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888 Casino Overview

What do you want to know about 888 Casino? The chances are that you already know a fair bit. Even people who have no interest in online video slots, live casino games and internet casino play, know about 888 Online Casino because of its enormous public presence.

For example, if you watch any football in the UK you’ve almost certainly seen the 888 casino logo as a shirt sponsor at some of the biggest clubs in the country – you might even have worn it. They’ve sponsored snooker, horse racing… you name it.

The growth of 888 Casino hasn’t been sudden. The company is one of the oldest online casinos in the world and was in at the birth of the internet gambling revolution. Although it has a European focus, it was named to appeal to Chinese customers and is starting to break into the lucrative but complex American market.

888 Online Casino History

Like many UK online gambling companies, its corporate history is complex.

The company was founded in 1997 as Casino-on-Net, with a base in Antigua in the Caribbean. It is now based in Gibraltar. The founders were Israeli brothers, two pairs: Shay and Ron Ben-Yitzhak, and Aaron and Avi Shaked.

The company was and is, a holding company, called 888 Holdings (8 is a lucky number in China) and it branded its first site as Casino-on-Net. New sites were added – Reef Club Casino and Pacific Poker – in 2002 and the company moved to Gibraltar in 2003.

In 2005 888 was listed on the London Stock Exchange.

In 2006 the company started to shift its branding to bring everything under one name, 888.com. And in 2007 it bought a bingo business and was still operating poker and casino sites.

Ups and Downs

There have been downs as well as ups in the 888 story. Like most of the online casino world, it was shaken by the US’s law reforms of 2006 that sought to put internet gambling in the US under the same regulatory regime as the country’s real-life gambling laws. It’s also been involved in a number of proposed or rumoured takeovers, which is common in the online gambling world. It has been fined by the UK Gambling Commission for failing to properly police self-excluded player accounts (this is less uncommon than you might think, sadly).

Big wins came from its successes in the US, where it was the first internet-only gambling firm to win a US license. It now runs the majority of the country’s licensed gambling or casino websites.

So 888 is a big complicated giant of a holding company.

The most visible aspect is it is 888casino, and that is what we’re looking at today.

What makes 888 UK Casino a great online casino for UK players?

We’re getting a pretty positive picture of 888 UK Casino from our first look at it. The thing is though – most modern casino sites look good. Most of them offer hundreds of slots. Most of them have good service.

So how do you pick the winners, and how do you know if 888 Casino is worth spending your time on.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons that we think mean 888 UK Casino is a great online casino for UK players.

1 – You Can Trust 888 UK Casino   

A site that isn’t licensed is not for you. Turn away young casino player and browse back into the wilderness.

Joking aside, this is one of the most important and most serious parts of online casino playing. No doubt there are scams and frauds in all online industries, but the gambling world is particularly vulnerable to them for a number of reasons (including the potential vulnerability of some customers).

So you must see an in-date licence on any site you play at.

We’re pleased to save you the trouble of checking the licence of 888 Casino, which is there at the UK Gambling Commission website reference 39028.

So we think you can trust this site.

2 – 888 Online Casino Is High Quality

While saying that most sites are similar, some do stand out. This is just a function of money, and 888 Casino has a lot of it and has had it for a long time and has invested it wisely.

This is a top-notch site that looks a million dollars and functions beautifully. Even the game browser options put 888 Casino well ahead of the competition in our opinion.

The design is great and on mobile or a desktop or tablet, 888 Online Casino is easy to use and understand.

3 – You Can Play 888 Casino Wherever and Whenever You Like

We’ve mentioned mobile design, and we’ll mention it again.

888 Casino has made its name and kept its name up in lights as one of the top casinos for UK players by keeping ahead of the game.

So it’s no surprise that it has a mobile option that is really top-notch. We’ll look at this in more depth later on, but suffice to say, 888 Casino offers everything to its mobile users that it does to all its other customers.

4 – 888 Online Casino Has Hundreds of High-Quality Games

Slots players should check out 888 Casino because it has hundreds of slots.

Casino and table game players who love roulette, blackjack, poker and more should check out 888 Casino because it has dozens of casino games, including one of the best poker offerings we’ve ever seen.

Live casino fans should check out 888 Casino because it has a fantastic live casino.

The live casino games are exclusive, and 888 Casino also makes its own slots, so there are some games that you can only play at 888 Casino. You’ll find all your old favourites here too.

