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UK Casino Promotions Guide

Welcome rational readers! Why rational? Because you’re here after free things. And free things are good.

In fact, free things are so good that you almost never see them from rational businesses. And casinos are rational businesses whose job is to make a profit from its customers, which is you!

So we’ve got a rational guide to UK casino promotions and bonuses that will encourage you to make the most of these attractive little baubles while having a realistic view of what to expect from them.

We have a comprehensive guide to the most common type of casino bonus, the welcome bonus, elsewhere on the site, and if you’re a rational gambler we, of course, recommend you read it as soon as you’re finished here.

UK Casino Promotions: Realistic Expectations

Nothing we say here is intended to put you off enjoying online casino gambling. Neither is it intended to suggest that there is anything illegitimate or illegal going on with casino bonuses – we only recommend licensed, legitimate sites here, and none of those will try to scam you.

However, it’s important to have a realistic expectation of what a casino bonus means to the player and to have the patience and wisdom to do more than just accept a headline offer without reading any of the small print.

What we will explain here will save you a lot of time going through very similar terms and conditions on casino bonuses, but to be a safe, sensible, and successful player you need to give yourself the time to at least take a look at the small print.

Ask the Obvious Question

The obvious question we would like you to ask, is “what’s in it for them?”

If someone came up to you on the street outside a shop and said, “here’s £20,” you’d wonder what the catch was. Almost certainly you’d soon find out that you could only have that £20 if you spent it in the shop they own.

There’s nothing wrong in that, it’s a perfectly legitimate way to promote a business. But you must remember that casino promotions are designed to turn you into a more valuable customer from the casino’s point of view.

That means a customer who spends more time – and therefore more money – at their site.

Games at legitimate casino sites – like the ones we recommend – are legitimately fair and random. You really do have a chance of winning a very large sum of money on a single spin or turn of a card. However, that is very unlikely. The maths doesn’t lie, and for most players, the casino will expect to make a small profit from what you spend at the site over the long term.

So when you see an offer, ask yourself if the purpose it serves for the casino – getting you to spend more time and money at the site – also serves your purposes as a player.

What’s On Offer?

The online casino market is busy, with new entrants coming in all the time, but like any market, it also tends to move in packs.

This means that bonuses do tend to cluster around market standards of size and type. Shopping around is always a good practice as a consumer in any market, but you will likely find that most bonuses offer fairly similar benefits.

This is even more of a problem in an industry like online casino slots sites where big companies run huge networks of sites that are badged and branded differently while essentially offering the same service.

What can we say? It’s late-stage capitalism!

Here are a few of the most commonly offered UK casino promotion, what to expect to them and how to assess them:

The Sequenced Deposit Bonus

Welcome bonuses are rarely simply welcome bonuses. They’re usually, welcome-thankyou-for-giving-me-some-cash bonuses.

It makes sense. No-deposit bonuses are rare because they make very little business sense.

Beyond that tempting welcome bonus, you are likely to find a number of sequenced deposit bonuses. This serves a number of purposes for the casino – remember, this is what you should be looking at.

It allows them to tie you into the site for longer. Once you’ve deposit more than once you’re much more likely to keep coming back.

It also allows them to put a bigger headline figure on the welcome offer.

You should look out for declining percentage bonuses as the deposit sequence goes on, and also assess if it’s worth your while to max your deposits in order to earn that bonus.

Timed Deposit Bonuses

If depositing at the start of your relationship with a casino site is good for the casino, then encouraging regular depositing behaviour is even better. Human beings – as you’ll no-doubt know – are too often creatures of habit.

A casino wants to get you into the habit of putting your cash in their accounts.

So once you’ve signed up and they’ve got your email address you can expect plenty of invitations to put more of your money their way.

Weekly deposit bonuses are common. The percentage bonuses are rarely the spectacular figures – 100%, 200%, 300% – that one sees attached to welcome and first sequence deposit bonuses, but even if they’re limited in ratio or absolute scale – say a maximum of £10 for £10 – they are still worth considering.

Of course, we’re advising you to read the small print, so here we need to check the most common – and the most unpopular – item in that small print:

UK Casino Promotions: What the hell are wagering restrictions?!

Seeing the offer of “free cash” gets you all excited. That’s what it is meant to do. We’ve said that we don’t consider casino promotions to be illegal or illegitimate. However, we aren’t so naïve that we think they’re an entirely honest thing – the front page, headline offer very much promotes the idea that a player will be given money to use at the casino as they see fit.

It’s only in the small print that the restrictions lurk!

The usual restriction is called a “wagering requirement” or sometimes “play-through”. This figure is a multiple of your bonus – sometimes your bonus and deposit combined – that you must spend at the site before you can access bonus funds or money earned with bonus funds.

