Eyecon didn’t start out as a casino company.

The Australian developer was founded in 1997 as a computer games company, making the sort of game that “Gamers” play.

Their first title as quite a hit too. Called Gore, it reportedly had millions of downloads, and it’s very hard now to find out anything much about it.

However, it’s not hard to see how gaming success – in the entertainment sense – would be useful to an online video slots and casino game company.

And that’s what Eyecon Software is now.

We’ve mentioned that they’re in Australia, and you’ll find their offices in Brisbane. They also have a base in the Channel Islands, a sort of quasi-UK jurisdiction that is popular as an off-shore business location for tax reasons and is also well-liked by online casino companies.

You want to know that you’re safe playing these games, and Eyecon are licensed in a number of jurisdictions:

They are licensed by the Alderney Gambling Commission in the Channel Islands with two types of licence. They are licensed in Gibraltar (as part of a licence owned by Playtech). And they are licensed in Malta (again as Playtech) and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission too.

The licensing reveals that Eyecon are part of a bigger company. They were bought by Playtech in 2017, and as a result, became part of one of the biggest gambling companies in the world.

Playtech make games, but they also make all sorts of online casino software, so buying gaming companies allows them to extend their power in the industry – not only do they own the systems on which casinos run they can also supply the games.

So Eyecon remain independent as game developers, but now have a huge corporation at their back too. This is only likely to make Eyecon’s games more visible and more high profile.

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Eyecon: the Numbers

Eyecon has gone from strength to strength since switching its focus to casino games in 1999. According to the company itself:

It now has 100 original titles on its books.

These are available at 251 operator networks (we think they mean casino sites, and networks of casino sites).

They have been played by 33 million players, and are available in 24 languages.

We also checked out Eyecon at our favourite online slots industry audit site.

That lists 115 titles. The games are reported at 561 casino sites in 21 countries.

The company is the third-ranked provider in the UK, according to this measure, and has two titles in the top 100 of UK titles and 14 in the top 500 UK titles.

Eyecon Games & Slots

The games are what players are most interested in, so let’s have a look at the Eyecon Games Catalogue.

We can’t cover every title here, but we will look at the biggest games from Eyecon and the new releases.

Top Eyecon Slot Games Titles

Eyecon’s top titles are based on their rankings at one of the UK’s top industry audit site.

They are:

1 – Shaman’s Dream

Based on Native American iconography, this beautifully designed game, released in 2016, is a 5-by3 slot with symbols from the Old West and from Native American myths: a white wolf, a drum, a tent, dreamcatcher, white buffalos, white eagles.

This Eyecon slot game is relatively simple, with the standard reels and 25 pay lines. There are bonuses though, and you could be hitting big in a 15-spin free spins round. The betting starts low, at 1p but goes up to 12.5 coins, which should be £12.50 at UK sites. It’s possible to win 9,500-times stake in a single spin, and as the free spins round comes with a three-times multiplier, you could win hundreds of thousands of pounds.

2 – Fluffy Favourites

Fluffy Favourites might be a surprise to some of our readers. This game is not commonly seen at slot sites or casino sites. It has a particular audience though, and at the bingo sites, players are mad for Fluffy Favourites where it is the undisputed king of the side games.

True to its almost childish graphic style, the game is very simple. It’s a 5-by-3 game with cute animal symbols. It’s quite a grown-up gambling experience though, with a high volatility rating and a big top prize potential of 5,000-times stake. The game was released in 2016 and has a family of sequels and lookalike games.

3 – Temple of Isis

This Egyptian themed game was also released in 2016. It has 25 pay lines and a standard reel grid. The symbols are what you’d expect – gods, cats, pyramids, and snakes – and the game delivers a good experience, including a free spins round that you can retrigger up to five times.

4 – Fireworks Frenzy

Released in the summer of 2016, rather than as a seasonal tie-in with Fireworks Night or New Year, this explosive title has been sizzling around the UK charts for all that time.

