Greentube is a German casino software company that is part of the gigantic Novomatic corporation, one of the true giants of the gaming industry with more than 30,000 employees around the world. The Greentube casino software provider is also now known as Novomatic Interactive.

Nevertheless, Greentube has its own identity and provides an array of services and products that we’ll cover in this review.

Greentube, like many such companies, is a dilemma to describe to a gambling audience, because it supplies both products that gamblers use directly (largely games) and also products that are used by casino companies to deliver products to gamblers. In some ways, this is good for gamblers to read because the way that companies sell their products to each other shows the extent to which the gambler is the product in this industry – your losses are the gambling company’s profits.

This isn’t illegitimate or illegal in any way – though, you might sometimes feel it’s cynical – and it’s a fact of all entertainment industries. Remembering this and budgeting accordingly – as if paying for entertainment – is the best way to keep your gambling safe.

And now on to look at Greentube casino software!

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What is Greentube casino software?

Greentube are what is described as a full-service company in the casino industry and that means that they supply software that is used by customers of UK casino sites and they supply systems that help gambling sites run profitably and efficiently, which means getting players to play games for longer, and thus to lose more money.

Greentube describe themselves as suppliers of “classic and tailored content” and “real money, and social operations”. They also describe themselves as the “leading full-service provider” in the sector.

The company started out in the gaming sector with a 3D sports game called Ski Challenge back in 1998 (under a different company name).

Now the company’s games include: “classic slots, video bingo games, video poker games, table games, server-based gaming, social casino gaming and much more.”

Here, we will concentrate mostly on the games that players play over the behind-the-scenes software for casino sites.

Is Greentube licensed and legal?

Most parts of the gambling industry are heavily regulated, and this includes the companies who make the games we love to play.

Greentube has a huge array of licences:

The company is regulated in Gibraltar, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Schleswig Holstein (in Germany), Spain, Belgium, Alderney (in the Channel Islands, quasi UK territory), and by the UK Gambling Commission.

The company also has a huge array of technical and industry certifications and accreditations.

Greentube’s Casino Software

Greentube provides casino products and services in four categories:

Online and Social Casino: These are the company’s casino sites. In the UK, that means Admiral Casino, with the company also running sites in Italy, Spain, and Romania.

The sites run like any other casino but are designed to have more of a social network site look.

Server Based Gaming: Plurius™ is Greentube’s brand name in this area. Server-based gaming is a hybrid of real-world and internet gambling, with games running on actual cabinets, but managed remotely using the internet. It is usually tied to casino venues or lottery terminals.

novoSDK is a software tool for game development.

Greentube Pro is a marketing tool for land-based casinos.

What are Greentube Games?

Greentube also produces games.

It splits these into four categories, all of which we’ll look at in more detail.

They are:

  • Slots,
  • Table games,
  • Video Poker, and
  • Video Bingo.

Where Can I Play Greentube Games?

There is some cross-over between Novomatic catalogue games and Greentube games and some are branded as Eurocoin games. You can find the software from Greentube at sites like:

As you can say that list takes in some of the biggest names in the online casino business, including several of the dominant names in the UK gambling market like Mr Green, Bet365, Ladbrokes and Leo Vegas.

Greentube Slots

Now let’s have a closer look at those games.

We cannot provide a comprehensive guide to all these titles and if you need more information you should check them out at your favourite online casino site or check the Greentube website.

Our favourite industry audit site says that Greentube provides 353 slots to 312 casino sites in 31 countries.

Let’s have a look at some of them.

The most recent releases from Greentube are:

Romeo and Juliet Sealed with a Kiss

This is a 30 pay-line five-by-four slot based on cartoon versions of the classic Shakespeare characters and boasting five bonus features including respins, modifiers and free spins.

Ghostly Towers

This game is a 5-reel slot with 20 pay lines with four modifiers on spins and a free spins round. It’s built for mobiles and is themed on ghosts.

