High Roller Casino Gambling & VIP Casinos High Limit

When strolling through the online casino scene, it’s pretty standard to see massive welcome offers used as a hook to get new members on board. Sometimes we get so impressed (read: greedy) that we don’t even read the fine print to check exactly how generous the offer really is. Or isn’t. While as a player I certainly appreciate getting tons of gifts when joining in, I also like to feel the casino appreciates my presence and cash on an ongoing basis. Yes, I want them to show me the same amount of loyalty as I’m showing them, especially when I’m a high roller casino player. If I’m boosting my balance on a regular basis and with respectable amounts of cash, I want to feel important. And so – the VIP casino programs.

Now, some of them are called that but are basically loyalty schemes, a club to which you gain access as soon as you register. Bigger and better perks await on higher levels, but we’re all free to walk in. Depending on how high one manages to climb, a VIP title may be awarded. Other casinos separate the two, featuring a premium VIP club which is by invite only. The latter certainly appeals to high rollers and is aspirational for the rest of us. Bet if I won one of those multi-million jackpots, they’d all be all over me to join! Would I be interested? Depends on the perks, so let’s see what’s on offer….

Top 6 High Roller Casinos – VIP Casino Club Countdown



EU Casino VIP Lounge 
EU Casino VIP Lounge

EUCasino – #6 High Roller Casino

EU Casino offers VIP Lounge benefits for everyone, though it’s the three top levels of the 6-level ladder (Platinum, Diamond and Red Diamond) which come with true VIP perks. More than 2,000 comp points are needed to become a Platinum member, meaning you’ll need to wager between €40,000 and €320,000, depending on the games you play. Hitting one of the three top levels makes you eligible for larger bonus offers, personal VIP account manager, an invitation to exclusive events, cashback for testing new games, monthly free bonus awards and faster payouts. Once you do become a VIP, make sure to protect your status. Assessment of VIP levels is made on a monthly basis, but even if you drop, you can only go down 1 level per month.



William Hill Live Casino VIP Club 
William Hill Live Casino VIP Club

William Hill – the #5 High Roller Online Casino

Joining the VIP service at William Hill Live Casino is by invitation only. You’ll receive an invite (or not) based on your activity (meaning you need to enjoy their tables on regular basis), level of play (VIP service is designed for both higher-stakes and frequent players) and loyalty. The Club offers different VIP levels, each with its own range of benefits which include “prizes fit for VIPs”, an exclusive range of tables, invitations to exclusive online and offline events, and a personal VIP account managers who are there to cater to your every need.

They will provide you with reduced transfer fees and lower wagering requirements and also surprise you with special offers. You’ll benefit from monthly cashback bonuses, and other unspecified VIP rewards, and get to attend “the hottest events in the social calendar”, such as high-profile race meetings, concerts, Premier League football matches and more. Other benefits include personal service from the Pitboss team via Live Video Chat and exclusive high roller tables for roulette and high roller blackjack. If live casino is your preferred choice when it comes to choosing your casino VIP club, William Hill is bound to make you feel special in more ways than one. Be sure to look out for increased betting limits on slots – William Hill are one of the few online casinos to offer high roller slots games.


Leo Vegas VIP Experience 
Leo Vegas VIP Experience

LeVegas – the #4 High Roller Casino

Leo Vegas features kind of a mystery loyalty program where you ‘re not quite sure what you’ll get and when. There are 99 (!) levels in total, with your VIP level determined by the amount you have wagered. A bar displayed within the main menu shows you your progress so you can always check how much further you need to go to reach the next stage.

When you climb high enough, you’ll start receiving invitations to VIP exclusive events, enjoy the support of a dedicated account manager, personal payment and withdrawal service, various birthday rewards, exclusive bonuses and a monthly VIP prize draw which awards treat such as the latest Apple products. Getting to level 30, for example, means you’ll stop getting charged when withdrawing cash and will receive your money faster. The nearer you are to the top, the bigger the bonuses and the cooler events you’re invited to participate in.

As testified by one of Leo Vegas VIP members, the service offered gets really personalised. You’ll likely have your account manager ask what kind of bonus you want to receive on any given day. For example, they will give you a choice of taking cashback, a deposit bonus with low wagering requirements, or high-value free spins on your favourite slots. Having someone address your personal preferences in such a way is guaranteed to make you feel appreciated.


