Sports Bettors Want Their Wagers Back, After Houston Astros Cheating Scandal Emerges

January 23rd, 2020 2.00pm

The Houston Astros, a professional baseball team headquartered in Houston, Texas and competing in the Major League Baseball (MLB) has left the baseball world in shambles after the team’s cheating was publicly revealed.

MLB issued severe fines against those individuals involved in the scandal, with the team’s Manager and General Manager both suspended from the professional sport. Their respective contracts were later terminated by the owner of the Houston Astros. In addition to that, the MLB handed down a fine of £3.8 million, the maximum one available, while the team will lose its picks on the next draft.

An Investigation Revealed the Cheating Scandal

The Astros’ cheating scandal was revealed after an investigation, conducted by MLB, showed the team had used a video field to find out the type of pitch the opposing player was going to use. That information was later passed to the Astros batter.

Houston manager AJ Hinch accused the team’s former bench coach of organizing the whole scheme. Alex Cora left Houston to join the Boston Red Sox, with whom he won the 2018 World Series. After the affair went public, he was fired from his position with the Red Sox.

Hinch pointed out he hadn’t endorsed nor taken part in the cheating, and added he was deeply sorry he couldn’t have stopped others from doing that. Hinch also said all the evidence had consistently shown his claims.

Bettors Will Get Their Money Back

However, it appears the scandal won’t end there, as a large number of bettors have demanded their money back, as they believe they were the victims of the team’s wrongdoings.

More and more bettors, especially those who lost their money on the corrupt games, say they should be refunded. They’re even threatening to take their sports betting activity to those bookmakers that are willing to give them their money back.

And it seems that this sort of pressure is giving results. Last week, one of the sportsbooks operating in New Jersey and Iowa issued a statement promising to refund all wagers placed on the American League Championship Series between the New York Yankees and the Houston Astros. The bookie even promised to return funds even to those bettors that placed their wagers at other licensed operators.

The operator announced this on its Twitter profile, stating it would return all Yankees American League and World Series futures – in full.

Bettors were quick to respond, with many of them sending a clear message to their current bookmakers, which weren’t eager to refund the wagers to their clients.

Three Managers Will Need to Find New Jobs Elsewhere

The only player named as an accomplice in the cheating scheme was Carlos Beltran. He was about to make his managerial debut with the New York Mets, but his contract was also cancelled. As Houston’s player, he led the team to the title back in 2017.

Rumours were stating that Astros players even had electronic devices that notified them of the pitch, but according to MLB, its investigation didn’t find any evidence that supported these claims. But, an even more important question will soon need an answer.

According to available information, the Los Angeles City Council is seriously thinking about filing a requested with the governance of MLB that 2017 and 2018 titles, won by Astros and Red Sox be awarded to the Dodgers.

In the meantime, 3 MLB teams will need to hire new managers. When it comes to the upcoming season, the Astros are still among the favourites to win the title, although that would be next to impossible.



Respective contracts were terminated by the owner of the Houston Astros.