Bonus funds are commonly stored in a separate balance. Check the terms and you will usually find that any funds given as a bonus or won with bonus funds are treated in the same way.

To plan your play and depositing you need to know how that balance will be treated.

For example, will wagers be taken from your “real cash” balance first?

Will wagers made with your “real cash” balance count against the wagering requirement?

Is there a limit on the size of bet you can make with your bonus funds?

What is the “weighting” of various games for wagering requirements? (This is another unpopular rule that reduces the amount that some games contribute to meeting wagering requirements. Of course, the most popular and potentially lucrative games are marked down. Typically, jackpot games are not counted at all and blackjack is the lowest rated game.)

When you first encounter these restrictions they feel terribly unfair, especially when one considers the impression that is given by the headline bonus offer.

Remember to consider the casino’s aim is to tie you into playing at their site for the long term. You should bear this in mind when you accept any casino promotion or bonus and don’t waste your time and money trying to work off wagering restrictions at a site that you don’t really like. In the long run that’s a losing game.

Free Spins Casino Promotions

The next most popular UK casino promotion is the free spins bonus.

These bonuses are typically offered in a simpler form than bonus cash and they’re deservedly popular with players as they can offer excellent value and have fewer catches than many bonus cash offers.

Free spins are often part of welcome offers when they come in big numbers. In the standard run of things the numbers tend to be much smaller – 5, 10, or 20 free spins is a decent offer.

They are also usually tied to a single game, though you may see more generous offers. New games are often picked, as players want to check out new titles without risking their own money.

There will almost certainly be restrictions on your free spins behaviour beyond the games you can play. Most offers will have a cap on your winnings – check the small print.

Most will also have a time limit on the use of free spins.

The aim of the casino is to have you enjoy the free spins and then continue with your own money. You need to assess – using safe gambling checks if you feel that’s an issue – if that’s the best decision for you to make.

Money back

Everyone hates losing. So an offer that offers to reduce or even totally wipe out losses has a very obvious appeal to players.

Generally timed to boost attendance at low-traffic times or to boost spending when the site is busy, a cashback offer will usually have two restrictions. A percentage of your losses – 100% back promotions are as rare as golden hen’s teeth – that you can claim: 25% is a good figure. There will also probably be an upper cash limit – hundreds of pounds, even £1,000 – on the amount you can claim. With those figures, you’ll have had to have lost £4,000 to get the most out of it, so remember that losses are still losses even if you get some back.

You will probably also find a restriction on the games you can play and claim money back, and a strict time limit on the offer.

These offers are designed to get you spending more. It’s up to you to decide if that’s the right thing for you.

Tournament Play

Slots are generally played for money, but they can be an entertaining experience in their own right. If you enjoy the game for its own sake then you should try tournament play.

A tournament will allow you to play independent of stakes, earning wins – often measured by the number of times a bonus feature is triggered – that are given points values. At the end of the tournament the winner is awarded a prize – sometimes bonus funds, free spins, or – rarely – real cash.

These online casino promotions are a fun way to play and they can introduce a social element to the sometimes solitary world of online casino play.

The catch comes in the prizes, of which there are often many, and which are designed to keep you playing for real money. Bonus funds, of course, will usually attract wagering restrictions and free spins will also come with their own limits.

As ever, read the small print and make the decisions that are right for you not that complete some arbitrary set of requirements that the casino sets.

Prize Draws and Real Life Giveaways

Bonus funds are great. Free spins are great. How about a car?! Or a holiday? Even better.

Casinos do sometimes push out the boat and offer really juicy and very tangible prizes to their players.

The most common way to give away these prizes is in a random draw. And how does one earn entries to this draw?

Why, one plays a load of casino games, of course.

As you can see, this brings players into the casino and gets them spending money, perhaps on games that aren’t doing so well.

That’s fine, but you should weigh up these sorts of offers as a bet and work out the odds of you winning against your stake, which is the amount of money you spend on a particular game to earn entries. If it’s a game you love and would have been playing anyway, then these draws will be a nice free extra. If not, then use your head and play with caution.

The Loyalty Scheme and VIP Status

All of our online casino promotions can come together in a loyalty scheme.

Free spins, deposit bonuses, prize draws, tournaments and as you progress up the levels towards VIP status you may get dedicated account management or priority contact details as well as enhanced versions of all the standard promotions. Finally, true high rollers might be invited to events and offered other special inducements.

Casinos like high rollers and regular customers because…. remember, they make a lot of money off them!

Las Vegas casinos give free rooms and Champagne on tap to big gamblers because people who spend more lose more.

You should weigh up loyalty schemes in the same way. There is always a cost to the player in playing. Loyalty schemes – if they’re good – will offer you some value, and, perhaps, deeper and more engaging experience with a casino site.