888 Casino VIP Club 
888 Casino VIP Club

888 Casino – the #3 High Roller Online Casino

Accessible by invite only, the 888 VIP Casino Club offers VIP rewards and service to their elite and most loyal members. They’ll get an access-all-areas VIP pass to a lavish world presented through a dedicated web page for VIPs. Reaching the first of the three levels, members receive a special one-off bonus just for becoming VIP, increased deposit limits, and a weekly appreciation reward. They also get to participate in VIP promotions which award hi-tech gadgets, TVs, laptops, jewellery and weekend getaways. The list of perks goes on to include invitations sports events, concerts, city breaks and luxury holidays, additional bonus offers and your very own personal account manager. You’ll be able to play at VIP High Stakes tables, benefit from 50% higher conversion rate on comp points, have access to an exclusive VIP support team, receive birthday gifts and participate in the Monthly Lucky Dip prize draw.

VIP Gold members (second level) additionally benefit from faster cash-outs and 33% higher comp point conversion rate than the first level VIPs. To be considered for VIP Gold membership, you’ll have to attain a total of 300,000 bonus points. If I’m not mistaken, €10 wager earns 1 point, so it’s easy to do the math. Yes, you’ll need to spend some money while gaming, but look at the rewards! When you become VIP Platinum, everything gets bigger and better, cashouts super-fast and you also get to collect the yearly casino anniversary bonus.

As an 888 VIP Casino Club member, one gets exclusive access to not just one, but all three of 888’s brands, namely 888casino, 777 and 888games. At each of these, you’ll get treated to various hospitality events, first-class promotions and personal account manager who’ll look after your unique needs.


Club Rouge at 32 Red Casino 
Club Rouge at 32 Red Casino

32Red – the #2 High Roller Casino

2. 32Red Casino is home to Club Rouge, claimed to be the very best and exclusive players’ lounge which provides special promotions, awards additional loyalty points, offers customised play-through requirements and delivers gifts and exclusive offers to Club Rouge members. You need to be invited to join, though if you haven’t received an invitation but believe you are eligible for membership, you can email Club Rouge Player Support Team. As a general rule of thumb, only players in the Platinum loyalty tier will be considered. To get to this level you’ll need to accumulate 10,000 points, followed by further 5,000 points on an ongoing basis to make sure you stay there.

As a Club Rouge member you’ll be earning more Red Rubies (loyalty points) than regular players and game contributions will be set higher. Additionally, unlike standard players, VIP Club Rouge members can exchange these little gems for cash which comes with no wagering requirements – just cold hard cash added to your account, the way we like it. Other perks include enhanced deposit bonuses and personal support service. If you log into the casino on your birthday, they will award you 5,000 Red Rubies which can instantly be redeemed for £50 cash. 32 Red will additionally celebrate your birthday with a 200% match up to 500 free chips.

Every month, one lucky Club Rouge member will receive two bottles of the finest champagne (yay, I love a glass of good champagne!), with either four Cohiba Esplendido Cuban Cigars or the finest chocolates (damn, tough choice). Special events also take place on a monthly basis, including the handing out of free chips, deposit bonuses and other rewards, or additional Red Ruby bonuses. Pretty generous, I can’t deny.


Captain’s Club at Casino Cruise 
Captain’s Club at Casino Cruise

Captain’s Club – the #1 High Roller Online Casino

Captain’s Club at Casino Cruise promises to deliver a five-star gaming experience “beyond your wildest dreams”. I don’t know, guys, my dreams can be pretty wild… Anyway, each time you play, you’ll be earning loyalty points, and once you’ve accumulated the required amount (not specified), Casino Cruise VIP department will contact you to extend an invitation to join.

When they unlock the door to this prestigious club, you’ll get welcomed to the Deluxe Suite, President Suite or Royal Suite. Each will deliver premium customer service, personalised email support, exclusive weekend promotions, birthday bonus, anniversary gift and up to 12 hours response time (the latter doesn’t sound too VIP to me, but there you go). On top, President Suite provides a welcome gift (I love surprises!), ensures express withdrawals, and delivers personal cashback offers and a personalised bonus plan. Making it to Royal Suite, you’ll get invited to exclusive VIP events, be able to withdraw higher amounts than mere mortals, receive special gifts and get pampered by a personal account manager. Casino Cruise promises to make sure that, port after port, you’ll find more exclusive VIP benefits, promotions, bonuses and gifts.

Not all online casinos feature a loyalty program and quite a few of those who do, create a list of intangible benefits which are basically marketing talk. When choosing who to grace with your regular visits and where to invest your cash, make sure it will be appreciated. After all, there is a huge choice of online gaming establishments and they need to provide darn good reasons for you to join and then keep coming back. When evaluating them based on their VIP programs, check how personalised the offers are. Surely, if you’re wagering hundreds of thousands, you’ll want the casino to address your personal needs, rather than serve one-size-fits-all proposals.

High Roller Blackjack – Play High Limit Blackjack

These are the UK casinos currently offering the highest high limit blackjack stakes. Please note that some of these high stakes blackjack games require a minimum balance of £6,000 and only run after 5 pm.


