their bets by comparing the best Championship odds from a variety of betting sites and spreading their bets across several accounts.

With smart play such as this, you can guarantee the best odds from any forthcoming Championship game that you happen to want a flutter on, whether you’re an experienced gambler with some inside information or just an amateur who wants to get the best bang for his buck.

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Using odds comparison for Championship games

Gone are the days of relying on your local bookie to give you a decent price for the next big game. Now by using odds comparison technology such as the odds comparer above you can automatically find the guaranteed best odds for any Championship game without having to hunt down and compare every single bookie out there.

Odds comparison is what all smart gamblers do these days and is basically what differentiates the novice player who just wants to place the odd bet on his favourite team (or least favourite to cushion the disappointment!), from the pro who wants to take on the sports betting sites and try to turn a profit.

The Championship is great for odds comparison because you will often find quite a high difference between various bookies. This is down to the fact that the Championship is more of an unknown quantity than the Premier League and so it’s more likely that there will be one or two bookies offering ridiculously good odds. Make sure you check back here regularly and snap them up before they change the price!

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