Man Jokes He’ll Win the Lottery, then Wins £81k Jackpot in Time for Christmas

January 9th, 2023: We all joke about winning the lottery jackpot and laugh about our experiences. With a 0.0000034% chance of hitting the jackpot in a standard 6/55,  it isn’t surprising that some enjoy the experience. 

But for one man from North Carolina, winning the lottery became a promise, and it happened to the delight of his wife and family. 

Patrick Daniel of North Carolina, US, bought a £0.80 Quick Pick Cash 5 lottery ticket on December 7th and promised his wife:  “tonight I’m going to win the lottery.” And like clockwork, Mr. Daniels collected an impressive $100,000 payout!

A feel-good jackpot Christmas story

According to news reports, Patrick Daniels bought the ticket on the evening of December 7th. The bettor bought the ticket from the Tryon Food Store and immediately told his wife that he was going to be the winner. Despite the odds, Mr. Daniels believed in his lucky ticket and expected to win and receive the gift in time for Christmas. In a statement, Mr. Daniels said, “I told her, ‘Tonight I’m going to win the lottery.’ And then the next day, when he woke up, he learned about his win and described the feeling as ‘incredible’.

 Just a normal day

A day after buying the ticket, Patrick started the usual way. After waking up, he prepared lunch for his kids and went for coffee downstairs. While enjoying his coffee, he checked the lottery results and was shocked that his lucky numbers matched the winning combo for a jackpot worth $100,000 or £81,500. He then showed the winning ticket to his wife to confirm. Patrick matched all five white balls in the lottery to win the jackpot.

After confirming the results, he visited the Borth Carolina Education Lottery office at 2728 Capital Boulevard in Raleigh the next day to collect the jackpot worth $71,014 (£57,800) after taxes. When asked about his plans, Patrick said he would buy Christmas gifts for his family and save the rest of the money.

Another lucky win in the US

Patrick’s lottery win comes days after Ray Flowers Jr from North Carolina won a $1 million or £840,000 jackpot from a lucky scratchcard. According to Ray, he purchased the ticket at the Fuel Market on 110 Riverdale Road. Initially, he planned to buy the cheap scratchcard but decided to go for the Jumbo Bucks, and to his surprise, the ticket was holding a massive jackpot.

Tryon Food Store
Tryon Food Store, where he bought the winning ticket