Speed is the essence of the internet, and (while we’ll go into some safe play advice later on in this guide) money is at the heart of the online gambling world. Check our list of fast payout casinos for quick instant withdrawals!

We know that there are a lot of things that annoy online casino players. Some of them are unreasonable demands – no you can’t win on every spin – or based on a misunderstanding of how the casino business works that can be actively dangerous.

But some demands are commonly made and entirely reasonable.

Among those are annoyance at over-high wagering requirements and delays on pay-outs.

In a bricks-and-mortar casino, your pay-out is limited only by the walk to the cashier to change your chips into folding stuff. There’s a difference as soon as you go online and all transactions become virtual, but there’s no excuse for long waits on pay-outs.

In this fast payout casinos guide, we’ll examine why fast paying casinos are in your interests. How payment systems work and which ones to look out for if you’re interested in quick and instant casino withdrawals. Why there are reasonable delays in some pay-outs, and we’ll tell you how to safely find fast payout online casinos and check what service they offer.

Let’s head to the cashier!

Fast Payout Casinos – Fastest Withdrawal Online Casinos

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Give me the money! Why players want fast payouts and why they should demand them

The world has been in an anomalous place for a while. The laws of economics (such as they are) have been stretched by financial crises, globalisation, the invention of the internet (and various virtual financial worlds), and a global pandemic.

But one law still holds relatively true.

Those who have money tend to prosper and get more of it.

Possession of money might seem a quaint old-fashioned thing these days, but it still counts for something. The high bank interest rates that once made holding cash a complete no-brainer for everyone may have headed for the hills at the moment, but it’s almost certainly better to be holding cash (that you’re entitled to) than allowing someone else to have it.


You don’t get a return on what you don’t have

The days when you could put your money in a bank account and leave it there while it racked up big interest payments are long gone for the moment. While you’re not going to make your fortune by sitting on cash these days, you’re not going to be able to do anything else with it either.

If you don’t have it, it’s not yours.

And if it’s yours you should have it straight away.

You’re less likely to spend what isn’t waiting in a casino account

We have to be clear about this: we’re a gambling site, so we’re here effectively promoting gambling sites.

However, we’re not idiots.

In fact, we’re going on for expert on how the gambling industry works. We also have a simple understanding of consumer capitalism.

Casino sites do not exist in order to allow the largest possible number of people to enjoy playing the games they host.

They exist to maximise the profits of their owners.

That’s how the whole thing works.

Everything you see a gambling site doing is done towards that end. Some of the by-products are good: good customer service helps a site to get a good reputation and might entice more people to play there.

But it’s a by-product.

So we’re sure we’re not alone in noticing that casino sites make it easier and faster to deposit than they to withdraw. It’s a common feature throughout the financial world.

And, there’s a danger there. Casino sites want you to have money in your account because if it’s in your account it is much more likely to be spent.

That’s why so many bonuses are focused on getting you to deposit, and why bonus cash is so hard to withdraw.

It’s important that you’re aware of this and use this knowledge to help you to gamble safely. One of the first pieces of safe gambling advice is to never spend more money than you can afford to lose. Then you’re advised to set limits for your play.

Leaving large amounts of money in your account is a sure way to challenge your resolve when you do set such limits.

We think it’s good practice to withdraw any money in your account whenever you can. You can’t spend a zero balance. If there are transaction fees to be considered then consider them, but in general, the harder you make it spend money the less likely you are to spend money you don’t have.

Quick Withdrawal Payment Systems

There needs to be a mechanism to transmit money from your bank account, or even from cash in your pocket to a casino site.

You can use your bank account directly. Or you can use a large – and growing – number of electronic payment methods, including vouchers, e-wallets, pre-paid cards, mobile payment systems, and bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (which generally come with their own payment methods).

Each of these quick payout casino methods has its ups and downsides: some may incur a cost, and some may take time.

We consider most of them to be safe, but we’ll give you a fuller guide to safely using fast payout online casinos later on in this guide.

Here are the quickest casino withdrawals methods:

Bank cards and bank accounts are generally the most direct ways for people to pay into a casino account. Some people feel uncomfortable about putting a direct link between their main current account (from which they may pay bills, and into which they may receive their salaries) and a website.

E-wallets are becoming as widely accepted as more traditional banking methods and, in the shape of PayPal in particular, are starting to approach traditional banking in their ubiquity and the range of services they offer. If you’ve got a PayPal account and haven’t been offered the company’s own-brand credit card then well done!

Pre-paid cards are loaded with money by the user and then used to transport money around the internet, usually via a password or other code. Some can even make cash usable online as they allow you to go into a store, hand over money at the counter and receive a card in exchange with a unique code.

Mobile phones are how most people now access the internet. So it’s no surprise that they are now being used as payment methods. There are now payment apps on phones and also methods by which you can incur charges to your phone bill to pay for things online. (You can now no longer gamble using credit cards in the UK, and this method is potentially close to that way of funding gambling so may be next in line if there is any regulatory action to come.)

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are online-only currencies that work using a technology called Blockchain. They are traded and their value can rise and fall, sometimes quite dramatically. As they are created for use online there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be as close to frictionless as is possible to get online.

This isn’t a comprehensive guide to online casino payment methods, though you will find those at this site, and you should do the research you need in order to keep yourself safe and to get the best possible deal as you play online.

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Why is it late?!?! Patience and online payments

We’ve made it clear that we are perfectly well aware of some bad reasons for casino companies to delay payments. But there are also good reasons, some of them for your own safety, and sometimes you do need to accept that you have to wait for things.

Safety and security are big issues in the online casino industry. In fact, any industry that is accepting money over the internet or World Wide Web needs to take a lot of precautions in order to keep its customers (and itself) safe.

Customers too need to take responsibility for a certain amount of good behaviour online (though that doesn’t shift the balance of power away from big powerful institutions that make huge profits and onto individuals who may have their own challenges).

If you’ve played at any online casino sites you’ll know that there are rules. These rules include proving your age. You may be allowed to play without doing much more than signing a declaration, but when it comes to taking money out you’re likely to have to do more than that and to prove your age and identity beyond doubt by supplying copies of identity documents, usually a driving licence, birth certificate, or passport.

Handing these over online (even scans) feels a bit risky to some people, especially the first time they do it. But it helps to keep us all safe. Gambling companies are now much more heavily regulated than they have been even quite recently. They need to ensure that the players using their facilities are of an age that they are legally allowed to play, and they need to be sure that they keep in line with two bits of quite serious legislation: terrorism and money-laundering laws.

In order to ensure that their sites aren’t being used to clean dirty money, to shift money secretly to people who shouldn’t have it, or to bypass sanctions or other international bans, casino sites must know who they are dealing with and they must know that they can prove they are who they say there are.

This is also why you simply cannot receive money from some payment methods. There are technical issues with some fast casino payment methods perhaps, but the assumption from a casino site is that it ought to be paying the money back to the same account from which it received it, unless it received it from a method that can’t receive payments, in which case the casino site will usually default to paying to a bank account, or even by cheque to the address you provided when you signed up, and which, we presume, matches your ID documents.

It is also the case that casino sites have growing responsibilities to keep their customers safe from problem gambling. We’ll refer to the old anarchist/anti-fascist maxim – only we can keep ourselves safe – here, but also welcome this news. If players want to get around self-exclusion or other restrictions on their play they need to spoof their identity, so knowing who is who, is vital.

How to Find Safe Fast Payout Casino Sites

Whenever we write anything about online casino sites our first concern is this: you must keep yourself safe.

Scams, scammers, and frauds work best when there are vulnerable people around. And a good way to spot a vulnerable person is to find someone who needs money in a hurry.

We’ll reiterate then the Prime Directive of safe gambling: don’t gamble for money, gamble for fun.

Players are never going to take this on board 100%, but it’s the safest way to play. If you’re gambling in order to win money you are putting yourself at risk.

This is especially true if you are desperate for money. If you have money problems, a casino site is no place for you, and we beg you to reach out to people around you, or to charities and support organisations who can give you help.

To stay safe, your best and the first line of defence is a UK Gambling Commission licence. Don’t play at any site, no matter how fast withdrawals it promises, without first seeing that it has an up-to-date licence. You should be able to click a link to actually look at the licence.

Make sure you’re convinced you’re looking at a legitimate site. It should be good quality, it should have SSL encryption, it should have data protection and privacy policies that you can read, it should have help options that you can check out without signing up, and it should, ideally, have a real postal address that you can check is real.

Then you can look at instant payout payment methods.

Let’s walk through an example. We’ll look at one of the top UK casino sites as our example.

Visiting a fast payout casino site that has quick withdrawals methods

At our site we’ve checked the licence, we’ve checked that the site is legit and that it has all the industry memberships and safe gambling advice that it should have (outright scam sites are rare these days, and few of them look like a fully developed casino site).

At the bottom of the front page, we can already see a list of payment methods: they are: Visa Electron, Visa, eco, Neteller, SOFORT Baking, Paysafecard, Skrill, MasterCard, and Maestro.

These are popular payment methods and the fact that the site wants to shout about them loud and proud on their front page is a good indication that clients care about this choice.

They’re also keen to let you know that they accept certain payment methods, including as headings that will help with their search results, linked phrases: “PayPal Casino”, “Visa Casino”, MasterCard Casino”, “Neteller Casino”, “PaySafeCard Casino”, “Maestro Casino”.

Our example is a high-quality site and arranged information well, so when we click on the Payment Methods tab, we get a list:

  • Bank transfers,
  • Debit Card,
  • Instant Banking,
  • E-Wallet, and
  • Pre-paid Casino.
  • Bank transfers are available via Przelewy24, Sofort, and Moneta, and also directly through your bank, by providing details of the example site’s bank accounts.
  • Such transfers are generally instant these days. You can also withdraw by bank transfer.
  • Debit Card payments work in a very similar way.
  • Under “Instant Banking” we find UseMyBank and Sofort listed.
  • E-wallets list a wide variety of payment methods.
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Webmoney
  • ECO
  • InstaDebit
  • My Citadel and
  • PayPal.

Most of these instant payout casino methods work both ways, though that is not clear immediately on this site.

Pre-Paid Casino gives us a list of pre-paid cards. Well, a list of one: PaySafeCard.

Unfortunately, while the information at this site is well arranged, some of it is not very high quality. For example, you’ll notice that none of these summaries tells us what the fast withdrawal casino policy is.

Your next port of call should be the FAQs, usually listed under help or support.

Here we do find a withdrawal policy:

The first promise on fast pay-outs is that all withdrawal request will be processed within 5 business days (“provided all legal and regulatory obligations (including anti-money laundering) are met” – this is the account verification that we’ve discussed above).

At this site: “You can only withdraw using previous depositing methods”.

Then, the site tells us that payments will be processed in line with the standard timelines of your chosen payment methods.

In our experience this means that you can expect instant payments to e-wallets, that you will probably not be able to accept payments at pre-paid methods, bank transfers may take a couple of days or more.

We are also warned that larger withdrawals may take longer to process, up to 5 days and that some withdrawals may be delayed too because of “bonus abuse, cheating, fraud or taken advantage of any software or system bug or failure as further described in our General Promotional Terms and Conditions”….

This is a common complaint on gambling forums: that sites have given players a bonus, that they have then followed all the rules, but then been denied their cash or faced long delays to get their hands on it.

We can’t comment on this without knowing the individual circumstances of every case that we see complaints about. We will say that it is a good advertisement for reading the small print on offers, especially welcome offers. Casinos often have a long list of behaviours that you will consider perfectly legitimate – and indeed completely natural – gaming tactics that are considered by them as “unfair” and which could cost you your winnings and even your account. You really need to make sure you know what these are.

How to find and use fast payout casinos

So you know how to check out a casino site, let’s recap how to safely use fast pay-out casinos.

You need, first of all, to find a safe site, with licensing, and all the extras you need to know that you can trust the site. Check review sites for details.

You also need to have a fast paying pay-out method that accepts withdrawals. Remember, the casino site wants to pay you to the method you used to set up your account. E-wallets are instant, and most banking transfer methods are instant too.

You need to be able to prove you are who you say you are. This means you need, in most cases, either a passport, a driving licence, or a national ID card (the UK doesn’t have a national ID card scheme).

You may also be asked to provide a picture of your debit card.

Some sites will also make you prove your address with a bill or bank statement.

You will need to scan these documents and usually send them to the site via an online uploader, sometimes by email, and sometimes by post.

There will usually be a processing period after you’ve sent the documents to the casino site.

So, fast pay-out is something you’re not going to do in a hurry – paradoxically.

Whatever you do, do it safely

Fast pay-outs are good for you. It makes sense to have your money in your accounts and not in someone else’s. We also reckon that taking money out of a casino account is good practice if you want to avoid overplaying or getting into problems.

Doing all this quickly is good for your financial and your personal mental health.

What can be bad for your financial and mental health is ever needing to get money in a real hurry from a casino site. The first thing you should consider when you make gaming decisions is if it is safe for you and the only way to keep yourself safe is if you only spend money that you can afford to spend on gambling.

So fast pay-outs are great, but don’t ever find yourself in a situation where you need to rely on them, and don’t think you can ever just sign up at a casino site and instantly start getting fast pay-outs.

