Construction Worker Wins £54k with a £1 Bet at Grosvenor Casino

November 11th, 2023: A construction worker who just moved into Aberdeen from Latvia is Grosvenor Casino’s latest winner after scooping £54,000! According to The Scottish Sun, 35-year-old Deivis Karklins played blackjack with friends in their frequently visited casino. Karklins and his friends were playing a round of blackjack and wagered £1 for the side bet when he hit the jackpot. With this win, he plans to buy a brand-new BMW 5 Series to celebrate!

Winning with an Ace-King Progressive side bet

Deivis Karklins was with friends on their weekly visit at Aberdeen’s Grosvenor Casino, playing a few rounds of blackjack. His lucky win was with the Ace King Progressive, a popular blackjack side bet that rolls over until one player wins. To win a payout from a £1 bet, the dealer and the player must draw a blackjack match by holding the Ace and King of the same suit.

In an interview, Deivis recalled that he was unaware of his win. He shared that when the casino dealer told him he played the Ace and won, it took him a few seconds to realize its meaning.  He added that he’s still unaware and in shock during this time, and his friends are already jumping up and down to celebrate his win. “It was such an amazing moment. I’ve already used some of the winnings. I’ve bought toys for my two kids and plan to get the new BMW 5 Series for myself”.

Grosvenor Casino Aberdeen welcomes the win.

Grosvenor Casino welcomes this exciting new win in its establishment.

Steve Longstaff, the boss at Grosvenor Casino Aberdeen, has shared his happiness with this development, saying, “A massive congratulations to Deivis from myself and everyone here at Grosvenor Casino Aberdeen. It was a great moment to witness, and we could see the pure shock on Deivis’s face when the ace was played”. He adds that they’re excited to see Deivis revisiting the casino using his new car.

About Grosvenor Casino

Grosvenor Casino in Aberdeen is a popular gambling and entertaining destination. Although it’s a casino with slots and poker rooms, the facility boasts a sports and entertainment bar, conference rooms, a fantastic restaurant, and a lounge.