How I made £50,000 playing at Mr Green Casino

The dream of every casino player is to walk away with a big prize.

That’s not always a great or healthy way to look at casino playing. Take a look at any safe gaming guide and you’ll see advice that advises you to play because you enjoy the games, not because you want to make a load of money. And certainly not because you’re in financial trouble.

I’m the guy in the title of this article. I made £50,000 playing casino games at Mr Green Online Casino. I still play them too, but I do it in a safe way and one that doesn’t eat into my winnings. What would be the point of that?

So how did I do it?

Easily. I played and I got lucky. There’s no short cut to this, no secret, no strategy, and no tricks of timing or technique that can guarantee a win. You could do exactly what I did and win nothing. Or you could win 10 times what I won.

How did it happen?

Well, I’d never really played casino games, but it’s hard to avoid them these days. Gambling has never been more accessible. So, I thought I’d give it a go. But I’ve read enough to know that online gambling can cause problems, so the first thing I did was check out some reviews to make sure I was using a safe site. And then I made sure I was safe. I read up on how to gamble safely, and I set myself some rules: I would never play when I was upset, I would never play to chase money, I would just play for fun.

Mr Green Casino featured highly on all the review sites I read.

The site’s a bit different. What can I say? It’s got strong branding and it appealed to me. Checking out the site I could see that it took security and safety seriously.

I trusted Mr Green

Mr Green Online Casino

Now, I say I’d never really played casino games, but I wasn’t a true beginner, and I know what I liked. It wasn’t what I liked that changed my life though.

I always enjoyed blackjack. I think it’s a great game. I know that all games are games of luck, but Blackjack offers an element of strategy that I enjoyed. I didn’t card count or anything like that, but I enjoyed the fact that the game made me think a bit.

I started out playing the game as an arcade-style simulation. That was the only option. That didn’t mean there was no option, of course, and Mr Green has always had a load of choice whatever your taste in games is.

I played first-person games, and immersive games, and learned my way around side betting and all the different options on doubling down and splitting and quitting.

And I had a great time.

And, I didn’t win a great deal of money.

Now, I play live casino blackjack: I enjoy the standard game most of all. But I’ll also check in on roulette tables and baccarat if I feel like it.

And most of my bankroll comes from Mr Green!

That’s right, at blackjack, I was a very average sort of player, and like most players, I lost a small amount of money almost every time I played, and occasionally one. And I enjoyed myself.

And one day I thought I’d try slots…

Slots have never been my thing really. That’s partly my age. I associate them with sticky-floored pubs, and my mates wasting their money on them instead of getting a round in. But, they’re always there in the casino site experience, and eventually, I couldn’t ignore them any more.

I thought I’d start at the top and play a progressive, and Mr Green helped me out there, pointing me to a load of progressives, including daily drops.

And I tried my luck!

And Mega Fortune very kindly turned my stake into a networked jackpot prize of a little more than £50,000, which is just a fraction of what you can win on this massive prize game.

And I stopped there.

This was a lucky win. Won in a single session on only the third time I’d ever played slots. It could happen again, but it is monumentally unlikely to.

So what did I do with my winnings?

Well, a very small and controlled amount of them is spent on Mr Green’s live blackjack tables and sometimes at the roulette wheel.

Most of it though – and I’m ashamed at how boring this is – has been saved. I paid off what I could on my mortgage, and will do the same again next year, and the year after that, and I’ll have paid off my house before I finish with some help from Mr Green.

I haven’t done anything else exciting. I’ve maxed out my savings in ISAs, and building societies.

I have a little bit more leeway in my life. I have a nicer car now. I can buy better clothes and bigger brands. We eat out more. And I got a season ticket for my football team. I bet on them sometimes, but as they’re Cardiff City I don’t often win.

I can’t offer you any tips on how to match my success. There’s a lot you can learn from my experience though. That’s that you should play safely. And don’t worry about money. Don’t chase it. Don’t waste your time on strategies and plans. If you’re going to gamble, gamble what you can afford: no more than that.

And maybe you’ll get lucky! I played progressives because I fancied my chances, and I got lucky. Most games offer you prizes up there with the progressive I won, at least if you’re willing to stake a bit of money. But you have to be in the game to win it, and you have to play big prize games to win big prize games.

That’s what I did. I was lucky. You might be too.