High Roller Casino Maximum Stake Blackjack Version
32 Red £20,000 High Limit European Advanced Blackjack
Mr Green £10,000 Evolution’s Salon Privé Blackjack
Leo Vegas £10,000 Chambre Séparée Silent VIP Blackjack
William Hill Live £10,000 Blackjack Diamond VIP
William Hill £5,000 Playtech’s Soirée Elite Blackjack



What Makes a Good VIP Casino Club


What Makes a Good Online Casino VIP Club

Are you spending tons of money 
playing at an online casino, showing up regularly, making large deposits and wagering high amounts? If so, you are definitely a VIP player and should be treated accordingly. Land-based gambling establishments offer VIPs special treatment in the form of complimentary rooms, free food and drinks and a personalised approach consisting of special offers, preferential payment terms and more. So why should it be any different when you’re playing online?

As brick-and-mortar casinos will require that you build a certain reputation by playing before being admitted to their VIP club, so will the ones that function online. Some of them will set specific requirements which you have to meet to claim a VIP player status, while others will monitor your gaming behaviour and extend an invitation once they judge you can roll with their other VIPs. Quite a few will want to steal you away from the others, inviting you to contact them and request VIP membership if you already hold the same status at one of their competitors. Once the door finally opens, they’ll shower you with many exclusive and customised treats.

So how to choose the club you want to belong to? Obviously, as a VIP casino player, you expect and deserve a five-star treatment, red carpet rolled out each time you show up to play. You want the finest rewards and treatment which show your presence (and cash!) are highly appreciated. In order to judge whether it will be so or not, use every source of information available when considering a new online environment to play.

A good selection of reviews is available on the internet, and forums can be a great place to check the experience of other fellow VIPs. Online casino webpages offer a different amount of information on their VIP high roller casino programs and sometimes they’re not easy to access. Contacting the support team directly is always a good idea, as it will allow you to learn the specifics about what’s on offer and how to get in. Once you do, compare and choose the VIP program which will treat you like an important person that you are.

Personalised Approach

If I feel important, I certainly don’t want to be treated like I’m one of the many. My gaming behaviour makes me different to millions of others spinning the reels of an online slot machine or drawing cards at a virtual poker table.

So, if my game of choice is Baccarat, don’t serve me offers which I’d benefit from only or mostly when playing slots. If I’m depositing tens of thousands, I’m not likely to be attracted by a bonus limited to hundred euros or less. If I’m winning hundreds of thousands, setting my withdrawal limit to £10,000 per month is bound to piss me off. Get to know me and modify your approach accordingly – that’s what I’ll appreciate the most when it comes to VIP club membership.

Bigger and Better Bonuses

Of course, I want to collect more freebies. What does it matter if I have more cash in my pockets than 90% of other online gamers? I always look for the best possible return-on-investment, regardless of which area of life we’re talking about, and will do the same when gaming. While less tangible advantages are more than welcome, let’s not kid ourselves.

Cold hard cash is and always will be high up on my priorities list, and I’ll bet (at a high-stake table) that it’s the same for you. So bring them on, more regularly and higher in value. The real treat? X hundred per cent no-rules bonus, with no play-through requirement and no max cash-out. I’m not making this up, it does exist!

Comp Point Benefits

Collecting points is often the way an online casino will classify their players and decide who and when gets to become their VIP, and even degrades them to lower levels should the required number of points not be continuously met. Ok, so I’m playing for cash on regular basis and betting high amounts, meaning I don’t worry about getting and staying there (though I’d not be a happy camper should the casino decide to decrease my benefits after, for one reason or another, I could participate in a lesser degree than I normally do).

What I do want to see, though, is that I can use my points better than the rest of the world. First and foremost, that means better redemption rate. If an occasional gamer gets to trade 100 of their points for €1, I want to be able to collect the same amount for 60 points or less.

Rewards and Gifts at High Roller Casinos

Perhaps I can afford to buy the latest Apple product or a hi-tech gadget, but it doesn’t mean I will not appreciate receiving one as a gift, courtesy of my favourite online casino. People give gifts to those they care about, and they offer them as a way to say thank you. I want my casino to show they care and thank me for choosing to indulge my gaming passion at their particular establishment.

Birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, rewards for passing a certain threshold – all highly welcomed! One of the casinos I checked out recently awards monthly one lucky member with two bottles of the finest champagne, and either four Cohiba Esplendido Cuban Cigars or the finest chocolates. I’d most definitely never say no to good champagne, would you? The same establishment also provides special monthly events during which the casino is handing out free chips, deposit bonuses, additional loyalty points and other rewards.