5 – 888 Casino Cares about Its Customers

If you’ve ever got the feeling that you’re just a money-funnel to the casino sites you use then 888 Casino has some great surprises for you.

Good customer service starts with good contact options, and 888 Casino has a contact us button on every page so you can jump straight into a chat with the support team.

They also have a load of information. 888 Casino players have no excuse if they’re not among the best informed in the internet gambling world. Blog articles, information panels, gambling advice, strategy… there’s a load of stuff here, and it’s all good quality.

This is one of the advantages of dealing with a huge established brand like 888 Casino. Yeah, they’re an establishment, but they established by being good and doing a lot of stuff.

888 Casino Games

We looked at a trusted industry audit site to see how many games they listed in total at 888 Casino.

This site is a slots specialist so that is there focus. They list nearly 400 games at 888 Casino from nearly 40 games providers (888 are now their own game provider too, developing exclusive titles).

888 Casino is about more than just slots though.

While these games are the most popular part of the gaming industry and an entry-level introduction to online gambling for many players, some of those will move on to the more sophisticated (in appearance in any case) casino games, including live casino games.

Let’s take a look at the whole offering from 888 Casino games.

888 Casino Slots

888 Casino is a great looking modern site, and it arranges its games in a way that makes them easy to find.

The 888 Casino slots listings label online slots as “Slots and Jackpots”. Click on that and you’ll be offered a new page full of tiles representing games.

You can then list them with different attributes: big jackpots, and by the developer (888 originals, NetEnt, Red Tiger, Yggdrasil) and by pay line numbers (under 25 or over).

New Slots

New 888 Casino slots sit at the top of the standard list, and it’s a good set of titles on our visit.

Grand Spinn, Lightning Leopard, Angel’s Touch, Astro Cat, and Electric Wilds head the list which you can then scroll across for more titles.

Daily Jackpots

This category is sometimes described on sites as “guaranteed to drop” jackpots or similar. While it’s normally a mug’s game to play slot games by timetable, progressive jackpots are the one example where you may be able to do that. And we’re happy to take 888 at their word on this.

There’s a countdown clock for the town and a count-up counter for the jackpot amounts. Just to give you an example, we arrived at the site at 3:30 pm to see a 7h30m countdown left (so to 11 pm, but this was in British Summer Time), and a total jackpot of coming up to £7,300.

The titles offering these prizes were Mystery Reels, Pirates Plenty, Rainbow Jackpots, Thor’s Lightning, Spin Town and more. Again, click on the right arrow to see more titles.

All Slots

The slots selection is then listed in what we’ll assume is some sort of popularity rank. However, this may not be a completely straightforward listing. There’s no law to enforce this sort of stuff, and it would be naïve to imagine that sites don’t list games that they want to do well at the top of the charts. And in 888 Casino’s case, they’re also a developer so there’s that to consider.

The first title listed is definitely popular though, as Starburst has been the UK’s number 1 slot for a long time now. Next up is Millionaire Genie, an 888 title, then Mystery Reels Megaways, a new title Noche De Los Muertos (which we think means Night of the Dead, it’s a Mexican themed game), then Grand Spinn.

There are some big jackpots in that top line: with millionaire genie offering around £2.75million, and Noche De Los Muerto heading towards £1.4million.

New games do well in these listings too.

Jackpot Games

You can also click to see the top jackpot games, and there we see Millionaire Genie, Noche De Los Muertos, Lucky Orbs (less than £1,000 prize), Jack’s Pot, Aztec Realm and a load more.

Netent Slots

Refine your search by setting a developer like Netent, and you’ll see some favourites: Starburst, Grand Spinn, Cash-o-Matic, Narcos, Spinsane, Arcane Reel Chaos, and Wild Worlds head the top of that chart.

Red Tiger, Yggdrasil and More

You can also search the games to bring up 888 Casino’s Red Tiger Titles, and games from Yggdrasil.

The pay line numbers aren’t a commonly seen selector, and – to be honest – it’s not one that appeals to us, as pay line numbers don’t have a great deal of impact on your game in our view.

Table Games

Let’s head away from the slots and into the sophisticated world of the casino.

We’ll look at live casino games in a later section, so these games are all simulations.

The 888 Casino games are listed as a simple unsorted set of games, probably the most popular, with that proviso we added earlier.

