New Software to Detect Gambling Addiction: A First Look

November 29th, 2023: Despite the existence of gambling regulations and policies in the United Kingdom (UK), serious concerns about gambling addiction are still increasing. Reports suggest that many individuals are most likely experiencing this problem, while others are negatively affected by their close association. Experts say that many players may develop pathological gambling addiction in most cases, especially when they are chasing losses. 

Based on the Gambling Commission’s Gambling Behaviour 2015 to 2023: Quarterly Telephone Survey Trends Report, the gambling problem rate in the UK is 0.3%. Meanwhile, players with moderate and low risk of gambling-related problems remain at 1.2% and 1.8%, respectively. With these numbers, the industry calls for renewed efforts to help raise awareness of Responsible Gambling. One of the popular initiatives for the UK betting industry is the Safer Gambling Week observance. Now, another help is needed after one company announced the launch of groundbreaking software capable of monitoring players’ betting behavior.

Early detection of problem gambling

DigitalEjis is a UK research and development company with a strong focus and commitment to providing a safe and entertaining gaming environment. It has recently launched its new software for early detection of gambling problems.

According to DigitalEjis CEO Ian McLoughlin, the company feels the ethical need to provide casino operators with instruments to protect players’ rights. In collaboration with scientists and partners, DigitalEjis takes a big step towards player protection. The DigitalEjis comprises more than fifteen professionals from top neuroscience and psychology universities. After several years of studying gambling addiction, the team has come up with an innovative solution to detect gambling addiction. 

The newly developed predictive system offers unique features allowing early detection of compulsive gambling behavior. It promises an 85% prediction accuracy, which makes it a big help to players and operators. In addition, operators will be able to help players to prevent mental health deterioration. The software digitally delivers professional intervention to aid players in gambling trouble.

According to DigitalEjis’ CMO, Francesco Gaziano, the assessment of players will be done without interfering with the crucial aspects of the operators’ business. The gambling addiction prediction software will function on behalf of the operators. 

Detection software- A game-changer in addiction science

Lead Scientist Dr. Aleksandar Matic stated, “This tool is a game-changer in addiction science, merging advanced algorithms, data, computational neuroscience and psychology insights. He added that it is the only way currently available for accurate prediction of gambling addiction before an individual places a single bet. Furthermore, it helps enable proactive measures towards a healthier society.

Angela Gemma, DigitalEjis’s general counsel, emphasized the importance of player protection as a sensitive issue. The ultimate goal of DigitalEjis is to provide a tool that allows accurate prediction and prevention instead of diagnosis only. 

DigitalEjis takes pride in its new software, which significantly impacts UK players. It is committed to making a significant impact on the UK gaming industry through a proactive and innovative approach to safeguard players from potential gambling addiction.

Besides predicting addiction, the software tracks the betting activity of players in real-time. This means the operator can proactively play a crucial role in stopping the deterioration of players’ mental health.