Make Gambling Fun Again (MGFA)

One thing that makes gambling fun is the excitement you feel placing a bet. But if you’re a frequent or regular gambler, boredom can set in. Gambling no longer gives you that rush of excitement it did in the beginning.


This is a risky place to be. It can make you a bigger risk taker because you’re looking to recreate the rush that gambling used to give you, and that usually involves upping the ante.


When you’re stuck in a boredom loop, you can make gambling fun again. Some people do this by taking risky high-roll bets or staking assets that they can’t afford to lose. Sure, it might feel exciting, but, long term, it’s likely to lead to big problems and depression.


Here at online-casinos, we’ve come up with different ways that you can bring excitement back to your gambling habit – ways that are less likely to cause you problems.


It’s all about finding the twists and hooks that will take you out of your gambling autopilot. Autopilot happens when you turn gambling into a habitual behaviour. It’s how our brains work – we save brainpower and energy by turning regular behaviours over to our subconscious.


To make gambling fun again, mix it up. Here are a few ideas…

Inception: Take a Gamble on a Gamble

Whether you’re playing on the slot machines, the poker tables, or something else, you can take a gamble on gambling by placing a blind bet. Here, you place a bet without looking at your position first.


For example, if you’re bored with poker, don’t look at your hand before you place a bet. Yep, you might discover that you’ve made an incredibly embarrassing decision, and the people at the table might mark you as a whale, but it will get the nerves pumping.


The bonus is that move could give you the upper hand even if it’s a bad choice. If people get the impression that you’re bad at poker, you can use that to your advantage.


You can do this with other games too – try closing your eyes at the slot machines or when you’re picking out lottery numbers. Tailor this advice to whichever game you’re bored with.

Let the Universe Tell You How Much to Bet

Right, so this one can get out of hand if you’re not careful. Before I describe this technique, set yourself a maximum amount that you’re willing to lose on the bet.


The technique is to look for signs from the universe about how much money you should place on a bet.


For example, you look up and you see a lucky number 7 on the TV – that means your next bet should be £7. Oh, they just said it’s 2020 on the TV? That means you bet either £20, or £0.20, or £20.20, maybe £2020 if you’re a millionaire – whatever falls within your budget.

Pot Luck Mouse Pointer

This only works if you’re gambling online. Here, just close your eyes and move your mouse pointer around the page. After 30 seconds (or 10 or 60 – whatever), stop and see where it lands. If it lands on a game, that’s the one to play.


You can use our site to do this.


For example, visit the Games page, scroll to the part that says “List of Popular UK Online Casino Games”, wiggle the mouse pointer around and see where it lands. You can even take it to the next section. I just tried it and it landed on Online Keno. I navigated to that page, wiggled my mouse a lot (there were only two options so I had to exaggerate the movements to get a decent potluck), and it landed on 888.


The universe clearly wants me to play Keno on 888 casinos! One thing I like about this technique is that it can take you in completely new directions;  I would never usually consider playing Keno. In fact, I haven’t played it for at least a decade so that’s going to be fun because it’s new again.

Buy a Newspaper & 3 Grains of Rice

You’re probably wondering what sort of place sells 3 grains of rice. When I wrote it, I just thought the reader (you) could grab 3 grains out of your kitchen cupboard, but then I remembered a holiday I had in Morocco.


We visited a soux (Moroccan name for their markets) and there was a man engraving names on single grains of rice. I bought one and it was cool. I had that grain of rice for years, but it’s lost now. Back to the point…


…buy a newspaper and 3 grains of rice. Open the newspaper on the sports page and drop the grains of rice. The games they land on are the ones you place bets on. Make it even more fun by placing an accumulator bet.


You can use more or less than 3 grains, drop them on different pages, even use them to choose lottery numbers!


Personally, because I’m ‘sititious (like superstitious but less super), I think the personalised grains of rice are much more likely to be in-tune with the universe. You can buy them online at places like Etsy or learn how to do a DIY version on Pinterest.

Bet on the Next Football Shirt You See

Go out for a walk in a busyish area and look for people wearing football shirts. Place your bet on the first team shirt you see.


This can make some of you angry because you might end up betting against your team. Naturally, this is less likely to happen if you live in your football team’s town/city because most people won’t wear rival shirts.


This game probably works best in big cities, like London.


Alternatively, you could bet on any sports team you see first – a lot of people will wear baseball caps and basketball jerseys. That can bring a new level to your betting, and you might end up discovering a new sport!

Take Away

If you find yourself bored with gambling, and it’s leading you to take expensive risks to get the buzz back, then a new tack may be just what you need to make gambling fun and safe again.


I hope that the ideas above will help you do just that, but if not, read our article about how to get help when gambling becomes a problem.


A picture of a ferris wheel to represent gambling fun