National Lottery Bidding Process Started, New License to Be Awarded in 2023

September 1st, 2020 4.00pm

The current operating license for the UK National Lottery is held by Camelot Group, and although it won’t expire until 2023, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has officially started the bidding process for the new one.

We can expect a fierce battle for the coveted license, as the UK lottery represents the fifth largest one in the world when it comes to revenue.

Launched back in 1994, the UK National Lottery has helped raise more than £41 billion for various charities. The new license, which will be the fourth one since the National Lottery’s inception, is expected to bring a new legal framework for players, but also higher revenues for both the lottery and those benefitting from it.

The Bidding Has Started

Neil McArthur, Chief Executive Officer at UKGC was the one to announce the start of the bidding process for the National Lottery license last Friday.

There will be certain changes in the new license, and one of them is a ten-year run. Camelot was initially awarded the license in 1994. Two additional licenses have been awarded since, while the current one set to expire in 2023.

According to the UKGC, we can expect certain incentives for the holder of the next lottery license. The purpose of these incentives is to encourage new investments in games and programs. The ultimate goal is to maximize lottery performance and to protect the brand.

A number of lottery operators, both domestic and international ones have received the UKGC Invitation to Apply. The document provides detailed information about the application procedure. The UKGC has stated the future holder of the National Lottery license will be announced in September next year.

Is Camelot Era Coming to an End?

During the 26-year history of the UK National Lottery, the sole holder of the operating license has been Camelot. At this moment, the operator is regarded as one of the favourites to get the fourth license.

Two years ago, the UKGC launched a program to draw the attention of foreign investors. The regulating body’s latest initiative is aimed at raising the lottery playing age to 18. Camelot supports this initiative, which represents yet another important change to the new license contract.

McArthur pointed out that the UKGC was looking forward to running a competitive process, especially as the regulatory body had been encouraged by the level of interest from other parties. The list of operators interested to get the lottery contract includes big names such as Scientific Games and IGT.

Numbers Tell the Full Story

Since its inception in 1994, the UK National Lottery has distributed more than £41 billion to charities across the country, supporting more than half a million projects. According to a statement made by the Lottery, these funds have been instrumental in changing people’s lives and contributing to arts, heritage and sports.

The National Lottery has so far financially backed more than 565,000 projects. Over the last 26 years, the National Lottery created 5,700 new millionaires, awarding around £75 billion in prize money.

Speaking about the latest license bidding, Nigel Huddleston, Minister for Sports, Tourism and Heritage, said the fourth license would secure the future of the National Lottery. According to him, this will be achieved by combining a safe playing environment with staggering cash awards.

Huddleston pointed out the upcoming license competition would help raise funds to benefit people in towns and cities around the UK.

Full details of the fourth license are yet to be revealed. According to available information, they will be given to the bidders in October, once they receive the UKGC approval.



We can expect a fierce battle for the coveted license.


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