Exclusive Offers

Being a VIP normally means you get to enter where others can’t. If you treat me by opening the door to a tournament which is not accessible to the general public, I’ll feel special. Invite me to a sought-after event, and I’ll happily attend or at least use it as bragging rights. Facing a choice of high-profile race meetings, concerts, theatre shows, Premier League football matches and luxury holidays at some of the world’s top destinations, it’s likely I’ll find something that will appeal to my tastes and preferences.

Offer me an exclusive range of tables so I can play with other high-rollers and, in short, hand me a VIP pass to enter where others cannot, and you can be sure I’ll stick around for a while.

Personal Account Manager at High Roller Online Casinos

This is not only a matter of prestige, although a VIP will appreciate having a dedicated person looking after their needs. A personal account manager means you’ll never have to wait to get assistance and they can provide a fully personalised offer based on your gaming style. Instead of one-size-fits-all promotions, they will ask you what kind of bonus you’d enjoy the most, and deliver it. Not into free spins, but love deposit bonuses? No problem!

You’re ready to deposit a higher amount but want your bonus to come with lower wagering requirements? It can be done! You’ve had a bad day and lost a substantial amount? How about a personal cashback offer to help ease the pain? Working closely with you, a personal manager can develop a completely personalised bonus plan which is yours and yours alone. Once you have that, will you even think about doing your gaming elsewhere?

Preferential Banking Terms

If I’m wagering higher amounts and playing high-stake tables, chances are I’ll hit some substantial wins, at least occasionally. When that happens, I don’t really want to be paid out over the next 12 months, I want all of my cash in one go. And so will you. So while talking to the casino in question, check if adaptable withdrawal (and deposit!) limits are part of VIP perks. If it’s the case of “VIP elsewhere, VIP here”, negotiate them immediately.

Often you’ll find that reduced processing time is already a benefit stated within the VIP benefits overview, but if it’s not, check that as well. Releasing your cash within hours rather than days is doable and really only up to account managers and/or casino managers.

Married for Life?

As I already mentioned, in some cases becoming a VIP means you’ll stay a VIP for life, and in others, you have to keep earning that right. And as stated, if you’re a true high-roller, chances are you won’t care. You’ll be showing up on a regular basis and betting high as you’ve always done. But it could happen that for a period of time, a month, two or three, you might not be able to indulge in gaming as much as you’d like.

Does that necessarily mean you should be dumped? It’s kind of like being married and missing some dinners or cancelling holidays last minute because an important business deal got in the way. You still love your spouse to death and are not out chasing a newer model, so you’d not expect to come home and find the husband or the wife threatening divorce. Switching back to the online gaming world: if it comes down to how understanding the casino will be with you, pick one which will not demand an „I love you“ every single day of the year.

Other Special Perks

Some of the high roller online casinos will charge a fee when you’re depositing and/or withdrawing money. If I’m a VIP at one of those, I’ll definitely expect the fees to be waved when the casino processes my financial transactions. Some gambling houses will happily reduce their play-through requirements for a high-roller like yourself and occasionally offer cash with no strings attached. Others will offer a cashback for testing a new game or even provide one on every single bet you make. Where new games are concerned, VIPs will occasionally be given the opportunity to test them by playing with free money. Other times you’ll be given access to games regular players can’t play, whether it’s a high stake version of classics such as roulette, or a newly launched game that you get to check out first.

Participating in monthly prize draws is another one of benefits frequently given to VIP gamers, awarding gifts such as hi-tech gadgets, TVs and laptops, jewellery and tempting weekend getaways. Access to a greater variety of games is not that often featured, but does provide an additional „only for me“ kind of experience, one which money can’t buy (well, it kind of does, actually).

The online gaming environment is super-competitive (and more so each day) and we get to enjoy being spoilt for choice. Some fantastic treats are already on offer, with more and bigger benefits to come as casinos fight for valuable players. Yes, that’s you! To get the most out of your gaming experience, in terms of enjoyment and return on investment, check out the options having in mind the elements mentioned above. Do not accept uniform proposals and go for the online gaming partners who are willing to recognize your personal needs and react accordingly. Online casinos do not have the huge overhead costs their land-based cousins do, and can, therefore, afford to spoil you rotten. So step onto the red carpet, have a gloved hand remove that velvet rope, and enjoy being pampered by special treatment and personalizes service.

What are Casino Comp Points and How Do They Work?

At some point or other, you will likely be advised to take advantage of casino comp points and make full use of them. While that may sound like a great idea – if you don’t know what comp points are and how they work then you could find that difficult to accomplish.

Comp Points are a Loyalty Program

Simply put, comp points are the casino version of a loyalty program. Essentially these points are accumulated as you play at a casino, and can then be used to claim rewards. In other words, the more you play, the more comp points you’ll accumulate, and the better the rewards will be.

