Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming are simple to explain: they are the biggest live casino games company in the world.


They’re certainly major players in the scene, and the only company who rival them are NetEnt, who also have a big live games operation.

Let’s see what makes Evolution Gaming so special, including their huge selection of Evolution live roulette, live blackjack and live everything else.

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Evolution Gaming History

The best way to get ahead of the market is to be the first, and Evolution Gaming were early out of the traps in 2006, offering live dealer gaming to European casino sites.

The company is based in a number of locations and has its address for investors in Baker Street, London, and a Swedish stock market listing. But the epicentre of the company is in Eastern Europe.

The company employs nearly 2,000 people in Georgia, the former Soviet Republic, and more than 3,000 people in Latvia. Because the truth of the live-streaming gambling industry is that it relies on differentials in living standards and wages between different economies. The countries of Eastern Europe are still relatively less prosperous (in purely monetary terms) than the world’s top economies. So, it is possible to pay someone in Latvia or Georgia – someone who is educated enough to speak English (or another language that probably isn’t their first) fluently – enough in local terms to make it worth their while to spend hours playing cards or roulette to a camera.

We won’t pretend that casino staff haven’t always been undervalued and underpaid, even when they were living in the glitziest of locations, they were, but this new set-up takes that one stage further.

The wheel has turned somewhere towards full circle now, as Evolution Gaming runs streaming to the world from some of the world’s most famous (and most expensive) gambling locations, including Mayfair casinos in London.

We don’t suggest for a minute that Evolution (or other companies) are doing anything illegitimate or illegal, this is simply the reality of the business. We do hope they treat their staff well, and whenever we write about live casino games we add a plea to our readers to always treat live casino staff with the respect that you would like to be treated with.

From the off, by being first into the market, Evolution Gaming was able to sign deals to provide live casino games to the biggest companies in the business, including, for starters Gala, Coral, William Hill and more.

The rest of their story is one of continuous innovation, including immersive games, lightning games, new titles, and infinite tables with no seat limits. And, with boring regularity, the company wins awards from the best casino judges for its superb products.

So let’s have a look at some of them.

Evolution Gaming Games

Evolution has nearly 140 titles to its name. It is not possible here to give you a full review of every game, but we do hope to introduce you to Evolution Gaming’s superlative live casino games and to give you an idea of how to get started.

Live casino games are gambling just like any other gambling, and you must ensure that you play these games legally and safely.

Evolution help you out here because the company itself has extremely comprehensive licensing, including Alderney Gambling Control, Malta Gambling Authority, and the UK Gambling Commission.

Evolution Live casino games have an extra allure for players because of the interaction with real people. Please always make sure that you make decisions on what is good for your health and your wallet, not on how you feel about a dealer.

Almost all casino games need to be studied a little before one starts playing them. Live casino games cannot really be played on demo mode, so do try out games for free where you get the chance, even if it means playing a simulator rather than a live Evolution casino game.

Evolution games come in a variety of types, but almost all can be described as live casino games, they can be divided by type and by game.

Let’s have a look through the Evolution Catalogue:

Evolution Gaming Roulette

Roulette is the archetypal casino game. The gilt, the wheel, the ball, the skill of the croupier, it has it all.

The game has deep roots in Europe and now comes in a big variety of styles. The most common divides are between American Roulette (which has two zeroes on the wheel), and European Roulette, which has one. French Roulette has a single zero and a number of specific side bets.

Common stylistic variants are in speed and in coverage.

Evolution Gaming offers its players:

Live Roulette

This is the standard roulette game from Evolution. It is available in versions to Suite casino sites, so you will find VIP versions, versions with different betting limits, and versions in different languages.

As part of the experience, players can view the table from a number of angles, use a chat room, see the history of the game and judge where to go using up to date stats, and hot and cold numbers. Players can also save their favourite bets for speed of use.

You can play Evolution Gaming Live Roulette on your mobile in HD video.

Then there are variations:

Live European Roulette

The standard offering.

