Quickspin is a straight forward name, and unlike some of the other companies we look at in the online gambling and online video slots world, it’s descriptive of what they do.

Immediately though we find out that all is not quite what it seems.

Quickspin, which has a lovely website showcasing its cuddly Swedish staff and lovely offices in Stockholm, is, in fact, part of the Playtech Group, one of the world’s largest online gambling companies.

Quickspin was bought by Playtech in 2016, for €50 million, which is a drop in the ocean for Playtech, who are listed on the London FTSE 250, one of the world’s flagship stock markets.

Does this affect you, the happy go lucky online video slots fan? To an extent, of course, but it’s also something most players can file away under the Too Much Information For Me, Where’s the Games tab and carry on.

We’ll be looking at both Quickspin’s big portfolio of games and the more hidden side of their business in this survey of Quickspin casino software and Quickspin slots.

Free Quickspin Slots Online

Is it safe to play at Quickspin Casinos and play Quickspin Slots?

This the first question you should be asking of any casino and any slot that you play. If you don’t do at least a few quick checks on safety and security when using online casino sites then you’re exactly the sort of player that scammers love to see.

Don’t be that sort of player.

We’re delighted to tell you then that seeing a Quickspin logo is a shortcut to knowing that you’re on a legitimate casino site and playing legitimate slots!

The first good sign is that Quickspin is fully licensed from some top quality licensing authorities.

To save you the trouble, we’ve tracked down the most relevant licence for UK players, the UK Gambling Commission. It is illegal for you to play at a site that doesn’t have this licence. Doing so will only lead you to a world of gambling pain!

Quickspin’s licence is number 40593, and the licence confirms the address in Drottninggatan, Stockholm. The company is licensed to supply gambling software remotely, meaning internet gambling, and there are no sanctions recorded on the licence.

That’s great news! From looking at the sanctions on licenses at the UK Gambling Commission we can say that players shouldn’t necessarily look at a sanctioned licence and walk away from a site. A lot of sanctions are quite technical in nature. They almost never refer to defects in or cheating around the actual games. The most common sanctions – and the ones that make the headlines – are usually about marketing and customer support for vulnerable gamblers.

Remember to have a good understanding of how to play safely before you take part in any online gambling.

As well as that UK GC licence, Quickspin is also licensed by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. And alongside its Swedish address you’ll find offices in Malta.

Both of these countries are popular jurisdictions in which to set up gambling businesses. We won’t be coy about this. That’s because these countries are set up to make registering and running a gambling business profitable with tax and regulation breaks.

Sadly, if you’re an ultra-ethical consumer who refused to use companies that use tax havens or the like then you’ll have a hard – if not impossible – time finding a gambling site to use. But the same can be said for finding an ethical place to buy a coffee on the high street on these standards.

Highest Rated Quickspin Casinos

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Quickspin – The Company

Quickspin offers products in four areas.

The company makes video slots. Lots of them, and with a particularly strong emphasis on wonderful graphics.

To casino companies, they offer promotional tools to keep customers coming back for more.

They sell casino software as a platform, “A complete management system for all Quickspin video slots and promotional tools.”

And they offer customer experience services, saying: “If our customers’ are successful then we are successful.”

There’s an important point here. When you look at a website of a casino software or online video slots company you are not the customer. And the success of a customer to Quickspin is not the same as a success for you.

For you, success at a casino probably means depositing a little bit of money, picking up a bonus as you do, putting 25p in a slot machine and winning the jackpot.

This is not a success for the casino, or for the company who produce their software, and who wants them to succeed.

Success for them is you arriving at a site, putting in a lot of money, collecting a bonus that ties you into staying at the site for a long period of time, and then playing games that give them at least 4% of the money you spend over a long period of time.

That’s a pretty fair assessment of how the casino business works. And that 4%, which represents a fairly average house edge on a modern online video slot is an idealised figure that’s presented to the player as a theoretical return to player of around 96%.

