The Fantastic Beasts Exhibition at the Natural History Museum Is Almost Ready!

We know where to find the Fantastic Beasts, and we didn’t even need to check Newt Scamander’s guide book because they’re appearing as a new exhibit at the Natural History Museum.

Hardcore Harry Potter fans will know that the “Fantastic Beasts: The Wonder of Nature” exhibit was due to open in May. Unfortunately, due to an unpleasant beast (one that I’m sure Newt would have been able to neutralise), the opening was postponed.

But you’ll be pleased to discover that the exhibit will finally be opening its doors to visitors from December 9.

This sort of thing is why I love the Natural History Museum. They have some of the best entertainment and exhibits of any museum in the world. Last year, I was fortunate enough to spend the night there! They run regular nights called Dino Snores where you get to camp out overnight in the main atrium.

They have children’s and adult’s versions, which include meals and a drink. It’s expensive, but not as expensive as you might think. We paid just under £400 for two adults. For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, we think it was well worth it.

They’ve had to cancel the Dino Snores nights, sadly, but the new exhibit still makes the Natural History Museum more than worth the visit.

What Will You See?

The Fantastic Beasts exhibition at the Natural History Museum will look at how stories often draw information from the natural world. From forest-inspired faes and fairy tales to modern to the hobbitses shires, nature’s played a role in sparking the imaginations of stories through the ages.

But, as the name suggests, the Fantastic Beasts exhibition centres around the animals from the Harry Potter universe – a blend of muggle and magic.

Why Should You Visit?

The takeaway for visitors is to recognise the fantastic beasts we already share our space with, and why we need to value them while we still have the chance to save them. It’s a great place to visit with kids, and even more so if you want them to value the wonders of the natural world as they exercise their imaginations.

A picture of a tiger to represent the Fantastic Beasts exhibition at the Natural History Museum