Red Tiger to Launch Timed Jackpots in Michigan

January 31st, 2023: Red Tiger Gaming, a subsidiary of Evolution, announces its plan to launch timed jackpot games for the Michigan betting market with the participation of at least four operators. In a press release posted over LinkedIn, Red Tiger shared that some of its games will offer unique timed jackpots, with Mini Jackpots and Daily Jackpots available daily, and get triggered on or before a scheduled time.

Red Tiger is the only games provider that offers this unique jackpot opportunity, giving bettors in Michigan an exciting new way to play and win with their favorite Red Tiger slots.

Red Tiger timed jackpots-A new to play for big payouts

Jackpots for slot machines are not a new concept in the gambling industry. But this new development from Red Tiger can help change the way players enjoy their favorite online slots. In contrast to the standard progressive or network jackpots that trigger only when the right set of symbols land on the screen, a timed jackpot activates on or before a specific time. This mechanic is the first of its kind in US casinos and may be available globally soon.

Already active in Connecticut, Quebec, and Ontario, players in Michigan can now enjoy premium slots of entertainment courtesy of Red Tiger. Once it becomes live, local bettors can choose from 48 Red Tiger slot machines with timed jackpots. Each of these slot machines features two progressive jackpots that the operator configures: the Mini Jackpot with a prize that starts at $100 and the Daily Jackpot that starts at $1,000.

So can players guess the best time to play these games and hope it’s the right moment the jackpot triggers?

The same press release added that most operators pick a time between 9 pm and 11 pm during peak hours. In a company statement, Red Tiger explains that these are the exciting hours, as “the excitement builds amongst players as the clock ticks down, and the jackpot value continues to grow.” The introduction of these jackpots adds considerable excitement for the players.

According to Jeff Millar, Chief Commercial Officer of North America at Evolution, the team is excited about releasing this new mechanic. In a statement, he adds, “our unique timed jackpot mechanic will create a sense of excitement amongst players, a thrill that can only come from this countdown effect.”

He continued by saying that the team is “constantly looking to build on our partnerships and strengthen our relationships with North American operators, and we look forward to launching Red Tiger jackpots in all approved jurisdictions across North America.”

These games with timed jackpots are still subject to regulatory approval. But once approved, it will be available on online casinos that partner with Red Tiger Gaming. Players visiting and playing in these partner casinos will also find jackpot meter widgets.

Red Tiger timed jackpots