How to Win With Edge Sorting Baccarat Strategy


Introducing the Edge Sorting Technique

Baccarat might be a high-end casino game but the technique of edge-sorting that many top gamblers have used to scam millions from unwitting casinos is actually fairly simple.

In some decks of cards there is a pattern on the back that has very slight variations that prevent them being truly symmetrical when you flip them 180 degrees. If you know of these beforehand by studying the various makes of playing card, or if you’re particularly skilled and can notice them during the course of a game, then you can ask the croupier to rotate favourable face-up cards such as the 7, 8 and 9 so that afterwards, while they are face down, you will be able to notice the cards that are ‘upside down’ (rotated) so essentially you will know whether a face down card is a 7, 8 or 9.

Clearly a player who knows what cards are in front of them before they’ve been turned over is going to have a far bigger advantage than the casino. The trick here is to not raise suspicions by getting greedy and playing too much, far easier said than done once you’ve finally got the casino in your pocket!


Example of Imperfect Card

Have a close look at this playing card, as you will see it is not perfectly symmetrical along the left and right hand edges, particularly the corners. A top edge sorter can use this to their advantage by knowing which cards in the deck are the ‘right way up’ and which ones are ‘upside down’.



How to win using edge-sorting

1. Don’t be greedy, play enough so that your edge over the house has paid off, then mix up the play and move on to other games.

2. Find out which brand of playing card the casino is using beforehand and study the cards before starting to play.  Ask for a complimentary pack as a souvenir of your visit.

3. Play at a baccarat table that uses the ‘squeeze’ technique, this is where the croupier gradually reveals the card by pulling the edges up slowly.  This will give you a much closer look at the edges in order to determine where the imperfections are.

4. Be subtle but imaginative in your rotation requests. Don’t ever say ‘turn that card around please’, it doesn’t make sense and will raise suspicions.  Tell the croupier that, for example, the nine of hearts is your lucky card, and can you have a closer look at it.  Say that you love the design, can you see it the other way round?

5. Some casinos let you touch the cards in baccarat, this is your golden ticket.  Make a habit of kissing the cards for luck, no one will want to look too closely and they certainly won’t notice you flipping the card 180 degrees.

6. Find an inexperienced croupier. A charming gambler will be able to turn an inexperienced croupier into putty in his hand, they will be eager to please and likely to accede to any reasonable sounding request. It’s all in the delivery.


How to Prevent Edge Sorting Ruining Your Casino

1. Use decks with no patterns on the back. It’s incredibly expensive to produce packs of cards with absolutely perfect patterning on the back, in fact you have to have them custom made. It’s easier to simply go for brands that don’t have any pattern at all, even though this won’t please traditionalists.

2. Don’t accept unusual requests by players. Obviously as a casino you’ll be bending over backwards to accomodate your players’ wishes, just make sure your croupiers are clear about what they can and can’t do with the cards.

3. Make sure your croupiers are aware of the edge sorting strategy. It will only take a few minutes to explain edge sorting and what to look out for but it could be the difference between being hit by a few million and the edge sorter moving on to another, less prepared victim.

4. Be aware of high rollers who may be practicing this technique. Some of the best players who use edge sorting only use it very occasionally so as not to be discovered. Keep tabs on top players by exchanging information with other casinos to see if there are any players winning more than they should be by chance.

5. Make sure your casino operates a no touching rule at the baccarat table, this will minimise the chances of being hit by an edge sorter.

6. Keep an eye on players making unusual requests or getting overly friendly with the croupiers, they may be on a charm offensive to try to make the croupier more compliant to any unusual requests.