Indian Man Gambles Away His Own Wife

November 19th, 2019 1.00pm

Being good at gambling is something to be learned, and often this process takes a lot of time. In the meantime, you’ll probably end up losing more money than you hoped for, which in turn can lead to other problems.

Gambling itself is quite addictive and can quickly spin out of control, causing problems and arguments with your loved ones.

Using Your Wife as a Stake

We can only guess that one Indian man was sick and tired of arguing with his wife over his gambling, so he did what any reasonable adult would in his place: he gambled her away!

Binod Kumah Shah made the headlines all around the world after losing more than he could afford. The man from Banka in Bihar, India, offered to settle his debt with the help of his wife, Chanda Devi. This didn’t include borrowing money from her, but offering her up to another man!

After returning home, the unfortunate gambler woke up his wife and told her to get ready as the man who won her would come to pick her up in the morning. You can imagine the look on her face when her own husband told her she would be leaving their house with a stranger in a couple of hours.

Her Husband Has Even Assaulted Her

In a statement given to the police, she stated Shah told her the winner would be coming to take her, and that he calmly told her to be ready to go with some she had never seen in her life.

The already bizarre story gets an expected twist in the morning, when Shan, probably angry because his wife refused to leave with another man, assaulted her. And that’s when the poor woman decided that enough was enough, and went straight to the nearest police station, where she reported the whole thing.

Commenting on the case, Kumar Sunny, a senior police official said the investigation was underway. However, the wife hasn’t appeared at the station since the report was filed, and her testimony was a crucial part of the investigation. According to available information, Chanda Devi has in the meantime left her husband and moved back with her parents.

Beware of Your Family Members

But the latest event revealed that gamblers in the Indian state of Bihar had a long history of using and losing family members, and even themselves when gambling. An article posted an unusual story of a woman who lost herself to another man and had to spend two days with him. Another man, of equally poor gambling skills, has bet his three-year-old son… and lost!

Whether Shah will be prosecuted by a court of law, remains to be seen, but based on the previous cases, he won’t get a proper punishment. The father of the year, who gambled away his son, faced a harsh penalty of doing 50 sit-ups, although the article didn’t reveal if the boy was reunited with his father, of he has gambled him away later. But bearing in mind how three-year-olds can behave, it’s hard to say who really won the said bet.

However, as Shah will likely be charged with beating his wife, it could create several questions for the local and state authorities, not only in Bihar but on a national level. It looks like the government will need to address not only the issue of problem gambling but will also need to explain to its citizens that they shouldn’t use their family members to pay off their gambling debts.

If you like to gamble, please keep your activities under control. And for the love of God, don’t use your friends and family as a stake.


Gambling is quite addictive and can quickly spin out of control.