However, you should treat your loyalty to a casino site in the same way that the casino site will be loyal to you if you owe them several thousand pounds and your payment card bounces.

They will not be very loyal. And neither should you be. Use loyalty schemes as and when they work for you, but don’t let them – or any other casino promotion – stop you from demanding the best service, games, and value and from shopping around for better if you feel like it.

Keep it rational!

If you want to explore more casinos, check out our list of the top 20 UK online casinos!

Online Casino Promotions Q&A

Promotions are everywhere in the online casino world. It can be confusing for players, but it’s important for players to understand how promotions work if they are to make the best of them and to use them safely.

We hope this guide will help you do that.

Let’s get started.

Are Casino Promotions Safe to Use?

They should be. If the site that is offering them is safe. In order to find safe UK casino sites you need to use ONLY sites with a current licence from the UK Gambling Commission. Try to go a bit further than that and see that sites are good quality and legitimate before you sign up and hand over your money.

What is the Purpose of Casino Promotions?

If you want to understand something you need to understand what it is meant to do. Casino promotions are designed by casino companies, so their interests are the primary driver of casino promotions. Broadly speaking, casino promotions are designed to deliver players to a site and to get them to spend more money. You should bear this in mind whenever you make decisions about casino promotions.

How do you assess a Casino Promotion?

READ THE SMALL PRINT. After a while you will start to see a few patterns in casino promotions and how these patterns serve the purpose of the casino promotion – delivering players and cash to casino sites. Reading the small print is the first step in doing this. You also need to understand some of the terms used in those terms and conditions, but most of all you need to understand the implications for you of signing up for each casino promotion you see.

What is a Wagering Requirement?

A wagering requirement is the most common form of condition placed on a casino promotion. It is an amount of money (usually written as a multiple, x20 for example) that the player must spend at the site before they can “unlock” money related to the bonus and withdraw it from the site. These restrictions work in a number of ways: they may require you to deposit, for example, 20 times the £10 you were given as a bonus when you signed up at a site. And they may even require you to deposit enough money to earn a multiple of the original bonus figure in bonus money. Wagering requirements are “paid off” by playing games, and this is what ties the player into a site, and into quite a lot of spending in a small period of time.

What Types of Casino Promotion are there?

If a giveaway or bonus structure exists it has probably been used at a casino site – or will be soon. However, to simplify things, casino promotions usually fit into a small number of models:

Deposit bonuses (including welcome bonuses): these reward players, usually with a multiple (and often 100%) of the amount of money they deposit. Welcome bonuses are always the most generous deposit bonuses, but players may be given bonus funds every time they put money into their account.

Free spins are simply another way of handing over a bonus, and they are most often rewarded for making deposits. Free spins are usually granted in groups of 10, and are usually restricted to a single game, and will have a set value. It might be necessary to use them within a short period of time. Winnings will probably be capped, and will usually be awarded as “bonus funds” with a wagering requirement that must be paid off.

Tournament play is a way to bring a social element to casino play. Players are invited to play a game or a set of games, and at the end of a set period, the player with the best results will get a prize.

Lotteries and prize draws: sites very often give away sites by offering entries into some sort of prize draw for a prize – it could be cash, it could be something tangible, like a car or watch. Usually, players can earn more prizes by spending more money, spinning more times on the selected game or whatever. There are more options, but these are the most popular.

How do I collect a Casino Promotion?

Almost all casino promotions will require the player to be a member of a casino site before they can take part in any promotions. If they do not, you should not get involved, as it would be illegal for them to accept any participation in gambling from someone who has not proved that they are of legal age to do so. You may have to opt-in to some promotions, but for some, you will be automatically entered into a promotion by simply doing what the promotions require of you – depositing money or playing a particular game.

What is a No Deposit Promotion?

No deposit promotions are rare. They are almost always only available as welcome offers, and they are usually for much smaller amounts of money than deposit bonuses. A no-deposit bonus is usually expressed as a flat figure rather than a multiple. No deposit bonuses are obviously popular, and may be limited by player numbers or time. There will be tight restrictions on how you can use any money – or get your hands on it – that you are granted as part of a no deposit bonus.

What is a Live Casino Promotion?

A live casino promotion is also relatively rare. Live casinos are very popular at the moment. However, because live casino games need to be staffed at all times they are more expensive to run than other games. This makes it impossible to run these games on demo mode and less cost-effective to give away turns. If you see a live casino promotion it is worth investigating it.

Will I get rich from a casino promotion?

It is possible, but like all big prizes in gambling, it is extremely unlikely indeed. Gambling runs on “random” events, but they are random events that operate in a framework that makes prizes, and particularly large prizes extremely rare. A quick study of gambling and probability will also help you to understand how to assess these offers.