7 Progressive Jackpot Tips to Try Out Today (& Where to Play!)

If you’re willing to play and win big, progressive jackpots are just what you’re looking for. 

But spinning progressive slots isn’t just about the money. Alongside a generous jackpot, progressive jackpots offer a fun and exciting gameplay.

Want to maximize your probability of winning the jackpot while having the most fun? Read along and learn exactly how to do it with our 7 progressive jackpot tips!

What Is a Progressive Jackpot?

Simply put, a progressive jackpot adds a little portion of each bet to its final payout every time players spin the reels without winning the jackpot. 

Most progressive slots don’t have an upper limit. The amount simply continues to rise until a lucky player strikes the jackpot and wins the whole reward. 

While a single progressive slot can exist, it’s more frequent to have a collection of slots with the same title that share the same prize. Such slot collections enable more players to spin these slots simultaneously, allowing the progressive jackpot to grow much faster.

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7 Progressive Jackpot Tips 

Before you spin the reels, check out these 7 progressive jackpot tips to make the most out of your gambling experience:

#1. Set a Betting Limit

Setting a limit to how much you’re going to bet on a progressive slot is one of the most important progressive jackpot tips. It’s also the key to safe gambling AND having fun while gambling!

In short, you want to determine the maximum amount you’re willing to bet for each gaming session. You should feel comfortable with losing this amount in case luck isn’t on your side. 

Setting a betting limit helps you stay responsible while gambling and prevents you from losing more than you can afford. Ultimately, this allows you to relax and have the most fun while spinning the reels.

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#2. Pick the Largest Jackpot

Let’s be honest – the most attractive feature of progressive jackpot slots is the jackpot itself. As such, you don’t want to spin the first progressive slot you come accross.

Instead, take a look around and explore your options to determine which of the numerous progressive jackpots is the largest. Even if you don’t strike the jackpot, this makes for a thrilling gaming experience. 

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#3. Check Out Payout Rates 

Payout rates simply define the percentage of your bet that goes to the jackpot. For example, if a progressive slot has a payout rate of 82%, it means that if you bet £10, £8.2 go to the jackpot, while the rest goes to the casino.

So, if you’re looking for progressive slot tips to maximize your winnings, you definitely want to choose a progressive slot that has a high payout rate. This way, if you’re lucky, more of the money you’ve bet on the game will return to your account.

Maximize Jackpots like Mega Joker, for example, are some of the slots with the high payout rate of about 99%. This means that only 1% of your wager goes to the casino.

#4. Determine Your Playstyle

If you’re looking to make the most out of a progressive slot, one of the greatest progressive jackpot tips is to determine your playing style. Some progressive jackpots offer one massive jackpot, whereas others offer multiple small ones that are easier to win.

So, consider which excites you more: winning one large prize or several smaller ones. Once you know the answer, choose a progressive slot that fits your playstyle.

#5. Read the Terms and Conditions 

Progressive jackpot slots and games are not all created equally. As the old saying goes, the devil’s in the details, and when it comes to progressive jackpots, it couldn’t be more true.

Before you spin the reels, take the time to thoroughly read all of the guidelines and fine print. Otherwise, you may not get paid out as much as you’d like. And, in the worst case scenario, you might risk losing big money.

#6. Don’t Be Hard on Yourself

If you want to have fun while spinning reels, this is one of the best progressive jackpot tips for you.

If luck isn’t on your side, don’t worry! You don’t have to blame yourself. Sometimes, it’s just not your night. You have to understand that progressive slots are all about luck, and that leaves little to nothing in your control.

Therefore, before you play, be prepared to lose. If you set a betting limit and go in just to have fun, you can relax and enjoy your time instead of worrying about losing money. Not to mention, when you don’t put too much emphasis on winning, striking a jackpot can be a great surprise!

#7. Read the Reviews

Even if you play just for the fun of it, you still want to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing progressive jackpot slots and online casinos. After all, you’re putting your money on the line, so you want to do it responsibly.

As such, one of the best progressive jackpot tips is to read online reviews from people who actually got to experience and play the game. This way, you can easily tell whether a progressive jackpot is worth playing or not without wasting your money and time.

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3 Things to Keep in Mind When Using a Progressive Slot to Play

Now that you know the best progressive jackpot tips, here are 3 more things you should keep in mind when playing progressive slots:

#1. Multiple Smaller Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are connected across numerous online casinos. Because of this, hitting a big win generates a significant fuss in the gambling industry. Believe it or not, some players would rather retain a low profile. Local four and five-figure progressive jackpots are generally more appealing to them.

Multiple progressive jackpots are available in progressive slots such as Cosmic Fortune, which gives you the following jackpot options: 

  • Rapid – £85.24
  • Mini – £426.20
  • Midi – £1072.50
  • Major – £24,419.88
  • Mega – £34,463.63 

Such games aren’t your typical single progressive jackpot game, which results in a unique gaming experience. On one side, they give you more possibilities to win the jackpot, on the other side, however, it often isn’t as thrilling as playing for a single £3 million jackpot.

progressive jackpot tips

#2. Play Safe and Have Fun

Get with your feet on the ground – there is no way to improve your chances beyond the odds that have already been set. When you play the slots, you should never treat it as a cash cow. At the end of the day, you can’t make a living from spinning slots.

The secret is to play play for entertainment. Too many people pin their hopes on winning big and when they lose, they throw more money chasing the dream. Ultimately, that’s a sure-fire way to become one of the biggest casino losers.

#3. Calculating The Best Progressive Slot to Play

Even though progressive slot payouts constantly change, there is a way to keep track of the statistics. 

The method is based on calculating how frequently a given game pays out its large jackpots, as well as how long it has been since it has been paid out. It may seem serious and scientific, but it just takes a few minutes. It will give you the impression that the chances are stacked in your favor. It transforms the game from sheer luck to (somewhat) calculated skill.

Progressive Jackpots FAQ

#1. How Do Progressive Jackpots Work? 

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot, or a prize that becomes larger every time the game is played but isn’t won. 

When someone wins the progressive jackpot, it resets for the following game to a fixed amount and then continues to grow according to the same rules.

#2. What Are the Odds of Hitting a Progressive Jackpot? 

Generally speaking, the odds of winning a large progressive jackpot start at roughly 50 million to one and increase from there. 

For this reason, we recommend that you select slots with a high RTP. At the end of the day, though, slots are completely random, so you can only rely on luck.

#3. What Is the Most Famous Progressive Jackpot Game? 

One of the most famous progressive slot games of all time is certainly the Megabucks slot at Excalibur Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. In 2003, they registered the biggest ever win of $39.7 million.

#4. Who Pays Out Progressive Jackpot Winnings? 

It actually depends on the amount of the payout

Usually, casinos pay out the smaller jackpot winnings themselves, whereas software providers typically contribute to paying out the bigger ones.

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