Indian Police Use Drones to Uncover Illegal Gambling Ring

April 28th, 2020 9.00am

Drones have long ceased to be a merely recreational device, and are currently being used around the world for a wide range of services. Armies used them for military operations, law enforcement agencies for surveillance, and they can even be used to deliver pizza.

Since many countries used lockdown to help stop the spreading of the coronavirus, they saw drones as the perfect way to enforce curfews or simply monitor the streets, increasing the use of these aerial vehicles.

Eyes in the Sky

One of the drones used by the Indian police has recently made the headlines, after helping the authorities in uncovering and illegal gambling den.

According to the statement made by the police, the drone was checking whether the residents were obeying the order to stay home when it spotted a group of people engaged in illegal gambling activity.

The local police were quick to arrive on the scene, arresting a total of 13 people. The group of illegal gamblers got together on the roof of a building, completely unaware that the local authorities were using drones as their eyes in the sky. This unusual event took place in the city of Karnal, in the state of Haryana.

One of the local police officers explained the authorities had been using drones to make sure people adhere to lockdown but would use them to battle illegal gambling activities. The police action was carried out on Wednesday, and the arrested gamblers will soon appear in a court of law.

Many countries use drones to target illegal gambling activities. Chine was one of the first to regularly use them for this purpose and has made several important arrests since their introduction to the police force. Their successful application in this area has further drawn the attention of law enforcement agencies around the globe.

Illegal Gambling Very Popular during the Lockdown

They have been in use by the police in other Indian states for some time now and even helped bust a gambling den last week in Bengaluru. Police successfully stormed the house, but many of those present there managed to escape. However, several individuals were taken into custody.

During the police action, some of the gamblers got so frustrated that they attacked a police officer. According to the information provided by the local police, 12 people attacked the policeman, but we don‘t know whether he was seriously injured. However, we know his colleagues managed to save him, taking the attackers into custody.

Speaking about this incident, one of the officers said the police were working on identifying all of the assailants. He also said the police action had been conducted after the authorities had received several complaints about illicit gambling activities going on in the area during the lockdown.

Two busts took place in Danilimda, in Western India, with the police arresting 10 people in an illegal gambling den, discovered during a patrol. The officers received a tip that someone was organizing illegal betting in Zaid Duplex, despite the fact the area was quarantined. In addition to illegal gambling charges, 10 individuals will be prosecuted for disobeying the lockdown. The police also seized around £500 in cash found on-premises.

Although these actions weren‘t conducted using drones, the fight against illegal gambling activities in India is sure to be taken to a whole new level in the coming period. Drones have proven to be an excellent surveillance device, and we‘re certain that more law enforcement agencies – all over the world – will decide to utilize them for routine patrols and keeping an eye on their citizens.



One of the drones used by the Indian police has recently made the headlines.