It’s recognisably an Eyecon title, with the RTP of around 95% that they were supporting at the time and a free spins round as the main bonus. It looks very pretty, sounds great, and could deliver explosive wins.

5 – Stampede Jackpot

This game from 2018 uses lovely photorealistic images to conjure up the magical world of African wildlife, with the stampeding elephant as the centrepiece of the symbols.

Using a ways-to-win engine rather than pay lines, this medium variance game has a lower than average RTP, but a very rewarding free spins round that introduces an element of skill by asking players to balance the number of free spins against a multiplier to calculate the most rewarding combination. You can retrigger this round up to 15 times too, which is going to be a real stampede of wins.

6 – Enchanted Prince

This is a game with longevity, having been on the scene since 2013. The look is pastel, female-friendly, and related to fairy tales. Princesses kiss frogs, and maybe they get to meet a handsome price as a result. Your chance is a 1p to £12.50 bet on 25 pay lines over a standard reel grid with free spins and a gamble feature to add to the fun.

7 – Fiddle Dee Dough

Everyone needs an Irish game! Eyecon’s top-rated title in this familiar and reliable old genre is very true to the classic roots of this style of play. It’s a cut-down three-by-three game with cartoon symbols purveying clichés of Irish life (pints of beer, eg) and symbols of luck.

If your shamrocks, horseshoes, and so on deliver the goods you could be walking away from this game with bulging pockets, perhaps after cashing in a double-or-quits gamble feature.

8 – 99 Time

Taking its cue somewhat from the pastel shades and cute images of the Fluffy Favourites family of games, 99 Time is a holiday-themed game based on a classic British ice cream favourite.

It’s a lovely looking game and comes with the features that you know as typical of Eyecon Games by now.

9 – Jewel Journey

If the name has you expecting a classic retro gem-stone game then guess again, because this 2016 release puts the accent on the journey in this Indiana Jones-style archaeology game. It’s an addition to a popular genre style, but it makes its mark in good style with some nice graphics and theming across another good quality standard Eyecon game.

10 – Fluffy Too

This is an update of Fluffy Favourites that doesn’t change all that much about the original. The gambling range is still high, taking staking from 1p to 12.5 coins, with a 95% RTP on a very simple game that has as its main extra features a free spins round and a gamble feature that you can hit up to five times.

Fluffy games are popular because they work well for the audience they’re aimed at, and the reliable thrills are delivered here with slightly updated graphics and feel from a 2016 release.

Eyecon Slot Games Latest Releases

So far, we have largely looked at games that have been quite long-lived. Hit games in the online slots world typically hang around for quite a while. Like the heyday of the record industry, there are so many new releases that a select few of those hit big at the first attempt – usually, titles from established players in the market or big tie-ins – while it is games that last a long time that top the charts.

Eyecon have continued to innovate in their design work, and they have new games out all the time.

The titles they have released most recently, and that they are putting the most attention on are:

1 – Beat the Bobbies

This character game is based in an old-world London, where stylized crook Penny, returns to take a tilt at the treasures of the Tower of London. In a great looking game that’s super mobile-friendly, she tries to hit it big – beating the bobbies in the process – while you can play at a 95% RTP, for a jackpot with a free spins round as the main way to win. This high volatility game is a 243-ways-to-win offering, and Eyecon themselves rate it as “hard”.

2 – Temple of Isis 2

Back to Egypt for another trip to the pyramids, a priestess is at the helm of the rerun hit this time, which delivers a very similar experience to the original with the addition of an “Instant Prize” feature that triggers at random, and a Priestess’ Free Spins round. Big wins can run into the 10s of thousands, so check this game out on any device.

3 – Beez Kneez

Sticking to the standard 5-reel format with 25 pay-lines, Eyecon again throw the volatility switch to high, the gameplay to hard, and invest in big jackpot wins in this game that’s a charming visit to the world of the bees. This is a sequel, with friendly characters, and a lovely background delivering a game that’s rich in bonus features, including prize pick rounds, and a generous free spins round.

