It’s National Best Friends Day! To celebrate, let’s explore how to behave in a casino with friends

Casinos are open again in England! If you’ve never been to a casino with friends, you’re missing out. It’s a great night out…as long as you set some boundaries.

The first thing we’d advise you to do is to activate the gambling limits on your debit cards. Make sure that you can’t spend more than you want to because, let’s face it, once you’ve had a few drinks it’ll seem like a good idea to go over.

If your bank doesn’t allow you to set limits, then leave your bank cards at home and bring cash.

But we’re not here to talk to you about how you should and shouldn’t spend your money. We’re here to talk to you about how you should and shouldn’t behave when you go to a casino with friends, so let’s dive in!

Don’t act like you’re the big cheese or the next Edward Thorpe

Edward Thorp is a famous maths professor from MIT. He’s responsible for developing winning techniques for blackjack, roulette and baccarat. He made a lot of money that way and also through his book, “Beat the Dealer“.

Anyway, when you visit the casino with friends, you aren’t there to be the next gambling hotshot. You’re there for a good time.

More than that, though: many of the techniques (maybe all of them) in Thorpe’s boot, as well as some other “winning strategies” are illegal. Your friends won’t be happy if you get them kicked out of the casino, or worse, arrested.

Playing with friends will distract you: you won’t bring your A-game

Even if you do have a winning technique, or you’re serious about your gambling, going to the casino with friends isn’t the time to practice your skills.

It’s much harder to concentrate when you’re at a casino with friends. You’ll be invested in the social side of the casino, not just the gameplay. If you want to be serious in your play, it’s better to go alone or with one or two friends, and it’s better to stay sober, which probably isn’t happening if you’re in a big group.

There’s also the issue that your dealer is more likely to be sloppy when the people at the table are more relaxed. There’s less incentive for them to be fully on the ball because fewer tips are flying around and the atmosphere’s rowdy – it makes it difficult to concentrate.

Don’t let your mask slip

Anyone that plays poker knows that one of the most important skills to have is a decent poker face.

Do you know who can read your face well? People who know you best.

If you’re going to the casino with your friends, you have to be extra aware of your body language. Friends are much more likely to know your tells and when you’re pulling your poker face, especially if you have poker nights with them.

That means you need to pay extra attention to what you’re giving away when you’re sat at the poker table in a casino.

Friends will be able to call you out.

Make forbidden bets because there’s safety in numbers

Some bets get on other casino player’s nerves when you make them. One such bet is betting the “don’t pass line” in Craps.

With bets like that, other casino players can get annoyed with you so there’s some social pressure on you to NOT play them. But at the same time, those bets usually have better odds, and you’re more likely to win.

Plenty of people chicken out from making these bets because they’re frowned upon, but when you’re with your friends, there’s safety in numbers.

Who cares what other people think as long as your friends have your back? Now is the perfect opportunity to take some of those risks you wouldn’t usually take.

Try to take control of your inner speed daemon

It’s tempting to play fast when gambling. This is especially true with certain games, like slot machines.

Problem is, if you play fast, you’ll run out of money fast too and then you’ll be stuck at the casino whilst your mates are still playing.


You need to pace your play. Plan how long you want to stay at the casino and then work out how to spread your budget so that you’re playing the entire time.

Don’t get angry and turn into a table flipper when you lose

Are you the type of person who flipped the monopoly board when you were a kid? If so, you need to keep that part of your nature under wraps at the casino.

Casinos are notorious for bringing out the worst in people. It happens when you take it too seriously. You have to keep your play light-hearted and bottle that anger up to take out somewhere else (preferably the gym).

Getting angry like that in front of your friends is just embarrassing. If you get butt hurt, they’re just going to start thinking you’re a loser.

Happy Best Friends Day!

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Harvey Dickenson

Safe Gambling Specialist

Harvey Dickenson is our safe gambling specialist. Harvey is a recreational poker player and an expert in online casino safety, cons, and scams.

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