There are a lot of 888-exclusive games on offer, and players who like something different are going to love 888 Casino’s table games.

At the top of the charts are Side Bets Multihand Blackjack, European Roulette, Jacks Or Better, Let it Eide, and Fortune Pai Gow Poker.

The game tile lets you know if it’s a new title, the betting range (or the top jackpot for some games), and if it’s an 888 developed game.

888 Casino Roulette

Roulette is the top casino game for online players, and 888 Casino offers you 10 variants on the perennially popular French-invented game.

Top of the tree is a classic European Roulette wheel from 888 that offers Betting from £1 to £2,000. Next up in an American game (American roulette offers a lower return to players generally) with a “high limit” game, and betting from £5 to £2,000. Then there’s a low-stake Euro game and a high-limit version of the game. Deal or No Deal Roulette themes the game to the famous TV game show, and 3-D roulette does what you imagine it does.

Finally, a couple of French games, a standard wheel and a high-limit game, are followed by Super Stakes 888 Casino Roulette (with betting up to £200,000).

What a great selection.

888 Casino Blackjack

Just a couple of 888 Casino blackjack tables await fans of the world’s favourite casino card game.

The standard game allows multi-hand play and side bets, with betting from £1 to £3,000.

Super stakes blackjack chucks a ten-time multiplier on that lower stake.

More 888 Casino Games

To finish off the casino offering, 888 Casino has baccarat on offer and a huge choice of poker games.

888 has a big history in poker, but you’ll need to head to their dedicated site for live games, these are video poker titles, but they offer a great range of games and some amazing jackpot prizes.

888 Casino Bonuses

The 888 Onlne Casino a huge market share, a load of publicity, and plenty of financial power. But any site needs new players, and the way they do that is with promotions, bonus and offers.

Welcome offers bring players in, but a good set of other promotions keeps them coming back for more and engage them with the site.

Let’s have a look at the 888 Casino bonus offers.


888 Casino Promotions

A casino that wants you to stay involved will need to offer you a decent set of promotions once you’ve signed up.

888 Casino are massive, and they haven’t become massive by ignoring their players once they’ve joined.

The first thing you’ll see is a massive selection of daily offers.

These include the likes of daily live roulette events with a bonus £8 for wins of the 8. There’s also a VIP club in Live Casino games with £1,200 in bonuses.

The daily 888 Casino promotional offers include raffles, cashback, tournaments, and much more.

We haven’t yet looked at 888 Casino’s massive set of loyalty offers, including a VIP Club, and a set of challenges for signed-in players.

888 Casino tempt you in with a big offer but then back it up with continuing support and offers that offer players something over the whole of their time at the casino.

888 Live Casino

Live casino games are the cutting edge of the current online casino market. Even in mobiles, players can now enjoy super-fast broadband with connections good enough to stream a high-quality image, an immersive game, and multiple camera angles fast enough to deliver a realistic casino experience.

The proof of these games is really in the playing. Because of the expense of running a live casino and the live nature of the event, you can’t really run these games in demo mode.

That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure you’re on top of your rules before you start playing.

888 Live Casino groups its games around the big titles, so you can play Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat, Live Poker, Live Gameshows and the Elite Lounge.

They also offer a selection of the games currently in play.

There’s a huge variety of games on offer, including all the variations you would expect to find on the big titles.

Popular 888 Live Casino Games

The most popular 888 live casino games are also listed on the main page, just click to look at the casino game. Up will pop Live 888 Poker, with its £1 to £1,000 staking. Live 888 Start, and Live Hotseat, which a blackjack variant. Then the unsurprising titles, live blackjack, live roulette, and a one-on-one blackjack game.

These are exclusive games, filmed and produced in 888 Casino’s own studios, so if you like them you know where to come to find them. One way in which 888 standout is in the amount of information they provide on games, including quite a lot of sophisticated strategy and betting advice.

This is a live casino offering of the highest quality, covering everything from the most traditional games – all the casino classics are here, blackjack, roulette, baccarat – to the most up to date, like spin the wheel TV-inspired games.

If you love live casino games you’ll love 888 Casino’s live casino set-up.

888 Casino Mobile & App

We believe that the majority of internet gambling consumers now access their favourite games and online casino sites via mobile devices.