That is idealised because it assumes that the player makes all the right decisions. In practice, they hope to make a lot more money from players.

None of this is dodgy by the way. You still have the chance of winning that is advertising, and you still have a chance of winning a very big prize that might change your life. But the site as a whole is set up to make a profit. Quickspin is a listed company; they’re listed because they’re successful, and they’re successful because they make a profit. And you provide that profit. Rather, you and a load of other players, and it’s simply not the case that you are the one wise player and every other moop who turns up is an idiot, and they do all the losing. Nope! You’re all going to lose in the long run if the site is working properly.

Playtech – the Company that Owns Quickspin

Let’s look quickly at Playtech, the company that now owns Quickspin.

There has been a lot of consolidation in the gambling market. This is quite technical stuff, but it does help to have an understanding of the market you’re consuming in because an informed consumer is a more sensible one.

Consolidation is simply the process of bigger companies taking over or driving out of business smaller ones. And, if anyone has told you that capitalism produces some sort of level-playing field in which all the best ideas compete on equal footing, then bear this in mind and go and find some other fairy tales to read.

Playtech was founded by Teddy Sagi, an Israeli based in Estonia, in 1999. In 2001 it launched its first online casino software and started to power towards the top the business by signing up all the biggest names in the off-line gambling world – the likes of William Hill, Ladbrokes – and new online betting companies like Bet365, to its platforms.

By 2006, the company was valued at more than $900 million on its first market floatation.

It was after the US Government’s Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in 2006 – a major landmark in the history of online gambling – that Playtech went on something of a buying spree.

It snapped up PT Turnkey Services from its own founder, then PokerStrategy.com, a massive online poker community, then Aristocrat Lotteries. In 2015 Playtech bought YoYo Games, who make game design software. And in May 2016, Playtech bought our friends Quickspin, paying €24m upfront and €26m in future payments contingent on results.

That wasn’t enough though, and Best Gaming Technology (BGT), BetBuddy, (a player monitoring company to help safe gambling) and Snaitech all joining the family.

Playtech are also behind the Virtue Fusion bingo brand, which they bought. The iPoker name is Playtech’s. The company has a sports betting arm too.

Quickspin then is part of a huge operation.

What does that mean to you though?

Probably not a great deal. The biggest impact of these industry giants is that they do see off the competition. Big companies have a lot of power and having to compete against the marketing power, for example, of a company like Playtech makes it massively difficult for anyone to compete.

These massive groups can also give players a false impression that a lot of competition is taking place when it isn’t.

Casino companies commonly provide software to a lot of companies. That means a whole load of casino sites that operate on the same system and essentially provide exactly the same experience to players.

If you like the Quickspin platform this is great news. If you don’t, and you want to avoid it, it can mean that you end up ploughing through a load of sites with apparently different branding that are in fact pretty much the same.

And there’s no need for other sites to really push themselves when so much of the industry is working to similar plans. You may have noticed that, for example, most welcome bonuses are pretty much the same; most games offer the same RTP, there’s little fundamental change in the way casinos or online slots work.

This doesn’t mean you’re being ripped off or that you shouldn’t enjoy your casino play and online slots, but we would urge you to use sites like ours to get informed and to checklists of Quickspin casinos if you particularly like or dislike this platform.

Quickspin Online Slots

The biggest and most eye-catching of Quickspin’s product line from the consumer point of view is their slot games.

Quickspin currently – as of May 2019 – has 49 slots available to players. Of those, 44 are available on mobile platforms. And it plans to release 13 slots during 2019.

Quickspin – naturally – thinks its slots are the best ever.

Their motto is “We love slots” and claim to be players of the games as well as makers of them.

That’s good news for players surely.

Otherwise, Quickspin promise exactly the sort of thing you would expect a company to promise in its own publicity: “high quality”, “awesome”, “innovation”, “depth”, “engaging”.

