Merkur Opens Gaming Venue in Spalding, Promises Low-Stakes Gambling

October 18th, 2022: Merkur Slots announces opening a new adult gaming venue in Spalding as part of the company’s nationwide £10 million investment plan. A division of Merkur Group, Merkur Slots initially faced rejection from the South Holland District Council’s Planning Committee but soon managed to get the green light from the planning inspector.

With the opening of the new gaming venue, locals can now enjoy low-stake slot machines that promise decent payouts of up to £10. In addition, players and guests can enjoy an extensive library of classic and premium slot machines with bingo and unlimited refreshments to keep guests happy.

An Investment for the Community 

The new gambling venue in the Spalding town center costs £200,000 to renovate and was part of Merkur’s investment plan. Initially, the plan to renovate the Hall Place store, formerly Dorothy Perkins, was met with opposition from the local planning community. But after a review by the planning inspector, the renovation planned pushed through.

In a statement, Merkur’s Chief Operating Officer, Mark Schertle, shared the company’s commitment to investment in the UK high streets. He added that through this series of investments, the Merkur Group would be able to “to support the local community and economy in Spalding” through the generation of new jobs. The company says that for every new venue they open, an average of 10 new local jobs are added to the economy.

According to Mr. Schertle, the company created 400 new jobs in 2021 and plans to generate another 600 jobs this 2022.

In addition, he shared that this modern new gambling center will provide players and casino enthusiasts with unique gambling opportunities.

Low-Stake Gambling that’s Highly Entertaining

Merkur Slots in Spalding is the latest addition to the growing list of gambling venues by Merkur. The gambling venue in Spalding offers its customers casino-style slot machines, including bingo games. The games selection available for players boasts low-stakes gaming, with jackpots of up to £500. Players and guests can enjoy an extensive selection of classic and new slot machines. In addition, the gambling venue also offers unlimited access to its refreshments. Also, the site is wheelchair-accessible, making it a friendly venue for many players.

Merkur’s Investments

Merkur has been aggressive in its efforts to stay committed to its investment program targets. Merkur also runs gambling venues in Lincolnshire and Bradford, Yorkshire. The company started opening new gambling sites and entertainment centers in May, with venues in Blackpool, Aberdeen, Crawley, Kidderminster, Taunton, and Rayners Lane, which generated 60 new jobs in the process.

Last August, the company also opened five new entertainment centers, with a total investment adding 50 new jobs to the local economy. Merkur Slot’s Spalding location is its 13th location as part of the company’s spending spree.