10 Strategies for Playing Slots



You might think slots are all about luck but actually, if you follow these ten strategies you will increase your chances of winning and also have more fun…

Slots Strategy One

Search for a machine that has been tweaked to payout.

Some machines are considerably more likely to payout, simply because they have been programmed to. Certain machines have been programmed to payout more than probability would dictate, others less than probability would dictate. This is not some kind of superstitious belief, but different machines are programmed to payout differently in relation to how much money they receive.

If you are in a real-life casino, you usually have to take an educated guess as to which ones have been tweaked to the benefit of the punter. But these machines can reveal themselves to have a pay-out of at least 95%, this means every time you put a dollar in the machine, it will pay 95% back this gives the house a very small advantage and you would lose less money trying for larger wins on these machines than others.  Machines nearest to the entrance of a casino are usually tweaked to pay out more. At online casino sites, the same strategy applies to the promotional slots, i.e. the slots that the online slots site is heavily promoting are the ones more likely to have a high payout as they are being used to lure you in.

Slots Strategy Two

Pay attention to what kind of mood you are in when gambling.

You should play slot machines, and other games of chance, only when you are in a positive mood. This is particularly true for online slot machines, for which there is little outside pressure to stop gambling on a bad run. If you play when you are feeling emotional, you risk playing for too long a time and to exhaust your bankroll far too quickly and on bad judgement.

Slots Strategy Three

Play the maximum number of coins on machines with progressive jackpots.

Most slot machines today are able to take more than one coin at a time, and as a player, you should take advantage of this. Playing the maximum number of coins will put you in a better position for winning on machines with progressive jackpots. These jackpots can be massive, so you do not really want to miss the opportunity to win one.

Slots Strategy Four

Set yourself rules and stick to them.

You should have a specific amount of money you are willing to bet and this should be separate from your personal finances, i.e. living expenses. You should spend a small portion of this bankroll for each turn you play. Give yourself a goal, whether it be to have fun for x amount of time, or to leave once you have won y amount of money, or leave when you have lost z amount of money.

Slots Strategy Five

Do not leave a machine that has just paid out a large sum of money.

It is wrong to assume that once a machine has paid out a large sum, they are programmed to stop paying for a while. The individual rotations of the reel are randomised and are subject only to the ratio that has been pre-programmed into the machine between payouts and pay-ins. The machine does not remember that it has just paid-out, to stay on such a machine is particularly important, when playing real-life slot machines, given that you do not know the ratio of pay-outs to pay-ins, and large wins can indicate that you have found a machine that has been tweaked to pay-out.

Slots Strategy Six

Never leave a slot machine at which you have just won.

Sometimes, when you are playing in a real-life casino, you will need to be helped by a member of the casino staff in order to claim the money. Do not try to run after them to sort out this win, an alarm will sound to them and they will know you require their help, simply wait by the machine until they arrive. If you leave your machine it is much more difficult to reclaim your winnings and disputes arise much more frequently.

Slots Strategy Seven:

Use nudges and bonuses.

Nudges, when used correctly, equate to free money and this can compensate for the house advantage. Make sure you keep an eye on the bonuses you are awarded online and use them every time you are awarded them.

Slots Strategy Eight:

Learn to understand the machine that you are playing.

With all the whistles and bells they have today, playing on slot machines can be a little confusing. Make sure you are familiar with the type of slot machine you are playing (how many lines, multipliers, progressive jackpots…) and with which combinations of symbols represent a payout.

Slots Strategy Nine:

Consider machines with two slots.

If you want to try your luck for a progressive jackpot but you do not want to invest five coins for each spin, research all the machines in the establishment and find the machines that allow you to play with two or three coins. This will allow you to play for a large jackpot without having to overspend.

Slots Strategy Ten:

Have fun.

Slot machines are a game and they should be treated as such. Even if it is more fun to win than to lose, you really should only play for the whole experience- it is the taking part that counts! You can hope for huge wins, but do not be too disheartened if this does not happen. If you follow the advice outlined here, your experiences of slot machines should be fun.