It’s not just them though. Quickspin slots are consistently well-reviewed and often picked out for their great graphics and sound. They’ve also made headlines with some amazing big prizes.


A well-known industry analysis site shows Quickspin just over 1.5% of all the games in UK casino sites. On top of that, it has more than 1.2% of the games in the casino lobbies.

This is extremely unusual and very telling.

To score 1% on a measure like this might not seem like such a big deal, but when there are getting on for 200 companies recognised as game providers by this site, it is actually a huge deal.

The casino lobby is where a site puts its best goods – just like any high street store. Quickspin’s games are there because they look amazing.

This industry site lists around 50 games (there may be a discrepancy between new releases at the actual Quickspin site), and finds the top 10 most popular titles:

Eastern Emeralds, Divine Dreams, Durian Dynamite, Ticket to the Stars, The Grand, Ivan and the Immortal King, Big Bad Wolf, Tiger’s Glory, Tales of Dr Dolittle, and Sakura Fortune.

It also lists the games by the size of their prize, and we see some impressive figures here too.

Big Wins with Quickspin Slots

The top three prizes from Quickspin games are quite impressive. Divine Dreams offers 7,414,900 coins. Ticket to the Stars has a top prize of 971,420 coins, and Hall of the Mountain King will pay top prize winners 732,600 coins. (Please remember to always check out coin values and prize limits at any site you’re using.)

Quickspin Casino Software

But what about the behind the scenes stuff? This is where Quickspin really gets to be a big deal.

Again, a reiteration of a key point to online slots players here. You are not the “customer” in these equations; the sites at which you play are!

The first part of Quickspin’s systems portfolio is its promotions system called, Quickspin Promote.

This set of products includes extra free spins and features on Quickspin games for players. These extras can be completely controlled by the casino, so they’re given to the players who most need encouragement.

The Achievements package works by paying back a small portion of player losses in return for playing games. This sort of promotion is run as an event at the casino site.

Quickspin uses “game events” as a selling point to its customers. They define six of these events that can be used for promotion, and that can be tracked by the casino and used to give rewards to players. These rewards are gamified, that is they are presented as challenges to be completed.

Quickspin casinos can also offer tournaments, working in collaboration with a company called Competition Labs. Tournaments are a popular feature in a load of casino sites, allowing players to play against each other to win a prize.

Should You Play at Quickspin Casinos?

Most players do not shop by platform software. That’s our understanding of how players behave. If you think differently please let us know in a reasoned and polite way.

If you do, it can be useful to find a list of Quickspin casino sites and shop around there.

There are a load of big names now listed as clients of Quickspin. They include Casumo and LeoVegas too.

An industry site puts the number of sites using Quickspin software at “more than 25” and says that they are mostly Scandinavian. This is no longer the case in our opinion, and you’ll find Quickspin at a lot more sites.

We know that these sites are safe, and we know that they’re legitimate, we also know that they’ll stock all of Quickspin’s great games.

We also know that they have great promotion tools. These tools are there to give you a good experience, but they are there to give you good experience in order to get you coming back and spending more.

Quickspin games come with big prizes, great playability, and some of the best-looking graphics anywhere in the online slots world. They have great bonus rounds and lots of playability.

Casinos using Quickspin are also high quality and trusted.

In conclusion

We think you should play Quickspin slots and use Quickspin casinos. You almost certainly already have, and if you want to carry on playing in blissful ignorance of who is behind the games you play and the casinos you use then please carry on.

Great looking, good bonuses, good customer experience, there’s a lot to recommend Quickspin’s experience, which is amongst the best in the world. It’s early days really for their tie-up with Playtech, and this may yet have an effect on how the company develops. The first effects though are likely to be putting Quickspin casino systems and Quickspin slots in front of more players and that’s a good thing in our view.

Harvey Dickenson

Safe Gambling Specialist

Harvey Dickenson is our safe gambling specialist. Harvey is a recreational poker player and an expert in online casino safety, cons, and scams.