Check Out the 5 Biggest Casinos Around the World this 2023

September 18th, 2023: Casinos remain popular gambling establishments in the United States and many parts of the world. According to Statista, the gambling industry was valued at $231 billion in 2021, and experts expect that the figure will continue to grow. Players, enthusiasts, and guests flock to casinos to spend their leisure time, win potential jackpots, or relax and socialize. As more casinos emerge in the industry, no doubt one can find a destination that suits their needs and preferences.

But have you ever wondered what top casinos dominate the industry? We understand that rating and ranking casinos can be subjective. So, for this review, we’ll only cover ‘the biggest casinos’ regarding land area. Here’s a rundown of our ‘big 5 in casino gambling’ this 2023!

  1. WinStar World Casino & Resort 

WinStar World Casino & Resort in Thackerville, Oklahoma, is the largest casino with 600,000 square feet. Owned and operated by the Chickasaw Nation, this casino is popular for its wide array of games, including slots, table games, and poker rooms. Its gaming floor features world-city-themed zones with great architectural designs. Its recent expansion led to its high-stakes room offerings, while its bingo hall can hold up to 900 players on its Winstar site. 

  1. Venetian Macau

Venetian Macau is located in Cotai, Macau, and is recognized as the second largest. As the largest casino in Macau, Venetian Macau remains to be unrivaled. It is a 39-story structure that covers 546,000 square feet. The casino boasts four separate themed gaming areas to offer thrilling casino gaming. You can enter the Red Dragon, Phoenix, Golden Fish, and the Imperial House. This casino destination hosts over 2,000 slot games and popular electronic table games like Dragon Tiger Fortune.

  1. MGM Cotai

Another pride of Macau is MGM Cotai, which opened in 2018. The architectural design of this casino destination resembles a stack of jewelry boxes. It offers 1,500+ slots topped up with more than 175 table games. Despite being new to the casino industry, it is one of the largest casinos in the world at 500,000 square feet. 

  1. City of Dreams

The City of Dreams, owned by Melco Crown Entertainment, is located in Cotai, Macau, across from its rival, the Venetian Macau. This entertainment and gambling complex is an excellent destination for casino gaming as it can accommodate a big crowd of casino players. It is one of the biggest casinos that covers 420,000 square meters of gaming floor. Here, you can play 500+ table games and 1,400+ slot machines in different themes. 

  1. Wynn Palace

The Wynn Palace in Cotai, Macau, features a gaming floor that covers 420,000 square feet. In terms of land area, the Wynn Palace rivals the Venetian, MGM, and the City of Dreams. In this big gaming area, you can find 1,000+ slot games plus 350+ table games like Roulette, Baccarat, and Blackjack. 

Aside from these slot machines and gaming tables, these casinos also feature first-class hotel accommodations with entertainment. As such, most of these casinos in our list are also marketed as integrated casinos and resorts that serve as entertainment hubs for many. Now, if you cannot make it personally to these biggest casinos, you can still play casino games via online casino platforms. It promises an identical casino experience with the same winning opportunities ahead.