Live American Roulette

The double-zero makes American roulette generally less good value than European and French games, but it has a range of betting choices that make it an entertaining alternative.

Live French Roulette

The main difference between French roulette and European roulette is La Partage, a claw-bet of some losing bets. There are also some specific bets on the betting table with French names that are worthy of your study.

Immersive Roulette

Immersive roulette offers an exciting angle on this already exciting game. The difference is in the quality of the footage, shot in very high-speed HD video, with slow-motion replays, and multiple camera angles.

You can find immersive games for all of your favourite roulette variants.

Immersive Roulette Lite

This version of the immersive game is a cut-down version, without, for example, the replays, that you’ll find at some casinos.

Live Speed Roulette

No time to waste? Then try speed roulette. Basically, this is just roulette but played with the dealer’s foot down. There are just 25 seconds between spins, half the time usually taken, and bets are made while the wheel’s still in spin.

Live Double Ball Roulette

Doing exactly what it says on the tin, Evolution Gaming are currently the only company to offer this game. Putting two wheels into the game increases the pay-outs and this game has been popular in land-based casinos for some time.

Evolution Gaming Live Dual Play Roulette

Dual play is something that was pioneered in the bingo sector, where big prize games would be played both in the bricks-and-mortars bingo halls and with an online audience of punters too. Evolution have brought this function to the roulette table so you can actually be in a live casino in your living room.

Mini Live Roulette

Perfect for your mobile, and available as a side game in some betting sites this is simply a smaller version of the standard game.

Evolution Gaming live Auto Roulette

The attraction of live games is largely the interaction with real people, but if that’s too personal, you can always play without one. The games are faster as a machine sends the ball spinning around the wheel.

Lightning Roulette

This game is a hybrid between roulette and a high voltage TV game show. Extra prizes can be won with lucky numbers boosted to much higher pay-outs on each spin of the wheel.

Check out these high stakes roulette games if you like betting big!

Evolution Gaming Blackjack

Blackjack is the most popular casino card game and it is always the first or second most featured game at any live casino.

Evolution Gaming has a great selection of blackjack tables.

The game comes in a number of rule variants, primarily around the behaviour the dealer – who the player is trying to beat – must follow.

Evolution Gaming Blackjack Live

The core game is the classic with seven seats at each table, all playing against the dealer. Players have a choice of views and you may be able to make insurance bets, double down, and split pairs depending on where you play. There are also side bets on some tables.

Live Speed Blackjack

Some players like the laid-back atmosphere of casino games. And some just want to get on and bet! The game speeds things up by taking the waiting out of the game, with players hit as soon as they’ve decided what they would like to do with their hands.

Evolution Gaming Live Blackjack Party

This ups the social aspect of the live casino experience with music and a team of dealer/co-presenter trying to inject fun into the proceedings. There is a full set of betting features for the main seven players – doubling down, insurance bets, pairs splitting, pre-decide – and this game features the Bet behind feature from Evolution Gaming, which allows players to bet on the hangs of those in front of them at the table.

Live Bet Behind Blackjack

There are stand-alone games built around this feature, so if watching is your thing then you can bet on someone else’s mistakes at a Bet Behind Game.

Live Perfect Pairs and 21 + 3 Side Bets

Side bets are one of the chief ways of spicing up blackjack, which is quite a simple game at heart.

Perfect Pairs side bets allow players to win more if they hit lucky with some pairs in their first two cards.

21 + 3 side bets allow players to compete to complete poker hands with their own cards and the dealer’s upcards.

Pre-Decision Live Blackjack

Bored of waiting for everyone else to make their mind ups? Pre-decision betting simple allows all the players at a blackjack table to make their decision on bets at the same time-saving time and squeezing in more games.

Live Infinite Blackjack

Infinite blackjack doesn’t refer to your wins sadly. Infinite tables have no limits on the number of players who can join in.

This version of the game comes with three variants that can be applied at the casino operator’s discretion, including four side bets (that may be made available to you), doubling down, splitting, stand bets, hit bets, and six card Charlie pay-outs.