There’s nothing better than playing on the go. In fact, if you’ve been on a bus or train in the UK lately and haven’t seen someone playing an online slot on their mobile we’d like to know where you were.

People might complain about the overuse of mobiles, but the truth is lots of everyday life is boring and mundane. And you can’t read Shakespeare all the time! So playing a few spins on Starburst while you wait at the dentist is good news as far as we’re concerned.

888 Mobile Casino makes it super easy for you to do this by going down the app route. There are pros and cons to using apps that we’ve discussed at length elsewhere. In short: apps are incredibly convenient and fast, particularly if you return to one or two sites all the time. If you prefer to use a mobile browser then you’re more likely to look at more different sites, and this might open you up to new possibilities.

To download the app all you have to do is go to the App Store and tap it and install.

You can use the 888 Casino app on your iPhone or iPad with an iOS version. And there’s an Android version too, covering all the big options in the mobile and tablet market.

888 Online Casino Customer Support

We love sites where nothing ever goes wrong. Sadly, these sites haven’t yet been invented, or maybe they haven’t been released to the public and exist only in a small, sealed room in Area 51 (or 52, maybe 53).

As there is no such thing as a perfect site, the imperfect ones we have to deal with the need to have good customer services to make up for their imperfections.

The first point of call is the FAQ. And 888 Casino continues its record of having absolutely fantastic information available to customers.

The FAQs are big, comprehensive, and well written.

After that, you can look at the bottom of any page and you’ll see a contact us button. The site also explains really well how you can make a complaint, including their email address for initial complaints and minor customer service issues – support@888casino.com.

After that, you can go to manager@888casino.com. And after that, there is mediation via the ECOGRA organisation.

Check out all the advice on safe gambling and security too for more evidence that 888 Casino is respectful of its customers’ best interests.


The commonest cause for serious complaints with casino customers is banking. It’s simply the most serious part of the online casino world.

We’ve mentioned the security, customer service, and help options at 888 Casino. All of that counts for nothing if you can’t securely transmit your money to a site, and get your winnings back in swift order too.

When the customer comes to choose the way of cashing up their account they’ll see a load of popular choices.

Visa, MasterCard, and online banking transfers are a great start.

Apple Pay is unusual to see too and speaks of a company with a lot of clouts.

Among the e-wallets and online payment processors are Trustly, Sofort, Neteller, ecoPayz, iDebit, Interac Online, MuchBetter, WebMoney, Qiwi, Boleto, EPS, iWallet, Todito Cash, Nordea, Op-Pohjola, Purple Pay… and more, including…


PayPal is the lingua franca of online payments, but it’s also an unusual site in the gambling world. Back in 2003 PayPal looked at the legal situation in the USA and decided to jump out of the gambling market altogether.

They came back in 2010, but they have continued to be cautious operators and do not provide their services to any old casino.

888 Casino is very obviously a huge, trusted brand and PayPal’s presence on their home page is just one more guarantor of that.

The Verdict

You want the sums to add up at a casino website, and the sums in our review all add up to one thing: a recommendation that you check out 888 Casino.

The site is everywhere and surely must have a good claim to be the biggest gambling brand in the UK. With that comes a lot of clout, a lot of trust, and a lot of pressure to do things the right way. 888 Casino aren’t going to go bust over the weekend and disappear with your account money.

Everything about the site screams high-quality: the design and layout are great and really up to date. It’s very easy to find your way around 888 Casino. You can also enjoy a real depth to your experience, with a great blog, and more information and advice than you will find on any other online casino site.

One of the best live casinos

The games deliver too. Alongside a big selection of 888 Casino slots, there is also a huge casino offering, including one of the best live casinos anywhere online. Those games are mostly exclusive, and 888 Casino also produces its own slots, so as well as old favourites and new titles from top-quality developers you can also play games that you will never play anywhere else.

The 888 Casino promotions are superb and include a great VIP club and a loyalty scheme that offer genuine value.

888 Online Casino was in on the ground floor of the online casino explosion and have ridden the lift all the way to the top of what is now a massive global industry. Whatever happens to that industry it seems pretty plain that 888 Casino will have a big role in it, and if you haven’t tried the site you’re not giving yourself a chance of exploring the industry to its fullest.


Frank Stephen Garcia

Casino Reviewer and Editor

Frank Garcia is our casino reviewer and editor. He works hand in hand with our gambling experts to produce professional and detailed online casino reviews.