Here’s What to Expect from the Safer Gambling Week 2023

October 29th, 2023: Responsible Gambling is an essential initiative implemented and promoted by all licensed and reputable casinos in the United Kingdom. With an increasing number of problem gamblers, regulators and industry stakeholders see the need for initiatives that protect players’ welfare and promote gambling with limits. One such program is Safer Gambling Week, an annual cross-industry campaign in the UK and Ireland from November 13, 2023, to November 19, 2023.

With the support of industry partners, the event is now in its sixth year, providing support and guidance to all casino players, including those with a history of problem gambling. As part of the celebrations of Safer Gambling Week, betting sites and bookmakers across the industry spread awareness of Responsible Gambling across communication channels. Throughout the week, you’ll find advertisements, news coverage, banners, and many activities that aim to increase awareness and promote Responsible Gambling among UK and Ireland players.

Safe and Responsible Gambling- What is it?

Gambling addiction may manifest in different ways, and it can happen to any player. Playing casino games and betting becomes a problem if you can no longer control it or you’re wagering the money intended for your daily expenses. And the bad news is that there’s a growing number of players who struggle with gambling. So, it’s essential to understand the importance of safe and Responsible Gambling.

Players must manage their money, set gambling session limits, and avoid chasing losses. The Safer Gambling Week 2023 is an excellent opportunity to provide UK players with the assistance they need to reduce the risk of gambling addiction. In this event, players may send messages freely and express their concerns. Also, players may get assistance from operators, sector groups, and charities regarding responsible betting. Ultimately, the week encourages open conversations about gambling and dealing with it responsibly. Training and campaigns will run in a week, but the application of knowledge is year-round. To stimulate conversations, materials will reach online platforms and on-site venues in the UK and Ireland. 

Awareness of Responsible Gambling Tools

Betting sites and bookmakers employ varying tools to promote safer and Responsible Gaming. Most betting sites allow setting of deposit limits, giving you complete control of the money you deposit with gaming sites. Players can also set a loss limit and must learn to stop when the limit is reached.

Self-exclusion is another tool that allows you to self-exclude from bookmakers or block gambling websites. Setting timeouts also encourages and helps players to be more responsible and avoid addiction. The Safer Gambling Week 2023 allows UK bookmakers to go beyond the conventional Responsible Gambling tools in helping players.

Safer Gambling Week 2023 Activities

As a cross-sector initiative, the Safer Gambling Week brings together UK and Ireland players, support services, organizations, and other interested individuals. During the week, they will talk about safer gambling and increase awareness. The Safer Gambling Week material will include key safer gambling messages, which will be displayed online and in-venue. The campaign will reach social media sites, news, and partner websites. There will also be trainings and events organized by leading gambling charities and businesses like YGAM and GamCare. 

Although the activities will take place in a week, the commitment to safer gambling is year-round. The campaign requires deep collaboration among the UK and Ireland players, operators, sector groups, charities, and interest groups. It is only through industry collaboration that the industry promotes safer and Responsible Gambling at all times.