Evolution Gaming Baccarat

Baccarat was traditionally a game of aristocrats. While it’s perfectly simple to pick up, its French-language calls and sophisticated routines and paraphernalia give it something of an air of mystique and it’s popularly associated with high rollers.

It’s massive in the East Asian market and you should try this involving game.

Live Lightning Baccarat

Following the game-show lead of the roulette variant, Lightning Baccarat adds multipliers via lightning cards that are thrown into the game at random.

Evolution Gaming Live Baccarat

The standard game includes side bets, statistics, and the chance to keep an eye on other players.

Multi-Camera Baccarat

Added drama comes courtesy of a Hollywood makeover in the style of immersive roulette.

Live Baccarat Squeeze

Also with multi-camera coverage, this version brings in the Squeeze, a revealing lift of a card edge that’s a legendary ritual in this ritual-soaked game.

Evolution Gaming Live Baccarat Control Squeeze

This time out players themselves can operate the squeeze via remote camera control.

Live Speed Baccarat

Cutting down the chit-chat and side action cuts the game time nearly in half, to deliver a new winning bet every 27 seconds or so.

A variety of side bets is available, depending on where you play your Evolution Gaming live baccarat.

Live Dragon Tiger

This game is a two-card version of baccarat that’s massive in Asia. The simple game comes with a couple of alternate betting options and superb presentation.

Evolution Gaming Live Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a game with a long history in China that is still enjoyed in casinos across East Asia and is now making inroads into the global market.

The standard game comes with multipliers at Evolution Gaming casinos.

Evolution Gaming Live Casino Hold’Em

The most popular way to play the world’s best-known casino card game is not in its standard version, but against a dealer in the Hold’Em style.

Evolution Gaming’s Live Casino Hold’Em has huge limits on the numbers of players in each hand because players play against the dealer and not each other.

There are side bets to be had too, with jackpot bets and a progressive version of the game that claims to offer the world’s largest live table prize.

Evolution Gaming Live Caribbean Stud Poker

This version of Caribbean stud poker is an Evolution exclusive and has similar side betting and progressive jackpot potential as the Hold’Em tables.

It’s a fast-paced cut-down version of poker played against the dealer with a side bet on the best hands made between the dealer’s and the player’s cards that might pay out up to 1,000-to-1. There’s also a progressive jackpot to be won at some sites.

Evolution Gaming Live Three-Card Poker

This cut-down poker plays fast and offers similar side bets to the company’s other poker tables. It’s great for newcomers to poker.

Evolution Gaming Live Game Shows

Casino games might not be enough for you, in which case check out the great set of show-style games from Evolution Gaming.

They start with.

Side Bet City

This is an exclusive game with an 80s theme in which players bet on which hands will win a poker hand. It’s available in 3-card, 5-card, and 7-card versions.

Dream Catcher Live

The most commonly seen of these games is this massive hit that is based around a very simple lucky wheel game with multipliers.

Monopoly Live

A licensed tie-in with the world’s best-known board game you don’t need dice for this game, which is a super simple spinning wheel game.

Deal or No Deal Live

Naturally, you can play the notorious TV game of random chance with Evolution Gaming. Playing around the clock, Deal or No Deal is one of the more sophisticated online gameshows.

Football Studio

If you like football then tune into this game based around real games playing live around the world and featuring the world’s most famous players.

Lightning Dice

Like the lightning casino games, lightning dice is a glitzy and glamourous version of a simple game, with three dice tumbling down a tower for players to bet on.

First Person

Evolution started out in live games, but it is now offering a simulated version of casino games based on the experience of its live games.

Bringing a new level of realism to casino simulators, Evolution Gaming’s first-person games currently offer players a choice of roulette, blackjack, lightning roulette, and dream catcher.

Evolution Gaming is one of the most exciting company’s in the online gaming world. They keep winning prizes and they keep adding new products. If you want to play live casino games there is no better place to start than at an Evolution live casino table.