4 – Step Back 7s

Sevens usually mean retro style, and that’s the vibe in this ultra-classic three-reel game from Eyecon. This one offers low volatility and super simple gameplay, keeping the RTP at 95%, and sending players back to the future with a soundtrack straight out of the 1980s. The features, like nudges, are also retro, and this is a game that plays wonderfully on mobile screens.

5 – Lucha Rumble

High volatility and jackpot wins are paired with simpler gameplay in this game inspired by the colourful, surreal world of Mexican, masked wrestling. There’s an extra row to give 20 symbols in play and many more ways to win. The instant win feature is installed, and the game fantastically captures the atmosphere of the Mexican ring. This is a reel eye-opener.

Where to Play Eyecon Games

Eyecon games were already very visible, and their entry into the world of Playtech will probably make them bigger.

You can see this in the success that their new titles have. Temple of Isis 2, for example, is a good title, with an established hit to follow up, but it still needs to hit big early to pay back the company. Features in 153 casinos and in the lobby of six of them just two weeks after its release, Temple of Iris 2 was in the top 500.

So you should be able to play Eyecon games almost everywhere you can play slots. But the top sites for this exciting label are:

1 – 888 Casino

We told you that Fluffy Favourites was a big bingo hit, and 888 Casino confirms it. The biggest casino brand in the UK is also a great destination for slots players, and no doubt Fluffy Favourite’s continued success in the chat rooms around bingo games helps make 888 Casino number one for Eyecon games.

2 – BGO

Another established UK site, but a straight-up casino this time, BGO has a great selection of Eyecon games.

3 – O’Reels

Another giant casino brand, another huge number of Fluffy Favourites fans! Visit Oreels Casino for some great Eyecon slots.

4 – Spin Station

Another specialist Eyecon slots site with more general theming than some slot sites. Visit Spinstation now.

5 – Spin Rider

Fluffy Favourites is a big favourite at this site too. Visit Spin Rider now for some great Eyecon slots.

You can play Eyecon slots at a huge number of other UK sites, but these casinos and bingo sites give the company’s games the most attention and the best positions on their sites. If you want to head straight for the Eyecon slots you’ll probably do best to head to a bingo site: four out of the top five sites for lobby positioning of games by this brand are bingo brands.

Eyecon Games Tournament Play

While Eyecon Games produce just games rather than the whole casino offering, they also provide promotional and management services to the sites they provide with games. That means not just providing games, but providing players with a reason to play them.

The most recent addition to this part of Eyecon’s catalogue is a tournament feature.

Tournament play allows online video slots players to play with a wider goal in mind. Not world peace, but the chance to beat their fellow casino members. Wins are accorded a points value and at the end of a tournament – usually on slots from a single brand, or even on a single title – the player with the most points takes a prize.

Tournament play can be a matter of playing the games in the usual way and then adding up points, or it can involve free play with no cash pay-outs.

Either way, tournament play is popular and it’s a great promotional tool for sites, so look out for Eyecon Games cropping up with a social aspect.

How to Win on Eyecon Games

Sadly, we can’t give you the formula to win each time you hit spin on an Eyecon Game. The best advice is to play safely, to accept that slots are a form of entertainment and that you will pay for your entertainment.

We can tell you that Eyecon Games come in a wide variety of styles. You can play games that are ultra-cute and quite simple or sophisticated character games. In this respect, Eyecon Games’ own website is quite a good guide as to what to expect, with good guides to each game, including how difficult – involving really – the gameplay is.

There are some common features in Eyecon Games though: free spins games, gamble features, and classic five-by-three grids are common to a lot of games. More recently, the Instant Prize feature, a random win from the base game has been a popular addition to the Eyecon Games experience.

Keep an eye on this exciting slot company, and not just in the bingo sites.