What’s Cooking in the Gambling World? Smells Like a 3* Michelin Casino

Gambling and cooking. Are those two words that go together? Historically, probably not. But that’s silly; I love food and I love the rush of gambling, so what better pairing is there?

And clearly, I’m not the only one who thinks they make a great match. With plans to launch a range of gambling and betting games, Gordon Ramsay is getting in on the action too.

Hell’s Kitchen Gambling Games?

It’s purely speculative at the moment. We aren’t sure what his plans are, but The Sun newspaper revealed that the world-renowned chef has applied for UK intellectual property rights to a trademark mentioning, “Computer programmes for playing casino, gambling and betting games”.

We can only guess that if he does create an online slot machine, it will be full of explosive expletives that would smash the stuffing out of your grandma. Those of us with a sensitive disposition and an aversion to being insulted might want to play a gentler slot machine, such as Food Fight.  Otherwise, be prepared to face the wrath of Ramsay every time you lose, “What Are You? An idiot Sandwich?”

Speculation abounds that Ramsay will base the games on his “Hell’s Kitchen” TV series. It makes sense – he already owns a “Hell’s Kitchen” themed restaurant at Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Boulevard. Will it be a slot machine? A lottery game? Bingo?

BING…is the chicken ready?…O…nope, it’s just a full frigging house!

A New Website Too?

But wait, er, it doesn’t stop there! As well as the range of games that might be stewing in the background, the trademark application also includes “a website for online gambling, gambling services in the nature of online slot machines, and lottery services”. So we may soon be seeing a new casino website for UK audiences.

And if the online casino succeeds, who knows what could be next? A Gordon Ramsay casino in the middle of Soho? Perhaps, and it will surely feature a dining experience, too?

And so we come full circle – the perfect pairing of food and fun. It probably doesn’t cater to everyone’s taste, but I, for one, am looking forward to the experience.

Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait too long!

Rude Quote By Gordon Ramsay

Harvey Dickenson

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