Fast Payout Casinos FAQ

Where’s your money? If it’s not in your pocket, online wallet, or bank account it’s probably earning money for someone else.

While it’s almost impossible in the UK to earn any money with savings these days, you still want to have control of your finances, and money that is left sitting in casino accounts isn’t doing you any good.

That’s one of the reasons why fast pay out casinos are such a draw. People hate to wait. And they really hate to wait for their money – when they know it is sitting in the account of what is likely to be a multi-million-pound corporation.

So let’s get behind the headlines of fast payout casinos in this Q and A.

Are fast payout casinos safe?

Sites that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission should be safe. Or at least, seeing that licence is a good start in making your safety checks. You should do more than that, of course, and only deal with legitimate, licensed sites who make the proper checks on you – like your ID for example – as strictly as you make your checks on them.

What are the risks of fast payout casinos?

Scammers are not especially kind or moral people. The history of con games – which is a fascinating psychological study – is a study not in superbly crafted trickery so much as it is in human weakness, often greed, and often pride.

Scammers aren’t looking for the ultimate trick, they’re looking for the right victim. Good victims include anyone who is desperate for money. Desperation makes people make bad decisions, so people who need money quickly – as someone who’s searching Google for a fast pay out casino might be – is potentially vulnerable.

That isn’t to say that wanting prompt service is illegitimate or that sites that market themselves this way are in any way dodgy, but we would ask you to keep your antenna up for sharp practice.

How do you find fast payout casinos?

Fast pay-outs are a selling point so it’s something that sites are likely to advertise directly and that online casino reviews will focus on. Once you get to a site we recommend that you check their claims. Take a look at either the FAQ page or a page that covers their payment and banking facilities. There you should find a list of payment methods.

At a good site, you’re able to get a lot of information without signing up to do this before you hand over your cash.

For each payment method, you should find listed any charges made for using each payment method, any limits on deposits and withdrawals, and the time taken to clear payments to your account.

What’s a “pending period” in a fast payout casino?

Speed is of the essence, but it’s important to do things right too. One of the reasons why the casino industry is regulated is because there is a history of using gambling to launder money. That is why casino sites have something called a “pending period” on many payments. The existence of this period and its length should be listed along with the other banking rules. Pending periods allow payments to be checked for legality and validity. Then there may be another clearing period before the payment is made to your bank account or e-wallet.

What is the best payment method for a fast payout casino?

Payments made to electronic payment processors are almost always faster than those made to traditional banking methods, most notably bank transfers.

E-wallets commonly take withdrawals instantly (after the pending period).

But there is a balance to be struck here. PayPal will take your cash straight away, but you’ll probably pay a fee on it.

Crypto payments might be fast too, but you’re in unregulated territories in some sense when you use Bitcoin and the like.

You need to read the whole payments guide and you need to weigh up the options fully.

What do I need to accept fast pay-outs from a casino?

Most casinos will not pay out to a player who has not satisfactorily proved their id. IN order to do this you will probably need to send in a scanned ID document, for example, a driving licence or passport. You may also have to send in a copy of a recent bill or official letter with your current address on it. And finally, you may need to show a photograph of your debit card. All these precautions are a pain in the neck for players, but they do help to keep you safe and to keep outright outlaws out of the game.

Where are the fastest payout casinos?

We think that competition does one thing. It does not, as you might have been told, drive ever-improving standards, it sets a bar that everyone must clear, and then that bar becomes the best standard.

For that reason, we think it is very unlikely that you will find much difference between payment processing times across the industry. Those sites that are able to provide faster payments are likely to make a fuss about it, so publicity is a fairly good guide, but our experience is that payments are made in a pretty generally accepted time frame for each payment method.

Can I make my own fast payout casino?

One way to get faster pay-outs is to stay at a casino for a long time. Most casino loyalty schemes include faster payment processing as one of the perks of their loyalty scheme – which makes us wonder why they can’t make all payments as quickly as possible, would that not be simple to do?

In order to work your way up a loyalty scheme, all you need to do is to deposit cash and play games. That’s the standard model in the industry and it doesn’t look like changing any time soon.

It’s a minor plus and we think there are better reasons to pick a casino site than the speed of its pay-outs, most of all site safety, so please keep that at the front of your mind too.

Frank Stephen Garcia

Casino Reviewer and Editor

Frank Garcia is our casino reviewer and editor. He works hand in hand with our gambling experts to produce professional and detailed online casino reviews.