The exact form that the loyalty program takes will vary from casino to casino. Originally comp points were introduced in brick and mortar casinos as a loyalty program for its frequent customers. That is still the case in many brick and mortar casinos, though nowadays you can easily apply for a membership card that will allow you to earn comp points while you play.

In high roller online casinos, things are slightly different. While it still varies from casino to casino, for the most part, all players are able to earn points towards the loyalty program based on how much they play. As such, you may already be accumulating comp points – even if you’re unaware that you’re doing so. You can often end up with a nice surprise at the end of a week.

Also, the rewards offered by brick and mortar casinos differ from online casinos as well. Where brick and mortar casinos tend to offer rewards such as free hotel rooms, free meals, and other perks – online casinos offer bonuses and sometimes access to special tournaments.

Find Out About Comp Points in the Casino

If you’re interested in taking advantage of comp points, the first step is to find out how the system works in the casino that you’re playing. The relevant literature will be available at reception or you can ask any member of the floor staff and they’ll be able to give you a thorough explanation of how their particular comp system works.

When you look at the comp points’ structure in a casino, be sure to pay close attention to how comp points are earned. Normally the exact amount of points earned will vary based on the game that you’re playing and the amount that you’re betting – though some casinos may have different systems.  High stakes tables will usually offer a higher comp rate, this applies to both online and offline casinos – they love to keep the high rollers sweet.

On top of that, you should also look at the rewards and what will be required to claim them. As a rule of thumb, you should try to focus on the rewards that you find more appealing, and not just go for the biggest reward that may often require a lot of comp points to claim.  Set your heart on a target or prize and stick to it, don’t let yourself be swayed.

Assuming you take full advantage of the comp points program at a casino, you may be able to earn a few nice perks. Whether that consists of a bit of bonus credit to play with, access to some exclusive tournaments, or even a free vacation – who knows. If nothing else, it would be a good idea to find out what you stand to gain.

A Closer Look At Two Exclusive High Roller Casino Clubs

High Rollers Luxury VIP

Joining an online high rollers club?

There are a small elite group of online casinos that offer very high stakes gambling. They are very well established casinos with massive financial backing to cope with the huge wins that high rolling players can inflict on them.

High roller casinos offer VIP clubs and personal account managers who will frequently offer you substantial free bonuses and even give you money back on any losses you might incur. They are able to offer incredible perks like this because they do not share the overheads of VIP land-based casinos, so instead of bringing you free drinks and anything your heart desires they simply pass the substantial savings back to you.

Most VIP Clubs will offer high rollers personalised rewards like birthday and holiday gifts as well as higher regular bonuses, increased comp point rates, higher game limits than normal and faster withdrawals. You will be able to bypass the usual withdrawal wait by requesting a ‘flush’ where your winnings are passed on straight to your preferred withdrawal method.

If you’re a high roller and intend to join a VIP Casino club then it’s important to sign up first so that the casino knows you are serious, once you’ve done this phone them directly and tell them you want to join the VIP club and they will usually be able to offer you an exclusive sign up bonus there and then.

William Hill VIP Club

William Hill Casino offers a Blackjack Diamond VIP table at up to £10,000 high bet per hand or £2000 high bet per box when playing multiple hands in one go. These high roller stakes are as high as some exclusive land casino VIP clubs in London.

The specialist high stakes game here is high roller baccarat. There’s nothing more to baccarat than drawing two cards and trying to get closer to nine than your opponent, it’s the ultimate high stakes shoot-out for gamblers with no fear. High roller baccarat stakes at William Hill VIP go up to £10,000 a bet with £1250 for ties. And the William Hill high roller roulette tables for VIPs allow up to £500 to be bet on each number!

The high roller slots at William Hill offer even higher bets than normal. This means that when playing the progressive jackpot slots (with jackpots of well over £1,000,000), high rollers are allowed higher maximum bets and so get a much higher chance of scooping the jackpot than the majority of players who play at low stakes.

As a member of the high roller William Hill VIP casino club you will be automatically assigned your own personal loyalty manager and given the opportunity to play for exclusive VIP prizes such as Champions League tickets, holidays in the Bahamas, golfing weekends with the pros, tickets to the America’s Cup, Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and many many other exciting prizes and cashback promotions.

To qualify for the high stakes William Hill VIP gamblers club you need to deposit and play at least 7500 chips per month.

Personal VIP manager

Dedicated phone line

Ultra-high table game bets

Higher slots bets

Earn comp points faster

Exclusive daily offers



CLUB ROUGE 32Red High Roller Lounge

Club Rouge from 32 Red is open to the Platinum tier of their loyalty program by special request, though they may also consider you if you are in the Gold tier. When you’ve been accepted as a member of Club Rouge you can expect to be offered many exclusive promotions only available to Club members. On your birthday you receive at least 5000 Red Rubies (comp points), which can be exchanged for cash instantly. You will also regularly be offered 200% deposit bonuses. Other gifts include Cohiba Esplendido Cuban Cigars and bottles of champagne as well as exclusive competitions only available in Club Rouge.


Cigars and champagne

5000 point birthday bonus

200% reload bonuses

 Earn comp points faster

 Instantly redeem points

 Free chips & in-game rewards


More about High Roller Casino Gambling…

Are you a high roller? What is a high roller? And what should a high roller look for in a casino site?

There are always more questions than answers, but we hope to answer these three questions and maybe a few more in our high roller casino guide.

What’s a High Roller Casino Player?

The origins of the term aren’t exactly defined in the definitions that we’ve found but they do agree that the term originates from dice games.

And what does it mean?

It means you bet a lot. Really it means you bet a lot of money consistently. Those guys in films set in casinos who get “comped” suites, private limousines, and jets by casino bosses are high rollers.

There’s an important lesson for players in that transaction.

Why do you think that “comps” or complimentary gifts are given to people who wager a lot of money at a casino? Surely those people are the ones who could make the most out of a casino by winning very big sums?

Nope. The people who bet the most are those who leave most money behind for the casino.

Betting is generally a losing game. This is a banal truth to state, but casinos, bookmaking companies, and online casino sites are successful businesses. That means that they make a profit. The profit comes from gamblers. Gamblers spend money in the form of bets. And they provide a profit because most of those bets lose.

So, if you bet a lot you will lose a lot.

High Roller Gambling is a risky business

This isn’t to say that you might not win a lot too. Gambling is a risky business, and the business is set up to provide that the vast majority of gamblers and the vast majority of bets will be lost.

It is the few that win big that keep players coming back for more.

The thing that everyone needs to be a successful high roller is a lot of money. There is no real way to plan to build a small sum into a large one via gambling. It might happen, but it is extremely unlikely.

This is why safe gambling procedures are so important. You should go into any game of chance accepting that it is entertainment and that you will probably pay a fee for that entertainment.

Please do make sure that you always gamble with your own health and wellbeing in mind. Never gamble with money that you can’t afford to lose; never gamble in order to make up money that you’ve lost; do not never gamble if you are in debt or trying to get out of financial trouble; don’t gamble if you’re intoxicated; don’t gamble if you’re in a poor mood, or to try to alter your mood.

As the famous slogan goes: When the Fun Stops, Stop!

We don’t apologise for reminding you of these procedures. Even if you have a lot of money it is possible to get into trouble with gambling. Keep an eye on your mood and your bank balance.

And then enjoy yourself.

Are You a High Roller?

As an essentially self-defined and almost completely nebulous term, you’re going to have to decide for yourself whether you feel like a high roller!

That’s not very useful, is it?

However, casino sites will also have an idea as to whether you’re a high roller or not, and it’s here that the term starts to take on some solidity, and starts to have some utility to you as a player and customer.

It’s good to think of yourself as a customer in the casino world, and it’s good to be an informed consumer too.

The fantasy image of the Las Vegas high roller is of a private jet arriving at McCarran Airport being met by casino staff with a private limo and whisked to a private gaming room, no doubt dripping with champagne, free food, and beautiful people.

And this is a fantasy that an online casino website would love to sell you.

The truth is that it is hard for a casino website to actually deliver on that fantasy.

However, regular, high-spending customers should be able to expect better levels of service, discounts and bonuses, and other extras in their relationship with a casino.

If you’re consistently spending decent amounts of money with a website and they’re not offering you any extras then you should take your business elsewhere.

It’s the level at which that extra service kicks in that is the issue.

How Do You Qualify as a High Roller?

The long and the short of high roller qualification is that you’ll need to spend money.

And here ends our shortest section.

High Rollers, Loyalty Programmes, and VIP Programmes

If you’ve spent much time in the online casino world you’ll have noticed the absolutely frenzied competition for new players.

The headline at every site, the splash page wherever you land, is for a welcome offer. This will give you a certain amount of money, usually the same amount that you deposit, as a reward for playing at the site.

New players are the lifeblood of any casino. However, a good quality site will do more than just attract newcomers – and you should be wary of any site that does only that. It will also offer a good programme of promotions and discounts to established players, not just to reward them for staying at the site, but to show that they are interested in a long-term relationship with you.

Whether you’re a high roller or not – and we’d advise players to keep their expenditure pretty low while you suss out a site – you should be able to expect something in return for your time and money that goes beyond the opportunity to shovel money into gaming machines.

Loyalty Programmes at High Roller Online Casinos

The most basic level of high roller programme isn’t in fact aimed specifically at high rollers.

Loyalty programmes will reward rollers high, medium, and low!

The key to these programmes isn’t usually the amount one spends, but simply the commitment to showing up and playing at a site.

