Here’s How Sites Selling Betting Strategies are Ripping you off – With one Crazy Exception!

We’ll get our main point out of the way quickly: the only betting strategy you should have is to be safe for your financial, physical, and mental health.

That’s what we think. But if you spend much time online and at betting sites or slots forums you’ll find plenty of opportunities to spend more on your slots or blackjack hobby by spending money on betting strategies.

Don’t waste your time or money on them.

Betting Strategies

Where’s Betting Strategies HQ?

This is a slightly cheap point, but where is the big shiny HQ of the Betting Strategy Orgs and companies who I find everywhere online. When I look up big slots companies and the companies who own betting sites I can find their addresses easily enough, some of them are even stock market listed and doing very well nicely.

The same cannot be said for the betting strategists.

Why would that be, we wonder?

We can tell you! It’s because one of those companies is offering a legitimate and legal and profitable entertainment project. And the other isn’t.

This is not to say that betting strategy sites are all run by gangsters who’ll launder the cash you send them straight into a drugs deal and sell your credit card details on the dark web, though some certainly may be.

It is to say that there is no legitimate secret way to win at online video slots, online casino games, or live casino sites.

That’s why the companies who run those sites have the big shiny HQs. They make money on their games, and they’re pretty much guaranteed to do so.


No Strategy Can Beat the Mathematics of an Online Game

There is no way to bet or play on games that are run on genuine random number generators and operating within a framework set up by the site owner that will give you a better chance of winning: play for fun and play safely, always and only.

It is perfectly possible to win huge amounts of money on online slots. It might happen to you, and we hope it does, but if it does it will be because of a random sequence of numbers falling the right way for you, not because of something you’ve done.

As slots have got more sophisticated there have been titles that have introduced more video-game elements, and some of these elements require a skill. But the heart of the game is still a random number sequence built around delivering a profit.

That’s why in slots reviews we can report a figure called the Theoretical Return to Player (often called the RTP).

This amount, usually around 96%, is what the game is expected to return to players. You’ll notice that it’s under 100%.

That’s because games are set-up to make a profit.

They are set up to deliver an enjoyable experience to players; one that will keep them coming back, but they are set up to make a profit, and this includes the triggering of bonuses, the awarding of prizes… everything.

The Same Applies to Live Casino Games

Your strategies aren’t going to do you much good with live casino games either.

These games also have a “house edge” that is built into the game mechanics. It might not be quite as fast and slick as a 21st-century algorithm but those games designers who came up with roulette, blackjack, baccarat and the rest ran gaming rooms, salons, or casinos and they made a profit too.

Casinos generally make a profit.

Only Donald Trump can bankrupt a casino.

There are a couple of potential ways to win at live casino games, but they require fictional levels of skill and observation in our view, though we will cover them later.

One of them, card counting, is largely impossible in online games which use single decks of cards that are shuffled every time they come around.

Betting Strategies for the Rich

There are betting strategies out there too.

Almost all of them can be found freely and very easily online – you shouldn’t have to pay or even offer up an email address to read them.

For all practical purposes, they don’t work.

The best a betting strategy can do is to reduce your losses.

The most popular strategy is doubling stakes on a loss – a martingale – on the basis that if you win the next bet you’ll cover the loss of the previous bet. You will. But you’ll need deep pockets pretty quickly with this strategy, which only works with 50/50 bets.

The best betting strategy is to bet safely with stakes you know you can afford to lose.

The One Play Strategy that Might Work

There is one exception to the betting strategies rule, and this is progressive jackpots.

Progressive jackpots are prizes that are built up in part from player stakes. This means that the more players play the bigger a prize gets.

This introduces a new element into the risk factor – time.

As these progressive prizes are all single one-off awards it becomes more likely that they will pay-out as time goes on.

Some games introduce time-limits or maximum figures on pay-outs too.

This makes the connection between time and pay-out more concrete. It’s now a popular feature of many online casino sites to feature a “must drop jackpots” tab, or “daily” and “weekly” jackpot tabs.

These prizes have been time-limited, so if they are coming to the end of their time limit they are slightly more likely to pay out.

Even progressives that do not have this time limit are slightly more likely to pay out as time goes on because they must pay out at some point. Bigger prizes attract more players, and the more people are playing the more likely a one-off prize is to be one.

None of this amounts to a usable strategy though beyond watching the sites that monitor these games and looking out for the time to swoop.

Otherwise, our advice remains: never pay for betting tips or strategies, and never play in a way that isn’t safe.