GambleAware Focuses On Women In Its Latest Gambling Safety Campaign

Gambling safety is an important feature of online and offline gambling. When gambling starts to become a problem, it’s time to stop. We often assume that problem gambling is a male-oriented problem. But in recent years, we’ve seen an increase in the number of women experiencing gambling problems too.

The assumption is that many more men gamble than women and so more men will experience problem gambling. However, a 2020 survey by the Gambling Commission showed that 29.7% of men and 26.7% of women gambled in the previous four weeks. And so, even though men are more likely to gamble, the difference is small.

The Campaign

This is the first campaign by BeGambleAware that specifically targets women and aims to promote treatment for gambling-related harm.

The campaign focuses on women aged between 18 and 54 who may require gambling treatment services to help with problem gambling.

In the coming weeks, you can expect to see regular promotions by BeGambleAware appearing across media outlets, including magazines, radio, and digital media platforms, such as social media.

BeGambleAware wants to promote awareness to women about the signs of gambling problems and to signpost them to the relevant treatment options available.

They want to help prevent those at risk of developing a problem from slipping further into trouble and also to help those who already have a gambling problem know where they can find help.

Nudging people to seek help

Research indicates that there’s strong demand from women gamblers for help and support for their gambling habits. However, there’s also evidence that many more would look for help if they knew where to find it.

There’s a lack of awareness amongst gamblers about the amount of help available. The evidence showed that if more people were aware of the help available, more people would seek help.

The campaign wants to promote self-referrals for people at risk of developing a gambling problem and those who already have one.

To inform the campaign, they built upon insights from problem gamblers that they tend to feel isolated and disconnected from family and friends. At the same time, the campaign wants to highlight the ease with which they can access help and that treatment is hugely successful.

The campaign started in early 2020, but it has only targeted men so far.

Why they’re now targeting women too…

There’s evidence that the campaign will help women too. The number of women who now experience gambling harm has increased in recent years.

There’s a high demand for services for problem gambling from women too, but some are reluctant to seek help because of the stigma they feel that it’s “not something a woman should suffer from”. That’s simply not true. Anyone can develop a gambling problem.

Here’s one of their radio adverts. It gives us a taste of the sort of adverts we’ll be seeing online in the coming months: