9 Best Online High-Stakes Baccarat Games in 2024

Though Baccarat has been around for about 600 years, online high-stakes Baccarat has become super popular in the last decade or two.

This makes sense if you take a look at what it offers. There are more options available to players with bigger bankrolls, allowing you to take thrilling risks and win major cash—all without ever having to leave your home!

Now, you might have played the game in a brick-and-mortar establishment and learned to love either the standard Baccarat (Chemin de Fer and Banque), Punto Banco, or both. The differences between them are much more subtle when you move your gaming online, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t enjoy either just the same when facing your screen.

The only thing you need to know is where to go and which games to play to satisfy your high-stakes appetite. So, to spend time playing rather than browsing the Internet, we’ve visited a number of online casinos in the UK to find the best online and live high-stakes Baccarat games for you.

Let’s dive right in!

Top 3 Best Online High-Stakes Baccarat Games (In 2024)

#1. High-Stakes Baccarat from NetEnt

NetEnt Professional Series VIP high-stakes baccarat

While they don’t boast a huge variety in terms of mechanism, NetEnt is probably the developer that offers the most complete range of options. Their Professional Series includes Low, Standard, and High limit Baccarat games, and the same options are also available within the Punto Banco variation.

Their professional Series High Limit Baccarat, played with eight 52-card decks, offers you to stake between £10 and £1,000 and features a Return To Player (RTP) of 98.96%. There are no side bets included, just your standard gameplay which allows you to bet on the Player, Banker, or Tie. Even money is paid on Player and Banker bets (the latter minus a 5% commission), while Tie bets pay 9 for 1. NetEnt Professional High Limit Baccarat is available at Miami Dice.

Punto Banco Pro High Limit offers pretty much the same options, only it’s played with 6 decks and has an RTP of 98.92%. You can give it a try at SpinIt Casino or Spin Station.

Looking after high rollers, NetEnt has provided another variant called VIP Professional Series, which ups the bets to £100 minimum and £10,000 maximum. It also plays with standard rules, no side bets available, and comes with the same RTP as the High Limit game. If these figures satisfy your appetite better, take your cash and go play at Leo Vegas or Videoslots.

#2. High-Stakes Baccarat from Microgaming

High-Stakes Baccarat from Microgaming

Microgaming High Limit Baccarat uses eight standard 52-card decks and offers a bet range of £1 to £500. It pays 1:1 on Player and Banker bets (minus 5% commission), and 8:1 on Tie. The game can be played at SpinIt Casino, Casino Cruise, and Videoslots.

Microgaming Baccarat Gold starts at a £5 bet limit but goes only as high as the previous variant (£500). It does, however, offer additional bets, namely Player and Banker Pair, which are determined by the first two cards dealt to Player and Banker respectively. These two side bets provide a payout of 11:1. The game features amazing graphics and some interesting card handling animations that make it very realistic. For example, you’ll be able to peek at the cards by lifting a corner and then turning them over. While the History feature is not unique, Roadmap offers the opportunity for more advanced Baccarat analysis and includes Big Road, Big Eye Road, Small Road, and Cockroach Road. If this sounds like your cup of tea, play Baccarat Gold at 32 Red .

#3. High-Stakes Baccarat from Playtech

High-Stakes Baccarat from Playtech

Playtech Baccarat, available at Mansion Casino, is played with 6 decks and offers a bet range from £10 to £1,000. Available side bets include Player Pair, Banker Pair, Either Pair, Perfect Pair, Big and Small. Player and Banker Pair win if the first 2 cards that are dealt to the respective hand form any pair. To collect on a Perfect Pair side bet, they need to form a pair of the same suit. The Big bet wins if the total number of cards dealt between Player and Banker is 5 or 6, and Small bet if the total is 4. RTP ranges from 82.93% on Perfect Pair to 98.94% on Banker bet. The tie pays 8:1, while Player Pair and Banker Pair 11:1.

William Hill additionally offers Playtech Progressive Baccarat, which on top of the above side bets also features a bet that gives you the chance to take home a progressive jackpot. The jackpot is triggered when both the dealer and the player land an Ace and an 8, with all four cards of the same suit. If you get lucky, you’ll receive part of the jackpot fund in the proportion of your side bet to the maximum side bet. After the jackpot has been won, a new pot is started with the casino’s contribution of the base amount (seed), ensuring that even if you trigger it right after someone else has won, there’s still a decent amount to be collected.

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What Stakes Can You Play For With High-Stakes Baccarat?

If you want to know exactly how much you can wager with high-stakes Baccarat, unfortunately, there’s no one clear-cut answer we can give you. The truth is the amount can vary quite a lot from one casino to another and even among different tables at one casino.

One of the biggest factors that will determine how much you can wager is the type of variant you are playing – virtual or live high-stakes Baccarat.

When playing virtual high-stakes Baccarat, the range is usually somewhere between £250 – £1,000. Sometimes, on rare occasions, it might go as high as £5,000.

However, for the ultimate high-stakes Baccarat, you need to play at the live dealer tables. The highest Baccarat stakes can be found at William Hill casino with limits of £45,000 on the public tables or more at the private, invitation-only tables. The high roller live Baccarat tables at Leo Vegas come a very close second here, with limits of up to £35,000 per hand.

If you’re interested in Baccarat but prefer not to spend so much, check out our list of the best low-stakes Baccarat games.

How to Play Online High Limit Baccarat

Online high-stakes Baccarat follows pretty much the same rules as any standard land-based casino Baccarat. There are fewer rules than most other casino table games, so once you’ve got them down, it’s pretty simple to play.

Here’s a rundown of the basics:

In Baccarat, you have three options to bet on – the player, bank, and tie. Two cards are dealt with the player and bank each and whichever gets a total closest to 9 wins. If the values are the same – it’s a tie.

The player and bank in this game do not represent you – the player and dealer. This means that you don’t necessarily win if the player does. Instead, you win based on whichever option you’ve bet on.

Baccarat is usually played with 6-8 decks of cards shuffled together with the following values:

  • Ace – 1
  • Cards 2 through 9 – face value
  • 10, Jack, Queen, and King – 0

If the first 2 cards drawn total less than 5, the player draws another card. Once both hands are complete, they are compared to determine the winner – whichever total is closest to 9. If the total of the two cards is greater than 9, then 10 points are subtracted. So, for example, if the hand consists of a 5 and a 7 the total is 12. You would subtract 10 so the value of the hand would be 2.

If you’ve bet on the player and you win, you receive double your wager, but if you’ve bet on the bank, you only get 95%. The tie has the highest payout of 8-1 but has the lowest odds of winning and is therefore not recommended.

3 Best High Limit Baccarat Strategies


The Martingale is a very simple negative progression strategy. All you have to do is repeat the same bet each time you win and double it whenever you lose.

For example: If you bet £10 and win, you will bet £10 again. If this time you lose, you bet £20. If you win again, bet another £20. Keep this going for as long as you like.

This strategy has around a 50/50 chance of being successful. If you’re on a winning streak, you’ll receive quite a high payout. If, on the other hand, you’re on a losing streak, your bets will get very high quickly, possibly using up all your money right away. For this reason, it is considered a high-stakes Baccarat strategy and is most popular among the high rollers.


Almost the exact opposite of the Martingale, the Paroli is a positive progression high limit Baccarat strategy.

The player places an initial bet and simply doubles after every win or keeps it unchanged after every loss.

So if you bet £5 and win, you’ll bet £10 next. If you lose, you bet £10 again. With another win, you bet £20 and so on.

This is a far less risky strategy than the Martingale but, on the other hand, the rewards are also quite small (unless you’re on a long winning streak or placing very large bets).


This strategy is based on the well-known Fibonacci mathematical sequence. To get the correct sequence, all you do is add the two previous numbers to get the next one. For example: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc.

When using this high-stakes Baccarat strategy, you move up to the next number in the sequence after each loss and back two numbers after each win.

For example, if your starting bet is £10 and you lose, you’ll bet £10 again (since the sequence starts with 1 repeating). With another loss you’ll bet £20, then if you win, you do back to £10 (the first £10).

This is a really fun and dynamic strategy most popular with high rollers who are willing to take risks and have the budget to see them through.

6 Best High-Stakes Live Baccarat Games

#1. Evolution Gaming Live Baccarat No Commission

Evolution Gaming Live Baccarat No Commission

Evolution Gaming Live Baccarat No Commission is a game played with 8 decks of cards. The aim of the game is to predict whether Banker or Player will have a hand closest to 9. The round could also result in a Tie, which is the third main wager in the game.

Various side bets are supported, from Player and Banker Pair, Perfect Pair, and Super 6 to Player and Banker Bonus. The house loses the commission in this game on Banker wins and the Super 6 side bet but compensates by delivering a payout of 0.5:1 in the event of Banker scoring a 6. The Perfect Pair side bet pays 25:1 and 200:1 for two pairs.

Since Baccarat is associated with Asia, both the environment and the outfit worn by the dealer have a recognizable Chinese feel. The video feed takes up the entire screen and the digital betting area placed below appears and shrinks when necessary to allow a clear view of the bean-shaped table with bright purple felt.

The interface supports low, medium, high, or HD video quality, as well as game sounds and scorecard view adjustments. The table runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at Evolution Gaming casinos.

You can play it at Mr. Green Casino with betting starting at £1 and going up to £10,000. The RTP of the main game is 98.94% and lowers with the use of side bets.

#2. Evolution Gaming Live Speed Baccarat

Evolution Gaming Live Speed Online high-stakes baccarat

Evolution Gaming Live Speed Baccarat is a live dealer card game dedicated to those who are all about playing and not about waiting or contemplating their moves.