We’ll have a look at an example of a loyalty programme, but first, we need to digress, with perhaps the most important section of our high roller casino guide:

Read the Damn Small Print!

Every casino offer comes in two parts:

The headline offer, says: “100% welcome bonus up to £200 and 20 free spins,” and,

The small print, for example: 10-times wagering requirement, bonus expires after one month, and so on and so on…

Read the small print. Please.

It might seem like a lot of trouble, and these things can appear complicated, but there is nothing more revealing about the casino industry and what it wants from you than the small print in any offer. Even if you’re a high roller and can afford to lose a lot of money, you owe it to yourself to know under what terms you are playing.

The small print on welcome bonuses is designed to tie you to a site for as long as possible. It gives you free money but demands that you spend many multiples of that sum of your own money before you can withdraw any winnings from the free money.

This is the aim of every casino site. To keep you playing, spending, and losing. (Famously, in the real-world Las Vegas casinos try to avoid having windows and clocks so that players lose track of time.)

This is fine as long as you’re aware of it and ready to go into this transaction with open eyes.

The same is true of a loyalty scheme. The scheme will reward you, but will also hope to get you to spend more money at the site. Let’s not pretend that casinos are unique in doing this, it is simply the way of capitalism.

An Example of a Loyalty Scheme

We’ve taken as our example 888 Casino as they are one of the biggest casino businesses in the world, and their loyalty programme is relatively simple and easy to understand. (This is not always the case.)

The loyalty scheme at 888 is called Comp Points, consciously echoing the “comping” of real-life casinos.

The headline offer is simple: spend money and we’ll give you some money back, in the form of loyalty points that you can redeem for gameplay.

The way this is represented introduces us to the first little trick of the casino site. The process is split into three parts in the headline offer: “1. Play Games. 2. Earn Points. 3. Redeem into CASH.”

Cash would be something you can withdraw from your account. This is not cash, it is a bonus fund that you must use to play games. So now let’s do what we ask you to do and READ THE DAMN SMALL PRINT.

First the value of Comp Points. When you wager £10, you earn 1.5 Comp Points. When you have 150 points you can redeem a pound’s worth of bonus funds. That gives us a fairly easy sum to work out that you need to spend 100 x £10 to earn £1 of bonus funds or £1,000 for a pound back. OK, it’s better than nothing, but you’re going to have to invest a lot here.

The Small Print

Now let’s get into the real small print.

This warns us that the rates we’ve just covered can be changed at any time by the casino. They can also take Comp Points off you and they will never be returned.

Conversion is done in multiples of 100, so you must reach the next round figure before you can convert your cash.

You must log in to your account at least once every 90 days or you will lose all your bonus points and comp points.

Betting with bonus funds (which 888 honestly calls “restricted funds”) will not count towards Comp Points.

If you earn more than 5 million Comp Points in a month you lose any extras forever. To put this in perspective, you will need to spend several million pounds to earn this amount of points.

The site also warns that all other conditions apply.

So that’s a loyalty scheme. You’ll see that you need to show quite a lot of “loyalty” in order to get much back in this scheme.

And that loyalty is shown by spending a load of money with the site and spending a lot of time there. It is – like all loyalty schemes – better than nothing, but it demands a lot of the player in return for not very much in return.

An Example of a High Roller Scheme

To earn really large amounts from a loyalty scheme like the 888 example, you already need to be spending at levels that amount to high-roller amounts by many definitions.

To be fair we’ll look at the 888 Casino high roller scheme too.

The first thing to note is that it is not called a High Roller Scheme. It is called the VIP Programme.

The other thing to remember is that 888 Casino are a very big, rich, international business, they have resources that not all sites have. Playing at big sites like 888 comes with some downsides, but when it comes to offers like this a small site will not be able to devote similar levels of resources and staff to such a scheme.

The 888 VIP Casino Club is the name of the scheme and its rewards are split into five sections.

The headline offer is simple: “exciting hospitality events, first-class promotions and personal account management tailored to suit your unique needs.”

The first part of the club offer is the VIP Promotions section:

This promises “rich rewards” from prize draws for big prizes, including tech, holidays, cash, bonus funds, jewellery, and all sorts of other goodies. Promotions like this will change quite regularly, so when you READ THE DAMN SMALL PRINT make sure you’re reading the most recent version.

On our visit the VIP Promotions were:

A Daily VIP bonus worth £1,200 that is shared out as 4 x £150 bonuses, 4 x £400, and 4 x £50 that are awarded to players at the Live Casino VIP Table.

There is also a Daily 888Xtra Bonus, which is a similar scheme offering random rewards worth a total of £750 in 12 amounts from £25 to £100 to players at the 888 Private Room playing blackjack.