Great American Wilds

This is an American wildlife-themed game with 50 pay lines on its 5 x 4 grid setup. It’s towards the top end of the volatility spectrum and has a five-tier jackpot.

Action Joker

The clue is in the name for this classic slot based on card symbols. It has five reels and 40 pay lines, plus four key features including a gamble on wins, stacked wilds and free games.

Diamond Link Oasis Riches

This game is themed on Ancient Egyptian culture with a networked progressive jackpot playing across all iterations of the game.

Gold Starr Fruits

A classic retro slot with 10 win lines and joker wilds that triggers into an exciting Super Game with big prizes up for grabs with higher stakes and up to 50 free spins.

Prize of the Nile

Prize of the Nile goes back – again – to Ancient Egypt, for a 5 by 3 game with 30 pay lines and a load of bonus features that include free spins, special prizes, wilds and a gamble feature to try to double your wins.

Cash Connection Charming Lady

Cash Connection Charming Lady is a 5-reel slot with 10 pay lines and very high volatility – unusual in the current market. It has no gamble feature but does offer a set of jackpots in four levels that could provide a very rewarding spin.

Phoenix Fortune

Phoenix Fortune is a Chinese-culture themed game with loads of deep, rich blues and golds among its visuals, which are beautiful. The win lines are gone and replaced with the Allpay system to deliver a high volatility game that’s linked to a four-level jackpot feature.

Sherwood Showdown

Sherwood Showdown is based on the old English legend of Robin Hood, the robber who took from the rich to give to the poor (or something like that). It’s got a great cartoon look and feel and offers wilds and free spins plus a gamble feature. Greentube describe it as basic, but we think it’s very impressive.

Book of Ra Deluxe 10

Book of Ra Deluxe 10 is a remake of a classic with 100 (one hundred!) lines across two reel sets that fill up a screen full of gambling pleasures! Of course, there are a load of possibilities in this game, and Greentube haven’t stinted on bonuses with a free spins round that also boosts all the powers of your wilds.

Diamond Link Mighty Elephant

Diamond Link Mighty Elephant is another game in the Diamond Link set of progressive games from Greentube. The game is themed on African wildlife, with medium volatility and 25 pay lines. There is a gamble feature on all wins before you even consider the jackpot features.

Polynesian Beauty

Polynesian Beauty is a simple game that works well on mobiles. It has a Pacific myths and legends theme and high volatility delivered on five reels with an eruption of special features that include wilds and free spins, plus a choice of ways-to-win or standard pay lines.

Really Wild

Really Wild is a classic fruit game with something of the look of Grand Theft Auto to it. The setup and symbol combination is very retro, but the look couldn’t be more up to date. Medium volatility is about average, with the 7 pay lines and four reels providing something out of the ordinary and bonus games living up to the ambience.

The Most Popular Greentube Slot Games

The top games in the UK market from Greentube are currently:

Book of Ra Deluxe:

This is an Indiana Jones-style game that’s been on the market since 2008. It’s got a 5 by 3 grid and 10 pay lines and was enough of a hit to form a series based on the same theme. The game is a very good classic slot by modern standards.

Wish Upon a Star:

This is a Christmas-themed game from the tail end of 2018, with a snow and Santa look and a ways-to-win set-up rather than straight forward pay lines. It’s got a 5 by 3 grid and a potential top prize of 500 times your stake.

Reel King:

This is a reel oldie with a rather dated RTP of just 94% (the current average is about 96%), but players obviously still enjoy its simple, classic slot look and feel with a 5 by 3 grid and 20 pay lines filled with fruits and cards hitting every slot cliché in the book!

Reel King Potty:

Reel King was popular enough to spawn a sequel in the shape of this game, which boosts the RTP to a more respectable 95% but keeps the variance low and the look the same, classic retro set of symbols and accessories.

Chili Heat:

A Mexican-themed game from 2018, Chilli Heat is a 5 by 4 game with 50 pay lines and a slightly lower than usual RTP. The key feature is a generous 15 free spins, but there’s lots of action in the main game too.

