Player Sues Las Vegas Casino After Roulette Ball Hits Her Eye

October 9th, 2023: The classic roulette is one of the popular offerings in top physical casinos, including in Las Vegas. When you visit these casinos, you’ll find the roulette tables drawing crowds, all entertained and thrilled by the entertaining spinning of the roulette wheel and the roulette ball. The random action of the spinning roulette ball adds a layer of entertainment to each betting round. 

But in one Las Vegas casino, something scary happened to a player. According to reports, a wayward roulette ball that popped out of the wheel hit the player’s eye. The Las Vegas player, Dalease Brown, is now suing the Gold Coast Casino Hotel in Las Vegas for $15k in damages. In the suit, Brown argues that the dealer rolled the roulette ball “at a negligent and unsafe speed.”

Spinning roulette ball ‘gone rogue’

In roulette, the attention is on the spinning ball as it moves around the wheel and slowly settles in one of the slots. But for Brown, her stay near the roulette table led to an unforgettable experience and serious injury. According to reports and the complaint, the incident happened at the off-strip Boyd Gaming property on October 28, 2021. Still, the case was only filed last September 25, 2023, in Clark County’s eighth judicial district. 

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the marble ball ricocheted from the roulette wheel and struck Ms. Brown’s left eye at a high rate of speed, severely injuring her. According to Brown, the incident left her with “severe” eye pain and “permanent” damage to her vision. Most roulette balls weigh between 17 and 18 grams and measure three-quarters of an inch. Security on-site filed an incident report, and she took herself to the hospital afterward for medical assistance.

Other reported incidents involving the rogue roulette ball

This isn’t the first time that a roulette ball went out of control and hit a player. IN 2013, a Washington DC resident sued Maryland Live Casino for injuries after he claimed that a roulette ball became airborne and hit him just above the eye. 

In the lawsuit, Leander Stocks claimed that while playing the roulette, the dealer operated the device ‘negligently’, which caused the wheel’s ball to become airborne and strike him just above his eye at high speed. Stocks said the incident left him with a contusion and other injuries. In the filed complaint, he mentioned that the casino security guard took him to a private room to receive assistance and was administered a substance, which he later claimed caused further harm and discomfort. 

The report further shared that Stocks experienced blurred vision, increased pain, discomfort, and overwhelming disorientation after receiving the unauthorized medical procedure. According to the filed complaint, Stocks asked for $300,000 in damages plus interest.