Then there is a Daily Lucky 8 bonus that pays out with an extra £8 on wins on the number 8 (on bets over £8) on the 888 Live Casino Roulette in the Private Room every evening from 8 pm to 9 pm. All players who place a bet of more than £8 during a round when the number 8 pays out, get an £8 bonus.

The second section of the VIP bonus programme is an events timetable run by The 888 VIP Casino Club.

The qualification for these events is not transparently explained, so we’ll assume that it is by invitation for passing some unknown amount of spending at 888 Casino.

The events are indeed very glamorous. The most recent examples were – for UK customers – a trip to see a baseball game in New York, Bon Jovi and Mumford and Sons concerts in London, a full-on trip to Las Vegas, including helicopter tours, a trip to a Manchester City game, and many more sporting trips.

All of these events are really top class: concerts and sports fixtures involve VIP boxes, accommodation, food, and hosting.

VIP Loyalty Programme

Next, we have a VIP Loyalty Programme.

We’ve already seen the entry-level loyalty programme, and this is the gold-card version. There is a three-level set of rewards, VIP, VIP Gold, and VIP Platinum.

The standard level includes a welcome bonus, larger deposit limits, special promos, a weekly “appreciation bonus”, event invitations, a personal account manager, higher stakes tables, a better conversion rate on your comp points (50% higher), a support team, and a birthday present.

The Gold Level offers a very similar set of bonuses, all dialled up a tad, and with the addition of faster pay-outs, a new loyalty programme that rewards you for collecting certain numbers of Comp Points, better event invites, and an even better comp point conversion rate.

Platinum Level

Finally, we enter the Platinum Level.

The programme is very similar, but with the bonuses dialled up a little higher. Everything is advertised as being bigger and better, and there is a new level of Platinum Bonuses.

Next, we have a VIP Team. These are the people who manage VIP accounts, host at the VIP events, and also the pit boss for the VIP rooms. They are given nice little biographies so you know who you are talking to.

The last section of the VIP customer programme is the contact section. This offers a set of unique contacts for VIP members who can get in touch with staff on their own phone line, email address, and chat.

This is a valuable service, as being able to get your hands on Help when you need it is vital in the casino world.

An Invitation-Only VIP Service

The 888 casino VIP programme is invitation only. So, you spend enough money at the site and they will get in touch with you and offer you some goodies.

That is because you become a valuable property to the casino site.

Invitation-only programmes for high rollers are, to be frank, more likely to be legitimate than ones you self-select for.

High rollers are valuable to casino sites. They want to keep high rollers playing and are willing to pay in order to do so – on the understanding, remember, that the high roller will, in the long run, pay them much more than the trips to Wembley and the free gifts cost them.

So a scheme that you select yourself for is more likely to be an attempt to appeal to your vanity than a genuine high roller programme. That’s not to say it won’t offer you a good programme of rewards, and if you see one you should look into it. And, you SHOULD READ THE DAMN SMALL PRINT!

A good VIP or High Roller Programme takes a lot of resources to run. We’ve seen that the 888 scheme requires several staff people, dedicated facilities, and luxury boxes at stadiums all over the world. You are unlikely to find such a scheme at a small website.

The Truth about High Rollers

We’ll finish with some harsh truths about high roller status taken from the world of casino gambling out in the real world.

These three examples are the commonest high rollers you’ll see listed around the web.

Terrance ‘Terry’ Watanabe

Terrance ‘Terry’ Watanabe is an American and a famous high roller casino player. Watanabe was certainly a high roller who rolled high enough that he lost over $100 million in a single year (2007 was not a good year to ask Terry for a loan shall we say), and contributed a staggering 5.6% of the entire revenues of the world-famous Caesar’s Palace in that year. Terry was a Slots and Roulette man apparently.

Kerry Packer

Kerry Packer is an Australian media and spots giant, who earned for himself the title, the “world’s biggest gambler”. Stories of Packer’s wagering tend to focus on some big wins and his legendary generosity (like most of the rich, Packer inherited his wealth), but gloss over the enormous losses like the $30m he burned through in one night watching London’s roulette reels spin.

Anargyros Karabourniotis

Anargyros Karabourniotis who is also known as Archie Karas was a Greek who came from a poor background and used games of chance (and skill, he liked marbles reportedly) to earn a bit of extra cash as a kid. As a Vegas gambler, he famously turned the $50 he started with into around $40 million. This story seems to go against the gambling story we’re telling here. Until we add the final line: then he lost it all.

This is the truth of high roller casino play. You need a lot of money to do it. And you will lose a lot of money while you do it. That is the truth of gambling: games are set up to reward the casino in the long run and you cannot buck the mathematics of that, so if you have a lot of money you should enjoy your high-roller play but shouldn’t expect to turn a lot of money into an even larger amount of money.

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