New Online Casino Innovations in 2020

The online casino market is based on and booms via innovation. The world played the first online slots back in the 1990s.

Amazingly, a player from back then might still recognise some of the games we play and love today because one of the innovations of recent years has been a back-to-the-future boost for simpler, retro games that work well on mobile screens.

But the lesson of all lessons in the online casino industry is that nothing stays the same for very long.

If live casinos were the biggest news of the past couple of years what new online casino innovations are we likely to see in 2020?

1 – More competition

Launching a new online casino site is relatively easy. If you head to the site of one of the big producers of online slots, online casino games, and online casino software – and you’ve got a few resources – you can probably do it yourself now!

Sites can be set up quickly, as white label operations that operate as something like a franchise system in which the producer pretty much does everything for you, and you add your own branding and styles.

So we’re likely to see more sites arriving. And that means a more crowded market, and that means that sites need to keep showing players that they’re worth playing at.

That is likely to be most obvious in welcome bonuses, which are the prime differentiator at first glance, and the main way of advertising sites. More sites mean it’s harder to stand out, so you should look for an explosion in welcome bonuses that try to do something different and are particularly eye-catching because that’s what these bonuses are designed to do: catch eyes.

New Online Casino Innovations in 2020

2- Changes in Marketing of Casino Sites and Slots

The move to mobile browsing has put the internet in everyone’s hands. There was a time when you needed a computer to get the internet, so most people bought computers, but by no means, everyone, and computers required a certain amount of capital and even expertise to use.

Smartphones put the internet in everyone’s hands in a much more affordable and accessible way and made it a global phenomenon.

This has affected casino sites like everyone else. And eagle-eyed players will have seen the changes in the branding and marketing of some of the games and sites you use.

Games and gaming are much more international now. Most of us have spotted the change in the marketing of games based on East Asian cultures, from crude caricature to something less insulting and that can be enjoyed in those markets.

The same is true of a new brand of games aimed at women. You may have seen games with nature or natural themes, and even games that show women as role models rather than just sex objects! Now, we know it’s a crude generalisation to say that women like flowers and don’t like sports cars, but that’s the picture one gets from marketing.

Expect to see more of these games which aim to broaden the appeal of new online casino sites and slots in particular.

3 – The 5th Dimension

The mobile internet helped online video casinos to explode. And it’s got faster and faster, until, in 2020 we start to reach the age of 5G, simply the fifth generation of mobile tech.

This generation is, as you would expect, bigger, faster, and stronger than previous generations. The extent to which it’s a step change will be seen as it rolls out across the world. But it’s already in use across Asia, and will be coming our way soon.

You can expect mobile casino games to start to become even more sophisticated.

It’s also true that phone screens are getting larger, with more definition. This will see another boost to graphics and sound quality in mobile online video slots games.

It’s all good.

4 – The Cash Question

Cryptocurrencies go up and down and get labelled as bubbles all the time, but it looks likely that they are with us for the long haul now. In recognition of this financial authorities are starting to pull crypto into the legitimate financial system. This makes it easier and safer for online casinos to accept crypto and players should look to take advantage of this.

The chief problem for cryptocurrency as far as online casino sites are concerned was the difficulty in tracking it. It is a duty of online casino sites to track money laundering, so taking large amounts of an essential outlaw currency isn’t going to sit well with them.

The regulation will bring more cryptocurrencies into the casino world, and potentially we could see crypto-only casinos in 2020.

5 – The Gamers are Coming!

We mentioned earlier the somewhat antithetical “innovation” of simplicity in games aimed at mobile players. Smaller screens meant big, simple symbols, fewer symbols and super-simple controls made sense. We’ve seen how this will change with 5G and better screens, but players are changing too.

Young players want games with a skill element. Go to the sites of any of the big developers, who know what is coming down the track, and you’ll see this very clearly in the new releases. Players who have grown up playing sophisticated games that are built to make the most of history’s most complex electronic machinery don’t want to simply click a button and watch three reels spin. Or rather, they want that, but some of them also want more.

Expect gameplay to get more sophisticated and the interactive element to ramp up over 2020. Games will start to have more elements that ask you to make decisions or complete skill challenges, mostly in bonus games.

6 – The Real World and Change, Change, Change!

The Covid 19 crisis of early 2020 will change everything. (The first thing we should say is that we wish you, your family and loved ones, safety and good health.) It is already impacting the gambling industry, initially as the cancellation of live sports causes a drop-off in revenues for sportsbook sites. The changes it will bring in the end are unpredictable but could be wide-ranging.

And the same is true for the rest of this list. Predictions are a fool’s game, but it’s probably fair to expect the general motion of change to be towards more, bigger, better and faster because that is the way that tech generally moves.

Be sure you enjoy it all safely.