Book of Ra:

Back to Egypt and back to 2005 we go for this game, which is very retro by modern standards but obviously still ticking some boxes with its simple gameplay and nice design.

Table Games

Greentube makes table games, which it supplies to a large number of casinos.

The games are fairly classic in style and include the usual titles, given a twist in visual or gameplay styling.

Their current titles are:

RouletteS, which is a classic roulette game with a couple of twists in the choice given to the player to send the ball one way or the other around the table and an extra betting feature.

Lux Blackjack is the company’s classic blackjack game, and it’s a very good take on the casino world’s favourite way to play cards.

Lux Roulette is a branded sister game, aiming for a higher roller audience who likes the finer things in life.

Royal Crown 3 Card Brag is a slightly unusual game. It’s a version of an English pub favourite, hence the pub-friendly name, that isn’t very often seen in online casinos.

Royal Crown Blackjack is a sister version with the dealer standing on soft 17s and players allowed to play up to three hands at once.

Royal Crown European Roulette completes the set of Royal Crown Games for a European-style roulette game that’s very simple and easy to get involved with.

Mystery Roulette x 38 is themed on the history of the game of roulette in France and gives players a load of alternative betting choices to add to their fun and two extra numbers.

Baccarat is the classic game of the salon prive but with some added betting options in this version by Greentube.

Vegas Roulette puts some glitz into the mix for a Nevada-set version of American roulette with some added extra bets to spice things up for the player spinning and guessing where or where that ball will stop!

Roulette Multiball throws even more variables into the ring – or into the wheel if you prefer – with a lot of betting options from the classic variants of the game.

Globe Roulette is a classic version of the French version of roulette with a single zero giving the player a better chance of winning. There are also neighbour bets that you won’t find on every version of roulette.

Sic Bo is a Chinese gambling game that is probably most closely related to roulette, despite its use of dice rather than spinning reels. Sic Bo is a classic for a reason, and it really repays study and skill, so give it a go on demo mode if you’re not sure of your feet yet. This version of the game is very classic, but with some extra betting options.

Roulette European is a classic version of the European variant of the game, with a single zero and a few added betting options.

Video Poker Games

Although roulette gives us the spinning wheels in gambling, the first slots were in fact attempts to set up a poker simulator.

That means that Video Poker games, although they have rather fallen out of fashion are the real inheritors of the slot tradition.

Greentube makes just four versions of the game, three of them themed on the joker and offering different winning combinations or wild cards. They are:

Joker Wild, Jacks or Better, and Deuces Wild.

You can also play American Poker II, a Las Vegas Casino style video poker game.

Bingo Games

Bingo is one of the oldest forms of gambling and it’s lived on defiantly into the digital age.

Most bingo sites operate as social hubs, and the game has a larger female following (or at least it is marketed that way) in the UK than most forms of gambling.

Greentube’s bingo games are stand-alone video titles rather than room games and cover most of the variants of the popular game.

Greentube Casino Software Conclusion

Greentube will be around for the long haul, and, with its tie-in with Novomatic is only likely to become more visible.

Each game developer has something of their own style and the best way to find out if you like the Greentube way of doing things is to check out their games for yourself: perhaps the latest releases are the best place to start.

You certainly won’t find it hard to discover an example of their more-than 300 titles in UK casinos. The games are very visible and often to be found on front pages and in casino lobbies.

We think Greentube casino software is high quality and their games should be tried.

The services they provide to online casino sites are harder for us to judge. They are hugely popular, so one can only assume that they are providing a great service to their clients.

With all those licences and certifications you can be sure that you can play Greentube casino games with confidence that it is fair and legal, so if you see a casino site featuring Greentube games then you can be sure that you’re at a good quality site.

Harvey Dickenson

Safe Gambling Specialist

Harvey Dickenson is our safe gambling specialist. Harvey is a recreational poker player and an expert in online casino safety, cons, and scams.