While a standard Baccarat round lasts over 40 seconds, Live Speed Baccarat counts it down to 27 seconds. This game is played at the speed of light and dispenses with multiple cameras, various angles, or the squeeze option. It is streamed from the company’s studio in Riga and uses 8 card decks. The betting window lasts only 12 seconds and the cards are dealt face-up.

There are additional features that make Evolution Gaming Live Speed Baccarat just as exciting as its regular variant. Players can choose between the classic and 3D views and adjust the sound effects to their liking. They can make use of the side wagers Player and Banker Pair, Either Pair, Perfect Pair, and Player and Banker Bonus.

To keep up with the streaks and trends of the hands played, the game offers roadmaps – Bead Road, Big Road, Big Eye Road, Small Road, and Cockroach Road. The table has the authentic, Macau-style bean shape with golden felt and you’ll see luxurious beaded curtains behind the dealer wearing a red lace dress. A feast for the eyes and one’s gambling-eager mind.

Live Speed Baccarat is usually played from £1-£15,000 per round, and you can find it in the lobbies of Mr. Green, Casino Gods, and Genesis Casino, among others.

#3. Evolution Gaming Live Baccarat

Evolution Gaming Live - Online baccarat

Evolution Gaming Live Baccarat is not always a go-to option for high-stakes play, but there are casino sites that offer higher-than-average betting limits on this particular product. The cards are dealt from a manually shuffled 8-deck shoe and the table can theoretically serve an unlimited number of players.

High-definition cameras deliver three different views of the live game. The round begins with a wide shot but switches to a close-up when the cards are placed on the table. The players have roads to follow if they wish to keep track of the results of the previous hands and try to implement certain patterns into their future decisions. Side bets are also supported.

Mr. Green Casino is particularly generous with Evolution’s Live Baccarat betting range, allowing a minimum of £5, and going up to a maximum of £25,000 per round.

High Stakes Baccarat Live

#4. Evolution Gaming Salon Prive Baccarat

Evolution Gaming Salon Prive - High limit baccarat

Evolution Gaming Salon Prive Baccarat is a dedicated private table launched by the company in 2018, hosted by a VIP specialist dealer providing a premium one-to-one service at selected casinos only.

By joining the highly elegant Salon Prive Baccarat game, you will be able to control the choice of dealer, the shuffle dynamics, and the speed of the game using the ‘Spin Now’ and ‘Deal Now’ buttons. Similar to the games in Macau, the player can request a “Free Hand” and the dealer will deal a hand with no bets placed.

One player at a time can access the table and, when occupied, the game shows “In use”, preventing other gamblers from observing or participating. The croupier, usually an attractive lady dressed in gold, will be 100% committed to your needs and if you want, you can take the game with you wherever you go, as it’s mobile-optimized. A VIP Room Manager will attend the session and make sure everything is in order at all times. Keep in mind that players are required to have a minimum balance of £6,000 to sit at the Salon Prive table.

Should you decide to go on this high-wagering adventure, Mr. Green will make you place a minimum bet of £500, with the maximum table limit being £15,000 per hand.

High Stakes Baccarat Live Salon Prive

#5. Playtech Grand Baccarat No Commission

Playtech Grand Baccarat No Commission - high-stakes baccarat

Playtech Grand Baccarat No Commission is a live dealer game played in an upscale-looking studio painted in gold. The dealer’s outfit also matches the surroundings and the whole sight is a big sparkling affair.

The interface is rich in features, supporting detailed statistics presented via the usual 5 Baccarat roadmaps. Other than wagering on the Banker, Player, or Tie, players can also place multiple side bets, like Banker Pair and Dealer Pair, Either Pair, Perfect Pair, Big and Small, and Egalite Extra.

Playtech Grand Baccarat includes interesting features such as auto-confirmation of bets and the possibility to hide one’s wagers so that other participants can’t see them.

We believe this one is an underrated gem and we recommend you try it out at Casino.com, where you can wager as little as £1 or as much as £5,000 per round. The game is also available at Betfred Casino.

#6. Playtech Prestige Mini Baccarat

Playtech Prestige Mini - Online high-stakes baccarat

Playtech Prestige Mini Baccarat is similar to Grand Baccarat in various aspects, but also comes with authentic features and a new interface complemented by an HD multi-camera format.

Visually, the studio is decorated to appeal to players who are fond of the traditional Asian vibe while they play their Baccarat hands. Red is the dominant color, both across the table and around it, while the dealers usually wear pink dresses. Prestige Mini Baccarat features a single betting position.

The game incorporates roadmaps, Bead Road, Big Road, Big Eye Road, Small Road, and Cockroach Road, allowing the last two shoes worth of results. Side bets are included, with the most interesting being the Egalite bet. You can make this bet whether or not you have placed the main bet and by doing so you will be betting on the specific value of a Tie.

Playtech Prestige Mini Baccarat is not always categorized as a high-stakes game, but we’ve found that its betting range at Mansion Casino is £5-£1,500, and that’s quite above average.

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