Las Vegas: A New Casino’s Coming to Town and There’s an Unexpected Twist

It came as a surprise to us given recent events, but a new casino is opening in Las Vegas and it could be ready by as early as October 2020.

You’re probably wondering why they’re opening a new casino. They have enough already; don’t they? But this casino comes with an unexpected twist…

…and it’s a surprising one because, if you’re anything like me, you probably thought many of the casinos were like this anyway.

STOP BAITING AND JUST TELL ME THE TWIST! That’s probably what you’re saying? Yep, it’s annoying when people do that, so I’m going to put you out of your misery now.

What’s the Unexpected Twist?

The new casino is childfree. It will be the sole “adult’s only” casino in Las Vegas. And – back to my earlier point about it being a surprising twist – did you not think that the majority of Las Vegas casinos were adult-only? I did.

But they aren’t adult only. All of the current casino resorts allow children, and they ARE allowed in the casinos too, but there are rules.

Children aren’t allowed in the game areas within the casinos – so they can’t hang around the poker tables or watch you lose their inheritance on the slot machines. They can walk through the casinos to get to different areas in the resort. Most resorts prefer children to be accompanied by an adult when walking through.

Childfree Las Vegas Casino

But with the opening of the Circa Resort & Casino in October, the new casino will finally create a childfree zone in the Las Vegas strip. I know this will come as a welcome relief for some visitors to the strip.

I know that if you’re reading this that you’re probably in the UK. In which case, your concept of adulthood probably starts at 18-years-old, but America isn’t like that.  For them, adulthood begins at 21 years old. As such, the Circa Resort is for those aged 21+.

What Can You Expect?

So now that I’ve revealed the unexpected twist, what can you expect when you visit?

The promoters are touting the new resort as a high-end casino with luxury amenities and a vintage décor that pays homage to the history of Las Vegas.

If you buy into the superstition of lucky number 7, then this is the perfect place for you to stay. With 777 rooms and the tower that tapers at 71o, the luck is sure to rub off.

Of those 777 rooms, there are plenty of styles to choose from, including bunk-bed rooms, which is odd when you realise that they aren’t children’s bunk beds.

But when staying in Las Vegas, you aren’t there for the room amenities. You’re there for the casinos and this one is big. Spread over two floors, Circa will house the WORLD’S LARGEST sportsbook, including a 78-million-pixel HD screen.

For sports and water fans, the crowning jewel will be the poolside amphitheatre. From the luxury of your sun lounger or in one of the swimming pools, you’ll be able to watch the biggest games of the season as they play on the giant 14-million-pixel screen.

They sure love their giant TVs!

Take Away

If you’re into sports and gambling, and you want a break from the kids (or just don’t like kids in general), then Circa Resort is the ideal Las Vegas destination for you.

An ariel view of Las Vegas at night - bright lights and neon.