We’re Loving eSports Betting, But Are They a Fad or the Future?

We’re living through unprecedented times; there’s been an unprecedented usage of the word “unprecedented”. But also, there’s been an unprecedented uptick in the popularity of eSports betting.

Is it a fad, or is it here to stay?

Only time will tell for sure. Yet, investors expect viewership to exceed half a billion people within three years. That means 1 in 14 people worldwide will watch at least one game per year.

Pretty impressive

If you believe that money talks, you only need to look at the money people have put into eSports to see how popular it is. It’s had more than $4bn invested according to some sources.

In 2020, revenues from eSports were worth $1bn. Lately, the online casinos – ever with their eyes on the prize – have shown more and more interest in eSports.

This has come to the forefront in recent weeks with the UK’s online getting on-board the eSports train.

Choo Choo…Who’s Onboard?

Taking bets on Fifa QuaranTeam, William Hill, Paddy Power’s, and Ladbrokes have been filling the gap left by IRL football.

Betway has long since been a leader in the eSports betting market. Right now, they’re offering a comprehensive choice of eSoccer bets.

Don’t let Betway’s site confuse you, though. They have a section labelled “Virtual Sports”. This isn’t the same as eSports. Real players play eSports, but virtual sports is all computer-generated play.

eSports are much closer to authentic sports because they don’t rely on technologies, e.g., random number generators (RNG).

Online casinos know that people engage better when the games are exciting. Virtual sports don’t have the same feel as eSports and this is why the latter is growing much faster.

Any Downsides to eSports Betting?

There are downsides for some people, but other people will see the same issue as a benefit. E.g., because eSports are new, the casinos and betting shops don’t yet have a good handle on how to offer the right odds. It’s much easier for them to make a mistake and lose money. For this reason, they’ll limit the amount that you can wager.

In other words, you’re unlikely to win big yet. At the same, some people will see this as a positive thing because it means that you’re less likely to lose large sums of money.

Another downside is that, for many, it’s not quite as entertaining as the real thing. Still, when there’s nothing else on – it’s nighttime, or there’s some sort of pandemic – it’s the next best thing. And, you never know, you might find that you enjoy it as much as IRL sports.

eSports Betting: Fad or Future?

Our prediction is that, whilst eSports won’t replace real sports, it will have its place. The ties between eSports and the online casinos are intertwining year-on-year.

Expect to see more eSports betting in the future.

A picture of a game controller bathed in electric blue light to represent eSports betting.