Recent Developments in Online Casino Gaming


Online casinos enjoyed huge success and popularity during the first internet boom aroundthe turn of the millenium. With the explosion in online gambling many operators were keen to cash in and regulation was always lagging far behind meaning that online casinos were often run on a kind of honour code, being held to account by the power of player forums such as Casinomeister.

Since those heady days of yore, the land based casinos have hit back, forcing harsh regulations and prohibitions through many governments around the world. However with the latest growth in mobile casino gaming and ever more sophisticated ways of gambling on the go the industry is again enjoying something of a golden age, with sensible regulations now in place across the world with the notable exception of the US gambling market. Let’s take a look at some of the new casino developments that have taken root in the online gaming world.


Casino Developments: Evolving Bonuses

The use of bonuses to entice new players has also seen something of a shift. It used to be a case of bigger is better,with online casinos trying to outdo each other by offering the biggest sign up bonus possible, often matching thousands of dollars in deposits. Nowadays bonuses are more tailored to particular player tastes. For example a casino might offer a number of free spins on the slots games, offer a no deposit bonus where the player can try out some gameswithout risking their own money, while still having the chance of winning real cash. There are also cash back bonuses, loyalty bonuses and player referral bonuses, all of which mean that whatever way you prefer take advantage of signing up to a new casino you will find a way to make the most out of it.

One thing you will have to look for is that the terms and conditions for receiving bonuses are stricter than they used to be, you might have to wager up to forty times what you put in in order to trigger your free bonus. This is because online communities of bonus hunters began to appear early on in the online casino world – they would only be interested in the free money and would simply use that and leave. This is fairer all round as it is enough to give serious players a taste for the casino and still leave them with the free money once they have had a test run.


New Casino Developments: Multiplayer Experience

One of the most amazing developments in online gambling came with the online poker explosion early last decade. This provided unprecedented social interaction online and the building of many close online communities. Improvements in software mean that this social aspect has spread to other online gambling activities and you now have fully fledged interactive online casinos that are very much like the real thing, except you never have to leave your armchair. The only thing missing is someone asking you if you’d like another drink, but hey, maybe someone in your household can fulfil that role for you?

With real life graphics, sometimes live streaming dealers from real casino locations and multiple players from across the world playing at the same virtual casino tables, the online casino experience is a truly different beast from fifteen years ago where the casinos had very crude graphics and sound and were often little more advanced than Pac-Man. Of course those simple casinos are still out there for those who enjoy the retro-feel but most plump for the flashy graphics, live dealers and multiplayer experience offered by the latest cutting edge online casinos such as netbet . With online chat, either by text or through hooking up a microphone, true multiplayer casino gaming is now just a click away.


New Casino Developments: Mobile Casino Gaming

The biggest new casino development recently has been mobile gaming. Even a few years ago you were still forced to play from either your home pc or possibly a laptop hooked into a wifi hotspot, but what if you want to have a quick flutter on the blackjack tables while you’re on the bus? Or if you want to have a throw of some craps dice while sat on a bench in a shopping centre waiting for your partner to choose the right pair of shoes? These things are now possible with the explosion of mobile friendly online casinos, you will find that nearly every decent online casino has a mobile download option and every type of smartphone is catered for whether in be an iPhone, Android compatible phone or Windows mobile. I can tell you from personal experience that playing a few games of online slots from my smartphone while waiting for some friends to arrive at the pub is a lot more satisfying than wasting money on the fruit machine, and I don’t have to risk losing my seat while doing it.

One thing is for sure we can look forward to many more developments in the years to come with virtual reality 3D casinos set to be the next big thing. Watch this space!