Most Popular Online Casinos in the UK

Unlike poker sites, online casinos do not publish player data such as how many players play every day, every week, every month or how many players have signed up in total. The true figures are usually a  secret as they would prove invaluable to competitors. However using a combination of factors it is possible to get a close approximation of these secret figures. The result is a comprehensive list of the most popular online casinos in the UK.

Most Popular Online Casinos – player data ranks

Not only is this data useful to casual surfers and industry regulars, but online casino players will also find this useful as popularity is an excellent indicator of a casino’s reputability, security, and overall quality – there’s no better judge of online casinos than online casino players.

Popular casinos

How We Made The Popular Online Casinos List

We have used a combination of Alexa data, Compete Pro data, business statements from publically listed companies and insider information to create the first list of popular online casinos ranked by popularity and number of players. Online casino signup data, monthly players and daily players are the principle categories.

We were provided with player data for two UK online casinos from an inside source. Some player data was also available publically from companies listed on the stock exchange. We then cross referenced this with traffic data from Alexa and Compete Pro and other readily available information such as how long the casino has been online and developed a formula we could then use to calculate the private figures for the remaining online casinos in the UK.

The data pertains to UK online casinos principally serving UK players. Figures represent the subset of customers who are based in the UK and do not include international players.

UK Online CasinoTotal Number of Players   Active Monthly Players   Active Daily Players   Online Since   

888 Casino
#1 Popular UK Casino

William Hill
#2 Popular UK Casino

#3 Popular UK Casino

#4 Popular UK Casino

William Hill
#5 Popular UK Casino

#6 Popular UK Casino

Spin Palace
#7 Popular UK Casino

32 Red
#8 Popular UK Casino

#9 Popular UK Casino

Mansion Casino
#10 Popular UK Casino

Betfred Casino
#11 Popular UK Casino

Paddy Power
#12 Popular UK Casino

Popular Online Casinos Table Disclaimer

Please note that the popular online casinos table does not reveal which sites the leaked data came from in order to protect the sources. The other figures are based on a highly detailed formula using the figures provided by the insiders such as how many players are registered, how many players play on any particular day of a given month, with the figures averaged out over three years to give a typical player value for each day of the month, as well as seasonal trend data. However they remain approximations and cannot be considered definitive numbers. In order to protect the sources all numbers have been rounded down to the nearest thousand.

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