Playtech Live Signs the Iconic Family Feud Franchise Deal with Fremantle

November 16th, 2023: Game software leader Playtech announces its exclusive worldwide deal with Fremantle to develop a Family Feud live game show franchise. This partnership is expected to transform the iGaming landscape, particularly the rapidly evolving live casino section, where Playtech is a leading supplier. According to multiple reports, the agreement covers the US market, with the UK Family Fortunes IP as part of the partnership.

Another milestone in the live gaming market

Many online casino games have recently integrated classic films as their game theme. It is a noticeable trend that has emerged in the live casino industry. One example is the ‘The Godfather’ slot game first introduced in Michigan. Now, another leading studio is joining the bandwagon with a live dealer interpretation of the iconic Family Feud gameshow from Playtech. This legendary family game show, created by Mark Goodson, is a classic American TV game involving two families competing against each other as they answer survey questions.

Edo Haitin, CEO of Playtech Live, said in a Playtech news release: “This partnership with Fremantle is a game-changer. By integrating the iconic Family Feud franchise into our offerings, we are bridging the worlds of game show entertainment and online gaming, promising our users an immersive experience.” 

Haitin added that the recent deal bridges the world of online gaming and game show entertainment, promising clients an immersive experience. The ultimate goal is to provide the best possible entertainment experience.

Fremantle and Playtech Live: Game-changer partnership

Fremantle is a popular powerhouse on the global entertainment scene. It provides multi-genre intellectual property covering the biggest entertainment television formats, documentaries, and award-winning films. Some of its famous creations are The American Idol, The Price is Right, Press Your Luck and The X Factor. It expands its operations in different countries across the world. Since Playtech is now growing its operations in different parts of the world, its new product is expected to reach a wider audience, including the US.

Erica Gadecki of Fremantle SVP Partnership Solutions said, “A collaborative effort with Playtech on the iconic game show Family Feud is how Fremantle continues to deliver unparalleled entertainment in today’s market.” Fremantle emphasized that Playtech’s Live platform leads to a perfect expansion opportunity to the interactive entertainment landscape while the Family Feud legacy is continued. 

Playtech Live is one of the largest providers of live dealer content in Asia and Europe. The renowned supplier boasts an immense portfolio of live roulette, baccarat tables, blackjack, poker games, and live game shows. It is known for its strong network of partners in continued search for new growth and development opportunities. As part of its expansion strategy, Playtech has added two more destinations to its map of markets as it enters Georgia and Armenia. 

Playtech Live’s acquisition of worldwide rights to the legendary show Family Feud in the fast-growing casino market is a big step. The recent collaboration with Fremantle solidifies the timeless appeal and entertainment value of the Family Feud while keeping live casino players entertained and rewarded. Meanwhile, Playtech distinguishes itself as it ventures into less saturated TV formats in the online gambling market. 

Harvey Dickenson

Safe Gambling Specialist

Harvey Dickenson is our safe gambling specialist. Harvey is a recreational poker player and an expert in online casino safety, cons, and scams.