No Ban for Loot Boxes According to UK Authorities

August 25th, 2022: Loot boxes have become a controversial concern for many industry stakeholders. And there’s an increasing chatter in the last few years that a ban may be coming soon. The main reason for possibly banning loot boxes in mobile games is its association with gambling problems. Some say that by introducing loot boxes, players may spend more than just enjoying video games. Since loot boxes require players to play in-game purchases of items, some regard it as a form of gambling. 

But with the current environment and stakeholders’ feedback, a ban on loot boxes may not happen soon. Operators are now offering loot box transactions relatively straightforwardly and transparently. In addition, these video game bundles ensure players’ satisfaction throughout the gameplay. With transparent transactions and players enjoying better gaming experiences, some individuals expect that this service will continue.

What are loot boxes in games? 

Lootboxes in games usually come in bundle offers containing one or more items that can be used in-game. Some of the mobile games that have loot boxes are Mobile Legends, Overwatch, and Call of Duty. These games feature loot boxes where players are allowed to spend money to unlock in-game rewards. They are also used to level up or complete missions and unlock more items. In addition, some players consider paying for loot box microtransactions as an easy way to get attributes and rewards. 

Players can use loot boxes for cosmetic purposes or as paywalls. Decorative items do not directly affect the gameplay and are used only for the player’s satisfaction. Items may include player avatars, costumes, and skins. But take note that none of these items affect your gameplay. Instead, these items aim to enhance the looks of your characters.

Pay for loot boxes to enhance gameplay

If you wish to level up and complete a mission at a faster pace, then you can opt to pay for loot boxes. You can collect more items by spending a certain amount of money. Paywalls can have a direct effect on the gameplay. For instance, in Mobile Legends, they can purchase character skins to make their characters look fantastic. These skins don’t just improve physical attributes but also enhance the power attributes of the character within the gameplay. Character skins may come in a trial period where you can use them for free for a limited period. After the trial period, you must purchase the skin if you wish to apply it to your character. 

Loot boxes are here to stay for now

Overall, players in the UK can continue purchasing loot boxes to improve their in-game experiences. Loot boxes benefit players by allowing the purchase of digital items in packs for a certain amount using real money currency. 

Despite the gambling-related concerns associated, the UK will not likely ban these game features as it enhances players’ experience. Players can continue the fun with the continued offerings of loot boxes for mobile games like Mobile Legends and Call of Duty. It means engaging gameplay for players while improving their in-game skills through loot boxes.